1) Hi Alexandra! Not a question really, just a hello! I produced the song “Bless A Brand New Angel” that Robin & Judith Randall wrote for your Baywatch (a-hem…) funeral scene. Douglas threw me and Robin in the scene, (along with “YOU” in the blond wig! How many people know that little bit of BW history/trivia, right?!) Just heard about the new Baywatch movie in the works and started thinking about some of my most favorite involvement that I had in the shows music. I also produced “If I Could Touch You One More Time” “Friends Forever” “Only A Matter of Ti... Read more

1) Didn’t I see you as a child actor on a childrens show on PBS? You always closed your segment with I’m Alexandra Paul. I don’t see this anywhere in your bio. Ed Hi Ed, I became a professional actor at 18 years old, and I have never worked on a children’s show. I did do some internet research on your question, and there was a PBS children’s show called Kidsongs and a host called Alexandra Picatto from 1993-1995. Could that have been the person of whom you are thinking? Best wishes, Alexandra 2) It’s not a question – sorry. 20 years ago you were filming Baywatch in Malibu. I was... Read more

1) Hi Alex, I admire your acting. also i admire how strong and how you work out. please what are your work out tips and means of staying fit. Wale Hi Wale, Here are some guidelines that help me stay in shape: Be consistent. Do at least 45 minutes of cardio 5 times a week. If you cannot do that yet, work up to the duration slowly. Exercises include brisk walking, running, cycling or an aerobics class of some sort. (Doubles tennis, golf and sex do not count.) Lifting weights and stretching should be added in for a well rounded fitness program. Pick an activity you enjoy, and make it as enjoyable as possible. Thi... Read more

1) I was wondering how you got the role in Christine. What actresses ,if any, were you up against? Ed Dudar Hi Ed, I do not know any of the actresses who also auditioned for the role of Lee in Christine, except Kelly Preston, who was instead cast in the role of the Roseanne, the beautiful classmate who has an unrequited crush on John Stockwell’s character, Dennis. I auditioned for the role and I recall meeting John Carpenter in an office on Ventura Blvd in Studio City. I cannot recall the scene I read for him but when they called me back for the final audition, the producer told my agent that I should R... Read more

Watch my latest Lifetime movie, The Bride He Bought Online, July 18 at 8pm. I play the detective trying to figure out who is after the Mean Girls. Watch the trailer here: ... Read more

Giving blood is awesome, because you get snacks when you are done. Oh and you help people. ... Read more

1) Hi Alexandra, I am currently writing a paper on the recent relaxation of China’s One-Child policy and how it might impact the gender gap. I read an article you wrote on Huffington Post where you stated you supported a one-child per family ideal, but you did not like the coercive nature of this policy. Before the policy was put into place, China did try voluntary programs but they did not produce big enough/the desired results. My question for you is, do you believe that if China resorted to a voluntary program, would it be enough to keep the population from booming? Also, if the government continues to promot... Read more