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A lot of people ask me how I stay slender. I believe the formula is the same for all my slim friends: it takes work and time and awareness. The “Oh I eat whatever I want and don’t exercise” thing is baloney. Those folks out there whom you think look great? They have consistently good habits. Here is my latest coaching blog with some information on what is needed to lose weight: http://alexandracoaching.com/losing-weight/ ... Read more

I delighted in all the hummingbirds fluttering around my neighbor Marie Claude’s feeder, so a few months ago I bought one for outside our bedroom window. I dutifully bought the white sugar for the “nectar”, filled the feeder with the sugared water at a 4:1 ratio just like the Audubon Center recommends and then eagerly waited for the little ones to gather around, chirping happily. Hummingbirds are amazing. It was lovely to watch them and to hear the hum of their wings as they hovered around my feeder, which I had to refill every 2 weeks. I was thrilled with the wildlife outside our bedroom window. When I next saw... Read more

1) Hello my name is Roy I have been a huge fan of yours from the very first episode that you were on Baywatch. I even cried the episode your character died. So now I come to ask my question with the new Baywatch move coming out in 2017 how do you feel about your character being alive and actress Ilfenesh Hadera playing Stephanie Holden? Roy Balagna Hi Roy, I am very happy that the character of Lt Stephanie Holden is being resurrected for the new Baywatch movie. It is a funny script and I love that Ilfenesh Hadera is playing the role I originated. I have never met her, but she seems like a lovely person and she has ... Read more

I have spoken quite often on human overpopulation and other environmental issues, at electric car rallies and peace gatherings, but yesterday was the first time I spoke as a health coach. My friend Bill Chadwick invited me to give a presentation at his real estate office in Malibu, Malibu Living. I spoke about how to break bad habits and make healthy, new ones. I am so interested how humans change and why we resist it even if our current situation is making us unhappy (just finished reading an excellent book, The Willpower Instinct by Dr Kelly MacGonigal. I highly recommend if you have some habits you want to chang... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra , My name is Jennifer , and I am a big fan of watching your tv show (baywatch) I have watched all episodes over and over and over. Do you ever miss working on tv and would you go back to filming tv? Jennifer Graves Hi Jennifer, I love being on a television series, even more than I love shooting movies! It is ironic, considering I do not own a tv now and have had television in my house a total of probably 6 months my entire adult life (so Ian could want the Tour de France each July, we would get cable for that time).  I made a conscious choice not to have television, because I felt I would have more e... Read more

As a certified wellness coach, I write regularly on health and fitness. You can find all my blogs and get my 7 Secrets to Getting Unstuck on my coaching site, periodically I will repost a blog here too. I start with this one about Habits, the foundation of my work: I help my clients replace unhealthy habits with healthy new ones to create the lifestyle they desire. I find Habits fascinating and the key to losing weight, gaining self confidence, feeling better and being happier. Habits! ... Read more