1) Hi Alexandra!! My name is Elizabeth!! I am 31 years old!! I have a couple of questions for you!! Do people ever think you are younger then you are?? People think this about me all the time!! It is pretty funny to see their reaction when I tell them my actual age!! Do you have any new movies coming out or tv shows?? My favorite tv show of yours is BAYWAYTCH and my favorite movie is CHRISTINE!! That movie was made in the year I was born I believe!! It was 1982, right?? Anyways, Well I hope you are having a great!! You are one of my favorite actresses!! Wish I could meet you one day!! That would make my day!! Lots of ... Read more

1) I just showed my Dad (Norman Fleishman) your TED TALK – amazing! He worked for Planned Parenthood for many years and helped start the first vasectomy clinic in the country. He co-wrote a book about vasectomy (still available on Amazon) He resonated with your views word for word and was deeply touched as he also has felt strongly about this cause for many years, and felt that NO ONE is talking about it! Thank you for all your work. Thank you, Saro Deacon Hi Saro, Norman Fleishman sounds like my kind of guy! I think his work is wonderful and important. Thank you for watching my TEDx talk. I also have sever... Read more

I was asked to speak at the Cleantech Open Global Forum in San Francisco recently, due to my advocacy of electric vehicles. Several years ago, however, I decided to focus on human overpopulation and animal rights issues, since I felt that my work getting electric cars on the road was done. We still need more battery powered vehicles, but because they are now so much more mainstream I believe I am more useful working on less accepted issues. I did not want to discuss my past EV activism (as the Cleantech folks requested, although ironically they cut out any reference to me getting arrested for the EV1 in my bio, so I g... Read more

There were protests all over the country on Saturday about unequal treatment by police towards black Americans. There was a march downtown here in LA, but I thought that maybe it was time the message came to the whitest area of this city, west Los Angeles. So I dressed in my Sunday best and stood with my sign at the busy intersection of San Vicente Avenue & 26th Street in tony Brentwood for an hour and 15 minutes in the middle of the afternoon. I was scared to stand there by myself, felt very vulnerable, but soon I realized how scared people were of me, this weird lady standing holding a sign over head, turning ... Read more