Ask Alexandra – August 2015

1) Didn’t I see you as a child actor on a childrens show on PBS? You always closed your segment with I’m Alexandra Paul. I don’t see this anywhere in your bio.

Hi Ed,

I became a professional actor at 18 years old, and I have never worked on a children’s show. I did do some internet research on your question, and there was a PBS children’s show called Kidsongs and a host called Alexandra Picatto from 1993-1995. Could that have been the person of whom you are thinking?

Best wishes,

2) It’s not a question – sorry. 20 years ago you were filming Baywatch in Malibu. I was at the beach with 40 disabled teenagers from a nearby summer camp. We asked if a member of the cast would be willing to say hi to the group. You came and spent nearly an hour talking to everyone. I’m from England and have never forgotten how wonderful you were. Thank you.

Hi Sam,

Well how nice of you to write about that day! I apologize that I do not remember it, but I am glad that I was on the set that day to meet all of you. I probably mentioned it then, but my mother is British so I have cousins in England. From visiting my grandparents and other family there growing up, I know what a lovely country England is. I have also filmed in Ireland and traveled to Scotland and they are so beautiful!

What a lovely way to spend a summer as a kid, though, at camp near the beach in Southern California! Those teenagers were very lucky and it sounds like they were able to have an active time in spite of their various disabilities. My favorite fundraiser is the La Jolla, CA triathlon that raises money every autumn for Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF). The race includes several hundred athletes who are paraplegics or amputees, and they prove how many people facing physical challenges are MORE active than most Americans! It is the most inspiring event ever.

Thank you so much for writing and reminding me of that day in Malibu. It touches me that you remembered it and that you took the time to thank me.

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  1. Chris Ball says:

    Hi Alexandra,
    We met in 1986 on the Great Peace March, and we stayed in touch for a little while after that, but now it’s three decades later, and not surprisingly, we have long since fallen out of contact. I got to know you through the media department, with Elizabeth Fairchild and Bill O’Neill and other terrific marchers. I thought you might like to know that the GPM is having a 30-year reunion next summer in Iowa. We have had some wonderful reunions over the years. I even met my wife at our 10-year reunion. I’m sure you have a busy schedule, but I hope you will consider attending if you can get away. We also have a GPM Facebook page: I’m glad to see that you are still committed to activism and appear to be thriving. I’m following you on Twitter, too. Keep up the good fight. Peace, Chris Ball

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