Ask Alexandra – August 2007

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra…Saw you on ET and you live in the GREENEST home in LA….would like to know what type of windows you currently have in your home? Because I hope you have Fiberglass frame windows they are the most energy efficient windows and non-polluting product out there. Accurate Dorwin in Wpg Canada has been in business since 1952 they were GREEN and socially responsible and sparing no expense to build this earth friendly product before anyone else was. They are the best kept secret in the window industry. Just thought you would like to know. They are celebrating 55 yrs this year maybe you could send your stamp of approval for being GREEN…Thank you…Would love to see you in a comedy sitcom about a family saving energy…lets write it together…LOL. Thank you

LoRene Jonstone

Dear LoRene,

We actually do have fiberglass framed double paned windows. I wish we had the greenest home in LA, but unfortunately it was built in 1970 so the heating is not as efficient as I would like. The windows help a lot, however.

I am not sure which home you saw on ET, because I used to live in a house in Malibu but now we live in a condo nearby. The house had solar panels but on a condo we weren’t allowed to put them on, however living in a place now with shared gardens l is more environmental than us having their own garden, so it is a tradeoff…

I commend any business that sells energy saving products.

Good to hear from you and thank you for your enviro enthusiasm!


Question #2:

Hi Alexandra,

As a Canadian, I am very concerned about preserving the world’s environment and especially my own environment. The risks that pollution and global warming pose are greater than ever. I admire your values and applaud your efforts in doing your share for the environment.

Also, I want you to know that a great many educated Canadians believe that the only reason that George Bush invaded Iraq was to avenge his father. It was a personal act against Saddam Hussein. Beleive me, Saddam was no saint, in fact we all know that him and his family were quite evil and that they
committed despicable acts. We know that he was also placed in to a position of power by the CIA many years ago. But that does not justify Americans going to war against the Iraqi people. Now that Saddam and his family are dead and gone and the old regime is buried…it is time for America to pull out and end the blood shed of innocent Americans and Iraqis. It is truly a sin that some of Bush’s friends are getting rich supporting this war. ( Haliburton)

At least you are one person that is not fooled by all of this and are you are using your popularity to help out any way you can.

My daughter Jennifer is 14 and an honour roll student up here in Montreal. I would like her to get to know you through your web-site. I believe that you would be a positive roll model and an inspiration. Someone who cares and is trying to make a difference. I pray that god grants you the strength and the wisdom to carry on.

Recently I watched a movie called “Demons from her past” and I really enjoyed this. Keep up the good work!

A new fan!


Montreal, Quebec

Dear Al,

Montreal is a beautiful city – I have filmed 2 movies there, and I shot Demons from her Past in nearby Ottawa. I have filmed over a dozen movies in Canada and I love your country.

Yes, I have been against the war in Iraq, and in Afghanistan actually, since the beginning. As I have been doing for 5 years, I continue to vigil once a week against the war in Iraq. We must never stop speaking out until the US occupation of Iraq is over.

You mentioned that you have a teenage daughter. It seems to me that young people nowadays are more open minded to different cultures and peoples. I hope that means less war and oppression in the future. Please do send her to my website, as Vietly does a terrific job working with me to keep it updated and full of information about important issues.

I am so glad you are a new fan.


Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,

You are the most beautiful, reliable and friendly star i ever heard about! You are a nice human with a lot of knowledge in terms the problems of today! Last but not least i would like to tell you that i like you so much because you are working so hard to solve those problems beside your very hard job! A short (my favourite) question to you: I know you from the german series of Baywatch. You were my favourite star!! You role was not easy, but you managed everything well!! How good can you dive in reality??

Wish that everything goes well for you in the future!!



Dear Christian,

I had no stunt doubles for any of my swimming or diving, so how I dive on the show is about as good as it gets. I practiced with Lifeguard Michael Newman (the very tall lifeguard you saw throughout the 11 years of the show) so that I could dive off a moving boat. Often, we only had one try for a good boat dive, because if our hair was dry in the scene it got wet after that first dive.

One episode the camera boat was preparing to film me diving off the scarab (the fast yellow boat), and it was racing alongside me. I felt it was too close, because I had become pretty good at diving straight out, plus I am tall. I told the director to move the boat away because I would dive into it, and he got angry and told me to just hurry up and dive. I did and voila – I hit the boat. Luckily I was not hurt, just a little vexed that the director had not believed me!

I also had a show where I had to dive off a moving jet ski which was very challenging as I was steering the jet ski and preparing to dive off the seat also.

So, I am no fancy diver, but I did get some good practice in on Baywatch and with Michael Newman’s help!


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