Ask Alexandra – August 2009

Question #1:


I liked watching Baywatch. Have you got other projects now (doing a sitcom for example)? And I would like to know which kind of sports you’re doing in the day, please? Do you follow a strict trainee program? Many thanks and good continuation in your career.


Dear Manuella,

I will be shooting an independent movie, The Frankenstein Brothers, next month, playing Daniel Stern’s alcoholic wife and Zelda Williams’ mother. As for the sports I am doing, right now I am mostly swimming, as I am training for an 11 mile ocean swim on August 13. I also stretch for an hour 2 times a week. On the days I dont swim, I go to the gym and lift weights and do an hour of cardio a day. Usually on the stairstepper, which is a killer!

I am so glad you enjoy Baywatch. It has been 15 years since I have been on the show, but I am so happy people still enjoy it!

Thank you for your letter!


Question #2:

Hello Alexandra,

First of all, i must say it’s a pleasure to have the opportunity to correspond with you !.I’d like to ask you about your experiences of working on the film ” Christine “, in particular, what was it like working with Keith Gordon ?.I must confess, i have developed a crush on him through seeing him in this film !.I am 25 years old, and i know he was 22 years old when this was filmed, so i’m not much older than he was then. I havent seen him in anything else yet, and i haven’t seen any more of your work yet, but i’d like to.I have only recently seen ” Christine “.Could you give some insight into what Keith is like as a person, was it easy for you to act like you were his girlfriend in the film ?.And anything else in general you could tell me about the film as well would be much appreciated. I’m also curious to know if you have read the book of ” Christine ” ,and if you were pleased with the way the film was adapted, or if you think anything that was left out of the film that was in the book that should have been added ?

And finally, i was wondering if you kept in touch with any of the cast members after you made the film?.

Thank you for your time,


Dear Beth,

2008 was the movie’s 25 year anniversary! For a recent interview I did about my experience on Christine, go to natsukashi. I loved shooting that movie and I think you have very good taste in men to have a crush on Keith Gordon! Not only is he a wonderful actor, writer and director, but he is really, really nice and very smart. It was easy to play his girlfriend in Christine, because I felt very comfortable with him and l respected him so much. To learn more about Keith, go to IMDB or Wikipedia. I havent seen him in over 20 years, unfortunately, but he has written a couple very good movies (A Midnight Clear and The Chocolate War to name two that I saw and really liked), and he directs now.

Although I havent seen Keith Gordon or John Stockwell (two of the film’s stars) one of my oldest friends is Doug Warhit, who played Bemis in the film, John Stockwell’s mouthy friend (He has a line about my character that I love: “She looks smart, but she has the body of a slut”. Which is hilarious any way you look at it). Doug in now an acting teacher and I was in his class for a long time. During filming, I fell in love with William Ostrander, who played the bad guy Buddy Reperton, and we dated for a couple years and are still friendly over 2 decades later. Barry Tubb, who played a football player in the scene where John Stockwell hurts his leg in a game, and I dated in 1987-1989, and he directed me last year in Javelina. So yes, I have alot of important people in my life from Christine!

I did read the book before we started filming, and I enjoyed it very much. Stephen King is an excellent writer. I hadn’t read anything before that, as I get too frightened reading horror novels! And watching scary movies, for that matter!

Since you are a Keith Gordon fan, definitely rent some of his films, and keep an eye on his
imdb page to see what he is directing.

Thank you for writing!


ps if you liked Christine, you might like some of director John Carpenter’s movies.

Question #3:

I’ve watched you on “Baywatch” and your character seemed different than the others – more compassionate, I guess. Was that just the character or is that you? I can also see it in your stills.

I also know you have a twin sister who is a firefighter. God bless her and please thank her for me for choosing a career serving the public (and our country – indirectly) and putting her life in danger. Has she ever been in movies, maybe your “double” or stunt woman?

Emory T. Check

Dear Emory,

Both my twin sister and my younger brother have been firefighters, and I am very proud of both of them for all the good they have done saving lives. Caroline has never been interested in being in movies, as it isnt exciting enough for her. Here some background on Caroline and you will see why: As a teen, Caroline tried to set a Guinness world record for crawling, stopping after covering 81/2 miles on her hands and knees in the rain. She set a record but it was not published by Guiness, unfortunately. As an adult, she became a white water raft guide, a private pilot, and competed in the U.S. Nationals for the sport of Luge. She has seakayaked in Alaska, mountain biked in places like China and Vietnam, flown her paraglider in Brazil, and skied the backcountry of Denali and the Sierras. She now flies ultralights for fun.

One fun story about Caroline and movies, though, is the time I was shooting one of my first movies, Christine (see above letter). She was visiting me during a break from Stanford University, where she attended colleage, and as a practical joke she came with me to work and we dressed her up and did her makeup like my character. For the first shot of the day, she walked on the set pretending to be me and no one caught on! They shot a close up of her ankle for the climatic scene of the movie, and then I walked on the set and said to the director “Have you fired me already?” Since no one knew I had a twin, they were all fooled, and t hat shot of Caroline’s ankle remains in the movie to this day!

As for Stephanie Holden in Baywatch being more compassionate than the other characters… I am very sensitive in real life, but I was trying to make her a hard ass! I guess Alexandra was coming out underneath the more Type A Lieutenant! David Hasselhoff is such a warm and lovely person and his Mitch was definitely a softie in the show. All the actors on the series were sooooo lovely and kind. I love Jeremy Jackson and David Chokachi and Jaason Simmons, all whom I was honoured to work with often when I was on Baywatch. We are in touch to this day. Michael Bergin makes me laugh with every email he sends me, and Kelly Packard is so sweet. I have such respect for Pamela and how hard she worked to become the international star she is, and I loved playing Yasmine’s sister. I see Wendy Malick (who played Mitch’s ex wife and Jeremy’s mom) at the gym! Susan Anton is such a talented singer and I have gone to several of her concerts. That is just a few of the cast members – oh yes Gena Lee Nolan is a hoot! She has a great sense of humour – I always thought she would rock on a sitcom – who is wonderful and compassionate. Every single one was a joy to work with, especially David Hasselhoff.

Thank you for your email, Emory, and I will forward your letter on to my sister. Feel free to write to her at her website


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