1) Dear. Ms. Paul, I have recently watched your TED talk on overpopulation and would like to comment on several factors that you brought up. I agree with you when you stated that the world is overpopulated because the population of the world is seven billion people. That is a lot of people. It seems like a blaspheming amount when you think about how it was four billion around the time when you were going to school compared to now. I also agree when you stated that resource availability is a problem that continues to lead to starvation and poverty because “Almost half the world – over three billion people ̵... Read more

When I was a kid, my mom gave blood at the Red Cross regularly, and I was always entranced that you get free cookies, as many as you want afterwards. That probably gave me a positive association with being a donor of body parts – my hair has never grown long enough for me to cut it for cancer patients, but I am on the bone marrow donor list. I wanted to donate a kidney or part of my liver about 10 years ago, but Ian begged me not to and Caroline reminded me she might need one of those organs from me one day, so now I am just giving my body to UCLA when I am dead, so doctors-to-be can learn on me instead of inn... Read more

My friend Terry Ray and I did this silly, fun skit today. Find out if I am straight! ... Read more

There is no one secret that can get us lickety split to our Best Self, but there are some handy tips that can help us reach our goals. People often ask me how to stay on an exercise program, and here are some little tricks that have helped me: 1) Working out in the morning means there is little (except sleepiness) to keep us from exercising. While filming, I usually get up hours before dawn to get on the stationary bike in my hotel room so I have my workout finished before my call time. I do not psyche myself out because of the early hour; I tell myself “Well, it’s 9 o’clock somewhere“, and I... Read more

1) Dear Alexandra Paul, I have read your post about Overpopulation, and was rather impressed by how much knowledge and information that it can provide to someone. It also brings up a few question that I wish to ask you. Such as why do you believe in order to solve the issue overpopulation that poverty would have to be tackled first? Also why would other nation crave to have and waste resources just like America, if they already possibly see the negative affects it’s having? Finally, could you direct me to other sources where you obtain your knowledge on the topic? Sincerely, Bryan Rodriguez Hi Brian, Thank you... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra!! My name is Elizabeth!! I am 31 years old!! I have a couple of questions for you!! Do people ever think you are younger then you are?? People think this about me all the time!! It is pretty funny to see their reaction when I tell them my actual age!! Do you have any new movies coming out or tv shows?? My favorite tv show of yours is BAYWAYTCH and my favorite movie is CHRISTINE!! That movie was made in the year I was born I believe!! It was 1982, right?? Anyways, Well I hope you are having a great!! You are one of my favorite actresses!! Wish I could meet you one day!! That would make my day!! Lots of ... Read more

1) I just showed my Dad (Norman Fleishman) your TED TALK – amazing! He worked for Planned Parenthood for many years and helped start the first vasectomy clinic in the country. He co-wrote a book about vasectomy (still available on Amazon) He resonated with your views word for word and was deeply touched as he also has felt strongly about this cause for many years, and felt that NO ONE is talking about it! Thank you for all your work. Thank you, Saro Deacon Hi Saro, Norman Fleishman sounds like my kind of guy! I think his work is wonderful and important. Thank you for watching my TEDx talk. I also have several sh... Read more