Ask Alexandra – August 2011

Question #1:

Alexandra, you wrote me back with an autographed baywatch pic (thanks) and instructed me to send these questions via email:

  1. Will you be appearing in any films or TV shows in the near future?
  2. You mentioned your twin sister being mistaken for you by fans and that she’s a writer. have you ever encouraged her act or to appear with you on screen?
  3. Over the years, there have been many books, magazines, videos and other baywatch merchandise. have you kept any of these? if so, which is your favorite?

bradford wong


  1. I have 2 projects coming out this year: the independent movie Christmas Spirit and the telefilm Betrayed at 17 (formerly No One to Blame). The movie The Frankenstein Brothers should also be out this year.
  2. Ah no! Her life as a firefighter was much too exciting, and now that she is a writer she is very busy getting her books out. She is re-releasing a second edition of her autobiography Fighting Fire, which you can learn more about at her website.
  3. I do not have the famous red bathing suit, but I do have 2 dresses from the show that the wardrobe department gave me when I left. I also have the yellow watch I wore throughout the show. I have videos of every episode in which I appeared (except for a Baywatch Nights episode in which I have a cameo) and the dvds of the first 3 seasons. I Baywatch doll of my character, Lt. Stephanie Holden, and a photo of me in the Hollywood Wax Musuem. I also have a photo of the Baywatch pinball machine with my picture on it. I probably have a Stephanie Holden air freshener somewhere too! As you can see, there was alot of merchandise affiliated with the show, from perfumes to flip flops to calendars and sunscreen. Most of which I have never seen.

Question #2:


I’m a very avid fan of alexandra paul. i watch all her movies on tv. it doesn’t matter if i watch it once, twice or many times. i just love how she acts. she is so good that i hope to see more of her films on tv. by the way, im a filipino, living in canada. Im just wondering why her name is still not on walk of fame after all her achievements.she deserves it more than those hundreds of stars on walk of fame.i want to visit hollywood one day. and i hope to see her name in there. more power!

Florence Po

Hi Florence,

Thank you so much for your supportive email. I am not on the Hollywood Walk of Fame . I just read that there are over 2,300 stars who have been inducted into it. It is fun to walk along the street and read the famous names from radio, tv, movies, the recording industry and the stage. I would not qualify yet, but getting a star is not as simple as being successful in the arts – there is lobbying and money to be paid!

Thank you for watching her films, and I hope you are able to visit California at some point. It is a wonderful state with the ocean, desert, mountains, cities as different as LA and San Francisco, and beautiful countryside.



Question #3:


You obviously have so much depth to your character. It’s nice to see people in your position that are like that. Please never change. As for my question, can you please tell us about your cat?

Your biggest fan,

Roslyn Iver

Dear Roslyn,

Right now, Hallie is lying on the bathroom floor, where she likes to sleep after we get up because the tiles are heated for a few hours in the morning. Go to the second row, middle of this page to see a photo of her.

Ian and I adopted her from a nearby animal pound in the summer of 2004, when she was about 4 years old (kittens are easily adopted, so we choose older cats). It was the same week the movie Catwoman was released in theaters. Since its star, Halle Berry, was black and a cat, we decided to name our black kitty after her, but we changed the spelling because a little girl suggested we name her Halloween. So Hallie is short for Halle Berry and Halloween!

She is a wonderful cat. She has become even more affectionate over the years (love begets love), and now we have a ritual where she comes to my side when the alarm rings in the morning and we cuddle for 5 minutes. Hallie lies in the crook of my arm, and if I stop petting her she puts her paw to my face and nudges me. It is pretty funny. During the day, she also follows us around the house just so she can be in our presence, and then looks up at us with what we call “love eyes”. We let her do pretty much whatever she wants, except that we bring her in at night so the coyotes don’t get her.

I encourage anyone who wants to have more love in their life to adopt a cat from an animal shelter. Dont buy animals from pet stores, which supports and encourages the cruel business of animal breeding! If you adopt an older animal, they will forever be grateful to you for giving them a second chance at happiness.


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