Ask Alexandra – April 2011

Question #1:

Hi Alexandra,

I’ve been reading some of your Volt blog entries and really enjoy it. Unfortunately, I live in an apartment in a city that does not have public charging stations. What do you recommend for us folks who don’t have an easy way to own an electric car?


Beth Parks

Hi Beth,

Unless your landlord is OK with you installing a charger at your parking spot, I cannot recommend you leasing or purchasing most plug in cars. However, since the Volt is a vehicle which runs on electricity for about 40 miles and then has a gas engine which kicks in to take you farther, you can make do with a simple outlet to charge your Volt (takes 10 hours to fully charge at 120V like that. I did it for 7 weeks with no problem – just charged it overnight as I slept). Charging your Volt to full costs about $1.50, so you can either arrange a payment with the landlord for the electricity if you are using the simple garage outlet. If you are allowed to install a charger, the payments will be billed to you.

A car that has longer battery range than the Volt – the Nissan Leaf, for example – takes too long to charge from a regular outlet.

Relying on public charging only is too stressful.

My recommendation is to drive the most fuel efficient car you can afford, walk/bike more often and use public transportation. AND, talk to your city’s transportation department about what kind of incentives they will be providing to landlords who allow tenant charging. Also, encourage the city to install public chargers! There are many incentives from the federal and state governments for plug in vehicles and their infrastructure.

I recommend checking out too.

Best of luck! Let me know if you are able to get a plug in at some point!


Question #2:

Hi. Im Brian Archambault. im 19. i’ve been a fan of yours since i was 13. Did u enjoy playing in The Paperboy? Im obsessed with that movie like you have no idea. Too bad they dont have it on dvd.

Hi Brian,

I enjoyed shooting the Paperboy in Montreal very much. The lead actor, Marc Marut, is very talented. I spoke to him a few years ago and he was in college, very happy. I wish it were on dvd too, as I only have a vhs copy (and I no longer own a vhs player). I work with the producer of that movie, Pierre David, quite often and will ask him about releasing it on dvd sometime, as it has done very well being replayed on television and rented out for the last 16 years.

Thank you for your support!


Question #3:


I saw Christmas Crash a few months ago on Lifetime and really enjoyed it. You were very good in the movie. What was it like working with Michael Madsen? He’s one of my all-time favorite actors, besides you of course!


Hi Amy,

Michael was great. He usually plays tough guy roles, so playing an upstanding, wealthy businessman with a family was new to him. He always wanted to grease his hair back but the hair person would not let him! And when we had to put blood on his calf after the crash scene, the director pullled a pant leg up and there was a huge tattoo of a naked lady! The director said “No worries, we will make the other leg injured”, but Michael said “Umm, there is a lady tattooed on that leg too”. We all had a good laugh over that.

Michael has a tough guy exterior, but he is a big hearted man inside, and I was honoured to work with him.


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