Hi Friends, I am very proud to introduce you to my new wellness coaching business, Alexandra Coaching: www.alexandracoaching.com This past year, I expanded my horizons and earned my wellness coaching certification. I am really excited to personally help people reach their health & fitness goals. If you, or anyone you know, are struggling get healthy – to eat well, exercise regularly, keep weight off, stop emotional eating, lower cholesterol or blood pressure, quit smoking, sleep better, maintain energy or manage stress – I can help. As a health coach, I help you integrate healthy habits into your... Read more

1) In December 2001 my wife and I honeymooned in Tahiti, Bora Bora and Morrea. That is when we met you while snorkling. Do you remember mooning a glass bottom boat full of tourists? You were so funny and fun to hang out with. Were you there on vacation or…? Congratulations on your new business, it sounds great! My wife does NET, and is a Reiki master. Dan Hi Dan, Ian and I love Tahiti! We were there on a belated honeymoon, as we had gotten married the year before but I had to film a movie right after our wedding. I do not remember mooning a boat full of tourists, but we probably did! Ian and I hope to get b... Read more

1) I am watching re-runs of Baywatch and noticed in the show’s opening credits that you are always credited last. Was that something you negotiated, or did it occur by happenstance? Bruce Frassinelli Hi Bruce, My credit on Baywatch my first season is “Alexandra Paul as Stephanie Holden” and comes up last in the opening sequence. This was negotiated, as all the other cast members simply have their real names come up, and no character name. My agent negotiated this because it is a better credit. Because I had already acted for 10 years before I was cast in Baywatch – and starred in movies o... Read more

1) Alexandra, Hope this finds you well. If I may expand on an earlier question I had of you in regards to the 1996 unaired pilot ‘Daytona Beach’ (before you began on Fire Co 132). I see that you are a retired Air Force pilot and now flying in air shows with the Daytona Air Command. In the ABC promo you are actually seen flying in an aircraft, along with inserted film clips of a T-33 with the Navy’s Blue Angels logo. Before CGI it appears that you are actually in the aircraft in flight (close-ups) in the promo. What was that like for you to do? How much flying were you actually able to do? Do you recall where... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra. One of your earlier questions was the same one I wanted to ask you about ” Christine ” which was a great movie but I’ll skip over to another topic but still relating to cinema. Nowadays, a lot of films are remade thus ruining the luster and good name of the original…Psycho, for example. I mean how many different Batman movies can there possibly be? ,Since you did some movies, what do you think about the Hollywood suits remaking movies or re-imagining them into new films and what would you think if ” Christine ” was re-introduced as a remake of the 1983 film? Thank y... Read more

1) A couple of questions: What do you think of Bernie Sanders? Also, did you go to Burning Man this year? Rashaad Hi Rashaad, I did not go to Burning Man this year, although I must say Ian and I had a wonderful time when we went a couple years ago. Just last week I told him I wanted to go back again sometime! It is an amazing experience and I encourage everyone (who doesn’t mind being dusty and living in a tent or a motor home for up to a week) to go! I admire Bernie Sanders and I have donated to his campaign. His politics align more closely with mine than do Hillary’s, whom I have not forgiven for voting to ... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra! Not a question really, just a hello! I produced the song “Bless A Brand New Angel” that Robin & Judith Randall wrote for your Baywatch (a-hem…) funeral scene. Douglas threw me and Robin in the scene, (along with “YOU” in the blond wig! How many people know that little bit of BW history/trivia, right?!) Just heard about the new Baywatch movie in the works and started thinking about some of my most favorite involvement that I had in the shows music. I also produced “If I Could Touch You One More Time” “Friends Forever” “Only A Matter of Ti... Read more