Ask Alexandra – April 2013

1) I just watched the lifetime movie gospel of deceit and enjoyed your performance.I was wondering what motivated you to take this role and what you thought about the subject matter it touched.Thank you

Ray Waddell

Hi Ray,

I really enjoyed filming Gospel of Deceit because I loved the conflict that character goes through. She wants to be a good person, but she is torn between lust & a desire for happiness and duty to the parish and to her husband. I also like stories about relationship (forget the endless car chases – I find those tedious). This movie was all about relationship between a woman, her lover, her husband and their past.

It was also wonderful to act with the very funny and kind J.C. MacKenzie – who played my hypocritical and conniving husband – and the very hardworking and lovely Cory Sevier, who played my young lover.

The subject matter the story covered was more than just one issue: it certainly looked at the hypocrisy of men in power especially on issues such as sex; it touched on fidelity and marriage; it dealt with the issue of falling in love and how much control does one have over that; it dealt with duty and love….

Since my character is married to an Episcopalian minister, and he is not a person of high morals, I guess one could say there is a commentary on the Church there too. I did not take offense as I believe that there are bad people everywhere and churches are just one of them, so this movie is less a commentary about the church than about human nature!

And then of course it has the big plot twists that these kinds of movies have, which are just entertaining surprises.

I am so glad you liked Gospel of Deceit. It will be playing again May 16, 2013 at 6am on Lifetime Movie Network

Thank you for writing!

2) Hello Alexandra and it feels so wonderful to email you. I love just about anything you are in from the movies to the TV series you have been in. You are a very talented and beautiful actress. Do you have anything in the works as far as movies or new shows coming out? Also I was curious but you seem to be really tall and do you think that your height has ever prevented you from landing any roles in films or shows? Do you think it has helped you in gaining roles as well and finally a bit of an odd questions but are you the tallest actress in Hollywood and do you or have you ever run into women who were actually taller than you? Thanks for all your movies and hope to see some more soon.


Hi Emily,

At 5 feet 10 inches (5’10”), I am not the tallest actress in Hollywood, as off the top (no pun intended 🙂 of my head I can think of Sigourney Weaver (5’11”), Brenda Strong (5’11 1/2″)and Brooke Shields (6′). I think that my height has for sure counted me out of some roles, as there are many leading actors who are my height and with heels that makes me taller. Our society doesn’t like that (remember when they lowered Princess Diana’s head to be below Prince Charles’ on a commemorative stamp?). However, since all the actresses I have mentioned who are taller than me have done very well, I cannot use my height as an excuse- I am sure that my stature has gotten me more jobs than I have lost! Our assets are sometimes the reasons we do not get a job, and what we consider our debits sometimes get us one – I remember the director of Out of the Shadows told me that I got the job when I flubbed a line during the taped audition and I calmly asked to redo the scene. He thought the authority I had in that moment was perfect for the role!

This year is my producing year. I am producing a movie called The B Team, which will be announced at Cannes this month. The script is very funny and it is wonderful to be working with so many great friends! I am also producing a movie based on the book Free the Animals, currently titled Valerie. The script will be finished this month and I am very excited about it. I hope to do some acting too, in The Anchor, but we do not have a start date yet.

Tall Women Unite!

3) there has been some talk in chat rooms and on some movie sites that there might be a sequel or a remake of christine. would you ever reprise your role as leigh cabot?

Hi Dave,

As we know from the last scene of the movie, Christine the car is not dead, so perhaps there will be a sequel if she revives 30 years later :).

I would love to play the role of Leigh Cabot again, or maybe the mother of a younger Leigh Cabot if they do a remake! I hope Keith Gordon and John Stockwell come back too! Since it is the 30th anniversary of the movie, I will making an appearance alongside a bunch of castmates from Christine at the Carlisle Car Show. A real Christine car will be there too and there will be a screening of the movie that weekend.

Best wishes,
ps “God, I hate rock’n’roll” (my last line, and the last line of the movie, for those of you who have not seen the film 🙂

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  1. Aimee mason says:

    Hi Alexandra how are you are you Allison Ford or Judy RADIN why came back season 10
    I am huge fan of Baywatch very much why you die on boat everybody miss you very very much from Aimee Mason

  2. Aimee mason says:

    What’s your favourite Episode on Baywatch from Aimee Mason

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