Ask Alexandra – April 2002

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

I came across your website after watching a movie of yours on TV. I am glad to see that unlike a lot of your fellow Baywatch cast mates, you’re still frequently on TV. I would like to ask a silly but fun question: Given the opportunity to have lunch with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

Great to see that you have such a wonderful official site! You are an inspiration.


Linda Caufield

Dear Linda,

Hmmm. Well, I guess I would say that I would like to have a meal with Ghandi, so I could talk to him about non-violence and non-judgment and patience. He was an exceptional man.

The second person would be John Edwards of the TV show “Crossing Over with John Edwards”. As I write in question #3, he is a channeler. He has convinced me that there is life after life, something I never believed in before I went on his show. Now I watch it with my dad every day when I am visiting him, and I would like to sit down with John and ask him more about the spiritual world and how I can be more in touch with it.

Best wishes,


P.S. By the way, this site is all due to my terrific webmaster, Vietly. Thank you Vietly!


Question #2:


Since I dont watch T.V very much, I became a fan because of your involvement with animal rights. As a vegan I can appreciate your dedication to those without a human voice. I also am interested in having a non-silk hemp wedding gown…however am finding alot of trouble finding anyone who has one to offer. I was wondering if Manale made your dress or if you got it somewhere else. Could you please send any info and contacts if you have time? I would really appreciate it. I am on a budget so I cant really spend thousands.


Kat Morad

Dear Kat,

My gown wasnt hemp, it was made of chiffon and other man-made materials. A hemp gown would be kind to animals and great for the environment, but I dont know anyone who makes hemp dresses. I suggest you go to the hemp sites on the web to get the hemp material, and then have someone make the dress, once you have picked a pattern you like. The following was something I found when I put “hemp wedding dress into

A Hemp Wedding Dress or a Satin Gown?

A young woman I know is a strong believer in hemp fabric. Hemp, along with organic cotton, are fabrics that she believes in wearing. They are bio-degradable and economically sustainable fabrics. People who want to promote the well being of our planet can certainly find and wear these products. But, she has a dilemma. Can she really find an elegant looking frock to get married in that is made from hemp or organic cotton? I can’t tell her, though perhaps someone will write a letter to the editor solving her problem. There’s another problem with her wedding dress. Most little girls dream of their wedding day . It’s a day out of Princess Bride. The bride is absolutely the center of attention, and she is wearing a really big and frilly satin white gown. So far as I know, hemp and organic cotton dresses just don’t have all those frills and bustles and who knows what. The Dalai Lama would suggest that she has a problem with comparisons. So long as she compares her lovely hemp dress with commercial satin dresses she’ll be in the dilemma. Quitting the comparisons will lead to her happiness. Learning to quit comparing could be her first step in mind training. A next step could be to ask if she’s after pleasure or happiness in her marriage.

Anyway, I think it is wonderful that you want to have a wedding in conjunction with your beliefs. All I found on the web about hemp wedding dresses was that philosophical article, above, so if you are set on hemp, I encourage you to get your dress made after you get the fabric.

Have a wonderful wedding. Congratulations!



Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,

Has being a Celebrity improved or hampered your way of life in anyway? If so, how has being a Celebrity affected your lifestyle in anyway what so ever?


Kim D. Newton

Dear Kim,

Being somewhat famous has only been a positive thing for me. My fans are all so nice and courteous, that it does not feel disruptive when I go out in public. I have been at this thing called Acting for so long (20 years!) that people recognize for other things besides Baywatch, but it is mostly Baywatch that they connect with me when they first see me.

My celebrity is not so huge that I cant do normal things, and actually when I am with someone, people dont seem to approach me, they just whisper amongst themselves, so I can go out with Ian and have a wonderful time without interruption.

I know alot of famous people say that fame is no good for anything except getting a good seat in a restaurant, but since my favorite restaurant is Souplantation (a serve yourself, seat yourself salad bar family place!) that doesnt apply to me. Lots of cool things have happened to me because I am an actress:

I was able to go on the show “Crossing Over with John Edward”, and it is verrrrrrrrrrry hard to get a reading with him (John is a channeler. He totally bowled me over when he “read” me. Told me things about family and a friend who have all passed that he couldnt have known unless he is for real).

I have met Prince Edward of England and had lunch with Nelson Mandela, former president of South Africa and hero to millions. I have shaken the hands of Al Gore and Bill Clinton, and heard Madeleine Albright speak in a friend’s living room. I have visited the White House, and spoken to politicians about population issues. I have traveled to Israel, all over Europe, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. I filmed in Croatia during the war. I have donated medical supplies to Nicaragua during the war there. I have driven a state of the art hydrogen fuel cell car.

All these things I was able to do because I am blessed to have worked as an actress. I am fortunate that my celebrity has brought me so many wonderful experiences.

The worst thing about being well known is that if you do errands or something looking like something the cat dragged in, people are going to recognize you and tell all their friends “I saw that actress from Baywatch and she looks terrible!”

Thank you for writing!


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