1) Did you do a film in the eighties about transforming your body into that of a weightlifter? If so what was it called? Leslie Abbott Hi Leslie, Yes, I starred in the CBS movie of the week Getting Physical. I also discuss it in this and this Ask Alexandra section. Here is a snippet online of a posing routine my character does in the movie. It is more like a dance routine and, in the name of full disclosure, I have a stand in doing the dancing. Although I worked very hard with very little time (I was cast a week before shooting began and the movie only took a month to film), it was a terrifically fun. My offscre... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra, I’ m very concerned about what is going on with this overcrowded planet, what you can recommend me to start to do for solve this big problem that seems no to have an end. Will Hi Will, I am very concerned too, so it is nice to meet someone else who worries about human overpopulation. Here are things you can do: 1) Only have one child at most, and adopt if you want more. 2) Support organizations that are working to lower the population through birth control access, women’s rights and changes in government policies that promote growth in numbers. I do not know where you live, but in the ... Read more

1) Alexandra, I am working on a biographical tribute on Richard Jaeckel and am hoping that you might share a brief remembrance of having worked with this fine character actor on “Baywatch”. Thank you. Gene Hi Gene, I remember that he was a very nice man, but that he was in a lot of pain in his last year so it was not easy for him to get around. Because of that, he was not in the show as much so I did not get to know him very well at all. Plus I was slightly intimidated by him, as he was a much respected actor with a long career and it was my first season on Baywatch. I am glad you are writing something... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra What kind of car are you driving these days? Do you still have the white RAV4? I continue to ride that ol’ Harley but am taking a real hard look at the new Volt. Hope you are doing well. All the best—Cam Hi Cam, Just today, Ian and I were driving in our 2011 Chevrolet Volt and he said “This is such an amazing car, Alexandra. We can tool around on electric all day and then drive to San Francisco on gasoline if we need to”. We are currently getting an average of 130 miles per gallon, and she performs beautifully in all weather and road conditions (my friend Marshall prefers his... Read more