Alexandra’s corner

Ask Alexandra
Alexandra will candidly answer questions about her own life (as long as they aren’t toooo personal!), her movies and co-stars (sorry, she wont say anything bad about them, however), politics (she might say bad things here), health & fitness, activism – she has thoughts on pretty much everything!
Power of Electric
When Google asked for submissions of a 90 second video on the benefits of plug in cars to show at a 2008 Washington DC Electric Car conference, Alexandra and her friend Stefano decided to rise to the challenge!
A Day in the Life
Ever wonder what a typical day is for Alexandra? Here, Alexandra will occasionally write about her daily happenings. You will get a glimpse into what it is like to be an actress in Los Angeles, but you will also realize that Alexandra lives a very down to earth life, just like the rest of us.
Some of My Favorite Things
Alexandra is an avid reader – she always has one fiction and one non-fiction (usually environmental or political) book going at all times. And because it is part of her job, she does see quite a few movies. Your recommendations are always welcomed, however!
Baywatch Diary
Alexandra’s diary from the set of Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding. Each day but one (Ian was visiting that day, so she was distracted), Alexandra wrote an account of her adventures on the beaches of Hawaii shooting with a cast from all the Baywatch eras. And she took a lot of photos too!

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