Ask Alexandra – August 2013

1) Hi Alexandra I was wondering where was saving Emily filmed. And happy belated 50th!

Hi Donna,
Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Saving Emily was filmed in Ottawa, Canada. I have filmed a lot of tv movies in Canada’s capital city, and I love the place – A Woman Hunted, The Boy She Met Online, A Lover’s Revenge, Demons From Her Past, A Sister’s Secret. I have filmed many other projects in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal (which is why I am a Canadian resident – I love the country!), but Ottawa holds a special place in my heart. I have been there at all times of the year except in the coldest months of winter, when the river has frozen over and Ottawans skate to work on it. I hear it is so fun at that time of year because of that, although I think I prefer to miss that weather when I am filming 🙂

Best wishes,

2) Hi Alexandra,

You have mentioned recently that you have a Vitamix blender. I am wondering what model you have and where you can purchase one refurnished like you did? I am vegan and I’ve always wanted to get one, it is an investment but I think it would be worth it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer my question.


Hi Carol,

I like to purchase things that are refurbished or pre-owned because it is better for the environment, so when I buy any gadget ( like my iphone, ipad, printer and laptop) I always make an effort to avoid “new”. It takes a bit more time, but usually less money! I bought a “certified reconditioned” (aka refurbished) Vitamix 5200 from their website. I highly recommend! We make awesome soups and vegan ice cream in it.

Thank you for writing, and … Go Vegan!

3) do you have naturally brown hair because in some movies you have red hair also your hair has gotten longer. you have real pretty hair and beautiful eyes.

P.S- you and Ian are the cutest couple married. Have you ever been to florida? Sophie Gendron plays in alot of movies with you. 🙂

Hi Seline,

My hair changes color regularly. In Demons from her Past, I dyed it an auburn color. For and Gospel of Deceit, I was going for a darker brown but both times the hairdressers did a bit too dark. For Love Thy Neighbor, I had nice blonde highlights. For the ABC pilot I shot with Lee Majors called Daytona Beach (which never aired), I wanted to go totally blonde but it looked so awful I changed it back to brown before filming began. For Christmas Crash, I went really light too, but unfortunately did not turn it back before filming began! I really should not be blonde, I just like the idea of it sometimes…. I would love to have really red hair in a show, but it never turns out that dramatic, which is probably good since red it hard to maintain!

Right now,my hair is brown with caramel highlights, but when I saw my friend Michelle Harris a couple days ago she said “Alexandra your hair is so red!” so maybe it is and I just cannot tell! I have a theory that each of do not know what we ourselves really look like, since we see ourselves mostly in a windowless bathroom mirror, with very little natural light.

OK enough about my hair! (Ian teases me that I talk about hair too much.) On to the rest of your email: I am so lucky to be married to Ian. He is my soulmate – last night he said “We have been together 18 years but it feels like 18 months – it is still so fun”. And I have been to Florida: to film the aforementioned Daytona Beach in 1996, to swim around Key West last year, to visit Miami when Ian races the South Beach Triathlon and when I was a teenager we would go to Sanibel Island every year. I like Florida!

Sophie Gendron and I have done at least 4 movies together, in Ottawa (see question #1): A Lover’s Revenge, Demons from her Past, A Woman Hunted and Saving Emily. Sophie lives in Montreal, which is near Ottawa, so she works a lot in the area. Very nice woman.

Thank you Seline,

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  1. Hey Alexandra,
    You probably don’t remember meeting me on Venice Beach. But I wanted to see if you are still doing any volunteering w disabled athletes. Thought it was pretty awesome that you had met my friend Melanie. Hope you are doing well.

    Srini Iyengar

  2. Crystal Walker says:

    Hi Alex!!

    I was wondering…”Sophie Gendron” is in a lot of Lifetime movies with you and I think that is so awesome! Are you two close friends??

  3. KELLY BAILEY says:


  4. Kelly Bailey says:

    hi Alexandra I would love to here from you & your sister & brother & Ian & your mom & Ian mom to is Ian mom & dad still alive and what is Ian dad name I do know his mom name dose he have any brother & what are there name? dose hi have any sister & what here there name? please that me know if you get this email I don’t have facebook but you can still email if you want & did you get my letter that is mail to you? talk to you all later okay? from Kelly Bailey

  5. Aimee mason says:

    Hi Alexandra Paul how are you your act as Alison ford were wedding dress veil with
    No flowers no cake to hold became a bad girl take off the ring off is bit hash he love you
    Very much match pair. From aimee mason

  6. Kelly Bailey says:

    hi Alexandra Paul dose Caroline talk to Mindy & Trish to I got some picture of Caroline & Mindy & Trish to I would love to here from you all to please email me back soon from Kelly Bailey

  7. Kelly Bailey says:

    Alexandra Paul you can write to me if you want tell your sister Caroline and her friend that there can write to me to & tell your brother Jonathan that to. talk to you later okay? from Kelly

  8. Kelly Bailey says:

    Alexandra Paul this is my home address so if you all want to write to me you can Kelly Bailey 4313 w south pinebrook Ln COLUMBIA.MO65203 that is my home address so if you all want to write you can I do love getting letter to. talk to you later okay? from Kelly Bailey

  9. KELLY BAILEY says:


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