Ask Alexandra – April 2001

Question #1:

First off let me say that you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen and are, of course, the #1 fox out of all the baywatch babes. My question(s) is about the movie Paperboy…What was it like working with young Marc Marut? And do you ever plan on making a sequel? Something about that kid makes me laugh. He is a real good actor. – Thanks, Simon

Dear Simon,

I really enjoyed working with Marc. I think he is a very good actor, especially when he had to have a temper tantrum in the movie! He also has a very nice family – I really liked his little brother Alex (who probably is all grown up now – Paperboy was shot 7 years ago!).

I havent kept in touch with him, but I know that he was working alot up in Canada (he is Canadian).

I have always enjoyed acting with kids. I am still in regular touch with the boy who played my 5 year old son in After the Rain in 1987. Chad Tucker is now a freshman at a Texas college and he visited me in California a couple years ago. I hope to be friends with him my whole life. Even though I was terrible in After the Rain (bad accent, bad wigs etc), I had a great time being a mom on film (although, at 23 I was new to “motherhood” and I was terrified to pick up my baby in the movie, for fear I would drop her. I soon became comfortable with my film brood, however). I hope to play lots of mothers in the future!

Thank you for writing!


P.S. Although The Paperboy is still doing very well on cable and on video after all these years, I have not heard any plans for a sequel. It is a good idea though…. still crazed Marc Marut gets out of prison and stalks us by dating my now grown up daughter….. hmmmmmm….

Question #2:

Hi Alexandra! How are you going? I am a huge fan of yours. I think your work is excellent. I was just wonderin what your reaction was to the cancellation of Baywatch Hawaii? I have never seen any of the episodes filmed in Hawaii as the last screening of Baywatch in Australia was in January 1997. So I was just wondering how you felt about it.

Keep up the good work.

Jessica Wakefield

Dear Jessica,

I was in New Orleans shooting a film and I heard a promo on TV: “Next up, a popular television show has been cancelled”, and I am thinking it is Friends or ER! When I heard it was Baywatch, I was surprised and I felt a moment of nostalgia, but since I have been off the show 5 years now and I have never worked with anyone in the Baywatch Hawaii cast, I was not sentimental about it. All good things must come to an end! I am proud to be associated with that show, and I am impressed that it lasted 12 years. It will still be in the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Watched Show in the World and I had a blast making it.

Thank you for writing – Alexandra

Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,
How old were you when you become a vegetarian? I myself am trying to become a vegetarian. Being 18, it’s a little hard when all your friends eat meat. How do you handle situations when going out with friends? I’m sure it must be even harder for you when a movie role requires you to eat meat. What do you do under those circumstances?

Thank you so much. You are an inspiration to me.


p.s. You have an awesome website!

Dear Vanessa,

I became a vegetarian at 14 years old after reading Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappe (back in the 70’s, there were not alot of books supporting vegetarianism, but now there are a ton. I recommend John Robbins’ Diet for a New America. And Howard Lyman’s Mad Cowboy).

I have never “had” to eat meat in a scene. I always ask for just vegetables (or, better yet, dessert!) on my plate if I am in a scene that requires eating. However, if I did have to eat meat, there are so many “imitation meats” made from soy and gluten that it would be easy to substitute. I just bought some deli cuts – soy turkey and soy bologna – for Ian, who is still a meat-eater, and he loves them.

Dont worry what your friends eat. Just do your thing. If you dont make a big deal about it, then chances are they wont either.

It is great that you are following what you believe, even if your friends dont have the values you do. Keep it up!

Best wishes,

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