My friend Karen Dawn , the author of one of my favorite animal rights books, rescues 2 turkeys from imminent death the week before Thanksgiving, and invites them to be at the table on Thanksgiving day, not on the table. They then go to a sanctuary for the rest of their lives. Bravo Karen! This year, Karen named the lucky turkeys after Pamela Anderson and me. I went over to say hello to my namesake: ... Read more

Jason, Paul and I have done a few radio shows this past week to publicize our webseries, Mentor. You can purchase all 6 websodes here for $2.99, which Paul reminds me is just the price of a few apples and even better for your wellbeing ’cause it will make you laugh. When was the last time a Fuji made you laugh? ... Read more

1) Hello Alexandra, Could you tell me exactly where on will rogers state beach the baywatch lifeguard headquarter was located? I want to visit this place and go exactly to where the headquarter was. When I come from temescal down to the beach do i have to go right or left and how far? How can I find the exact place? Thank you Tom Hi Tom, Will Rogers State Beach has an entrance at Temescal Canyon Road and Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). The exact address is 14800 Pacific Coast Hwy, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272, if you want to put it into a GPS. The beach is pretty much the same as when I shot there 20 years ago. There are... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra Thanks for signing my “Christine”dvd at the 2012 National Plug in Day. Do you know if Plug in America will make a video/documentary about their work..? (With you in it of course;-) Kim Hi Kim, I am so glad you are a fan of Christine and electric cars! There is one behind-the-scenes video of the making of Plug in America’s 8 PSAs about the benefits of electric vehicles. Since I was a producer of the PSAs, I am interviewed, along with Fabio and many other EV drivers who volunteered their time to make these very clever spots. We had dozens of volunteers that day (yep it only took a... Read more