1) Hi Alexandra, I am currently writing a paper on the recent relaxation of China’s One-Child policy and how it might impact the gender gap. I read an article you wrote on Huffington Post where you stated you supported a one-child per family ideal, but you did not like the coercive nature of this policy. Before the policy was put into place, China did try voluntary programs but they did not produce big enough/the desired results. My question for you is, do you believe that if China resorted to a voluntary program, would it be enough to keep the population from booming? Also, if the government continues to promot... Read more

One of the times I was  a guest on Bill Maher’s tv show Politically Incorrect and Oliver North sneeringly called me a tree hugger. I wish I had used one of my favorite lines Denzel Washington said in The Siege: “You are too stupid to know that’s a compliment”, but I was not that quick. Here’s to you, Oliver: ... Read more

Just a note to say hooray to all of you who bike to work, have been vegan for years and who live in Tiny Houses. You are an inspiration to me and I aspire to live as lovingly towards the earth as you do. All of you who tread more lightly than I on this planet help me strive to be a better eco-citizen myself. A shout out to some environmental heroes in my own life: solar and EV pioneer Paul Scott, environmentalist extraordinaire Ed Begley, longtime animal defender Jonathan Paul (my brother) and activist/artist/ agitator Peter Kreitler (who was also my cohost on EarthTalk Today). And my mom, Sarah Paul, who is the ... Read more

1) Hi, Alexandra, I am interested in knowing which commodities you regularly buy used (to be honest, I have to smile at the irony that the Duggar family also promotes, “Buy used and save the difference.”) In our family of 6 (all children adopted), we shop almost exclusively for gently used clothing, shoes, and home items at resale stores. We also buy our vehicles used. Do you? Do you have close friends who exclusively purchased used vehicles? And what about your home? Did you build it, or did you purchase a pre-existing home? Thanks in advance. Thar Hi Thar, How wonderful that all your children are adopte... Read more

Here is an interview I did with Viva Glam magazine. We discuss arrests, makeup, my secondhand ipad and why I find Russell Brand irritating. Click on the image below to read the full interview. ... Read more

I won best supporting actress in a comedy web series last night at the Indie Series Awards. It was for my work in Mentor, which you can see for free here. Many thanks to my director and great friend Jason Stuart, who asked me to join the show, and who, along with his co-writer Paul Elia, pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to basically go berserk. I am such a b**ch in this show. We play versions of ourselves in Mentor, so Ian came in as my husband in one scene! ... Read more

The Indie Series Awards are tomorrow in Hollywood, and I have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy for my work in the web series Mentor. You can watch for free here. Mentor was so fun to do because my great friend Jason Stuart wrote, directed and starred, and we play ourselves (except I am a lot meaner than in real life… I hope!). Add to the mix the very talented newcomer Paul Elia, and you have a party onscreen and off! ... Read more