Ask Alexandra – August 2016

1) Not a question, actually! Just immense and sincere appreciation for incentive after your Hawaiian Ironman race in ’97. I realized my dream in 2005 and was a finisher there myself! Thank you, Alexandra, for that. I am awed now by your swims and social activism. Keep it up. Grateful thanks for inspiring me again, this after a really tough two years with the cancer diagnosis and death of my lovely lady, to be even better in my personal journey to help others on the path of fitness, physical-emotional-mental health, and life! Bless you and yours always,

Alexandra. With humble sincerity,

Thomas (Tom) Hamilton.
P.S. Just got and watched one of my all time favorite DVDs yesterday, American Flyers!!
Hi Tom,

Congratulations on your Hawaii Ironman finish! It sounds like taking care of yourself physically helped you cope with the devastating loss of your beloved.  I am so sorry you had to go through that, but am inspired to see that you are helping other people through challenges because of all that you have learned through your hardest times.

I am glad you like American Flyers – it was wonderful to film and has really held up all these years. Coincidentally, 5 of the lead actors are going to be in Las Vegas September 22 at the Interbike awards gala, where the film will be honored for its place in cycling history.

Keep being active and thank you so much for writing and sharing a bit of your story.

Best wishes to you,


2) Hello, Alexandra,

I have two questions that I hope you can answer. First one being about Christine. I saw John Stockwell in a movie recently and then I remembered him from Christine and he comes across, even in Christine, as a rather cool, down to earth guy. Was he this way in the movie when you worked with him? Second question is from Baywatch. Working with Nicole Eggert, Pamela Anderson and Erika Eleniak. With all those ladies, was there ever a ” diva ” problem that ended up in a Shannon Doherty situation where nobody liked each other? Thanks and all the best


Hi Jay,

John is a very nice guy, and I enjoyed working with him.  He is also a talented writer and director and is concentrating on that these days.  As for whether there were any diva moments or catfighting on the set of Baywatch, I can honestly tell you that never happened!  (except in a scene from the Baywatch reunion movie where Neely and my character have a terrific fight down a water slide).  If you see us together you will know that everyone really got along well!  All the actors were really professional – except when we were laughing too hard between takes at David Hasselhoff’s antics!

I have had the pleasure of shooting a scene in Sharknado 4 (at 1:08) with Gena Lee Nolin, giving an award to Pamela Anderson and hanging out with Nicole Eggert and Erika Eleniak for an interview, all in the space of a few months.  They are all wonderful, caring women!

Thank you for writing,


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