1) Hi Alexandra, I have to admit that I am pretty nervous writing you when I have known of you since I was about 15. I have followed your activism and on-screen characters since about the mid-90′s. I loved Baywatch, you were actually truly my favorite, that’s where I first saw you. I used to record them on VHS tapes, haha…try not to laugh too hard at me! I was in high school and I guess the only question that comes to mind is just wondering what keeps you going when things are rough and not looking so well ahead? I do my best to be optimistic, but I know everyone has their down days. I admire greatly all... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra, I really like all your activism, to mention one: simple living. It’s not of every celebrity (or not) to be involved in such activities or even believing in them. Do you still train for triathlons? What will be your next athletic challenges ? Cheers, Rafi (from Milan- Italy) Rafi Hi Rafi, I went to Milan for a month to model when I was 17 and I really liked the city. Simple living – you Europeans do it so much better than we Americans! I no longer race triathlons because I had knee surgery in 2004. I cannot run or I will re-injure myself. But I do a long swim every couple years to keep... Read more

1) I love you, Alexandra. Thank you for using your fame in such a wonderful way throughout your lifetime to raise animal rights awareness. Your karma must be insanely beautiful. If there is a teen in your life who is wearing leather, carrying leather bags, and eating animals, give him The Wakers by Susan North. It lays out what we’re doing to animals and how we’re using and abusing them through a lovely fantasy storyline; and ties humanity’s karma to its treatment of animals. http://www.amazon.com/The-Wakers-Volume-Susan-North/dp/1492739464/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1381589296&sr=8-1&keywords... Read more

I am involved a really fun, inspiring project. Radio DJ Kerri Kasem, television host Michelle Harris and I (the actress) have teamed up to do a show called Animal Angels, about women in Hollywood who rescue animals. Stay tuned, I will release some more footage soon! ... Read more