Interview with loaded January 27, 2017 by  Jack Beresford Alexandra Paul has been making movies for almost 35 years, with early notable credits including Christine and A Million Ways To Die. Yet to millions Paul will forever be associated with the role of lifeguard extraordinaire Stephanie Holden on Baywatch, slo-motion-running, sun-kissed-life-saving show that became a global TV phenomenon during its 10-year run. Not that Paul minds all that much, with the actress and lifestyle coach only too happy to speak to loaded about her five years and 66 episodes on the series. How did she end up on the sho... Read more

1) Hi, Alexandra, Every time I come across an interview with you, you always seem so cheerful, friendly, grateful, and pleasant. I think this is so nice and very encouraging; more people could do with having these qualities. The world would be a more peaceful place if they did. I really admire your “Ask Alexandra” section. Fans love to interact, and being able to communicate with and be heard and acknowledged by the people they look up to is truly special. It can make someone’s day. I also think that the work you do for animals is wonderful. Every life, however big, however small, has value and d... Read more

1) I just watched you on Johnny Carson when you where on at the age of 24. He asked you if you will ever get married and you said no. I looked to see if you did and it’s not clear, did you ever get married?and how was it to be on with Patrick Swayze? He had just came out with dirty dancing. Paul E McDonald Hi Paul, Yes, I was on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 3 times, probably because he knew he could make a lot of jokes about marriage when I was on. I did get married, at age 37, to the most perfect man in the world, Ian Murray. We have been together 21 years now (married for 16) and we are extremely hap... Read more

I had a wonderful time seeing my castmates from American Flyers, Rae Dawn Chong and Luca Bercovici, last night in Las Vegas at the Interbike Awards Gala. The movie was being honoured as an iconic film within the bicycling world, and it was fun to see how important the movie has been to cycling enthusiasts from all over the world.  Luca flew in from Hungary – I had not seen him since I ran into him at an audition 20 years ago.  I saw Rae Dawn (who will be a grandmother in 2 weeks!) last year at an autograph signing, but it was great to catch up with her.  She was hiliarous on stage – who knew she was s... Read more

1) Not a question, actually! Just immense and sincere appreciation for incentive after your Hawaiian Ironman race in ’97. I realized my dream in 2005 and was a finisher there myself! Thank you, Alexandra, for that. I am awed now by your swims and social activism. Keep it up. Grateful thanks for inspiring me again, this after a really tough two years with the cancer diagnosis and death of my lovely lady, to be even better in my personal journey to help others on the path of fitness, physical-emotional-mental health, and life! Bless you and yours always, Alexandra. With humble sincerity, Thomas (Tom) Hamilton. P.S... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra! :) I’m 25 years old, and I’ve got autism. I thought you were really awesome in the 1987 movie version of the classic television show “Dragnet” as Connie Swail with Dan Aykroyd as Sgt. Joe Friday and Tom Hanks as Detective Pep Streebek, along with Bill Gannon himself (as well as Colonel Potter on “M*A*S*H” which my grandpa watches), Harry Morgan (who played on the original “Dragnet” with Jack Webb), Franklin M. Hart Jr. himself, Dabney Coleman as the Hugh Hefner parody Jerry Caesar, and Captain Von Trapp himself, Christopher Plummer as the evil Rev. Jonat... Read more

I recently traveled with other DxE activists to document the conditions of the thousands of piglets held at a Farmer John factory farm, and to get medical help for those we could. The night was pitch black, foggy and cool as we walked up to the rows and rows of low slung, cement barracks in remote Corcoran, CA. Spotlights pierced through the fog, giving everything an eerie glow. We put on protective clothing, masks and booties so we did not bring any unnecessary germs into the buildings, and to protect ourselves from the filthy conditions. The following video gives you an idea of what we saw. I am grateful we we... Read more