Ask Alexandra – December 2000

Question #1:

Hi Alexandra!

Great to talk to you right now!!! So my question is:

How’s it to work with Yasmine Bleeth and David chokachi?

Tanxx !

Muck Loves,

Jenny (holland)

Dear Jenny,

I really liked working with Yasmine and David. It was very nice to have a sister on the show. Did you know that her character was named after my real-life twin, Caroline? Yasmine is very smart and very witty, and I enjoy watching her on her new show, Titans. She is wonderfully wicked! And very different from her All-American persona on Baywatch!

David was new to acting when he joined the cast in 1995, but he was perfect to play the boyish, jock lifeguard Cody. David is an excellent athlete (sailor, skier, mountain biker) and I was honored to have a strong storyline with him as his swimming coach, training him for the Olympics. Besides Jaason Simmons, I was closest to David, and we had fun shooting our rescue/swimming scenes together – we were very competitive (who got more rescues, who swam faster?).

It is wonderful to work on a show with such nice people and I was privileged to have that on Baywatch.

Thank you for writing.

PS Holland is a beautiful country – I shot a few days in Amsterdam on a movie with Pierce Brosnan.

Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

Is it hard for you to go out in public with out everyone wanting you to sign autographs? I know Spanish to Hola! Como estas? I really love your shows and movies. What is your favorite one that you have been in (show or movie) Please. I would really like to here from you.

Larissa Tanner

Dear Larissa,

Hmmmm. No, I dont have people swarming around me for my autograph when I go out! People recognize me, but it generally isnt a problem, although I find malls and airports intimidating – too many strangers staring or whispering! On the whole, people are very considerate, and when I am with someone they dont approach me.

My favorite film might be American Flyers, although Christine has stood the test of time and become (apparently) sort of a cult film. Just yesterday a woman from Germany came up to me and said she remembered me from my first job Paper Dolls (that was 19 years ago, folks – I am glad she could still recognize me from that!) – she opened up to me about how she was so affected by that TV movie ( it was about the world of modeling, so alot of young girls loved it), and I was touched that she opened up to me like that. So, of course I am grateful to that job for getting me started in this business!

In terms of acting experiences, I really enjoy working with kids, so I liked last year’s Redemption of the Ghost (not out yet), because I played a mom with two lovely children.

Bottom line, I have had so many lovely experiences that it is hard to choose!

More importantly, what are the projects you liked?

Thank you for writing! Alexandra

Question #3:


First, thank you for being such a sweet and charming person. You’re one of the fewest celebrities out there that has not let Hollywood spoil you. Please don’t ever change! I have a question about your vegetarian diet. I am vegetarian myself–but very new…having been one for only this past year. The problem is, I’ve feel very awkward going out with friends, and don’t want them to feel uncomfortable about my new diet. And with the holidays coming up, it’s even harder for me. How did you overcome this?

Thank you for any advice,


Dear Leslie,

The most important thing to do when you are eating with others is to not make a big deal about your vegetarianism. Just shrug and say “I feel better when I eat like this” and dont elaborate unless they ask you (this lessens the risk that you will seem preachy). Definitely dont make anyone else feel badly about eating meat, because that will only make them defensive and they will close down to any possibility of ever becoming a vegetarian.

Sometimes even if you are casual about it, somebody at the table will make a big deal out of it and razz you or worry that you arent getting enough to eat. This is always difficult for me, but I just try and be as low-key as possible and not encourage the conversation.

As for the upcoming holidays: this is an easy time to be a vegetarian because there is so much food around that you will have alot of non meat stuff to choose from. When you go to a party, offer to bring a dish and make it one you can eat!

The only time I tell anyone I dont eat meat or fish is to the host if it is a very small dinner party, because I dont want them to feel badly if there are not many vegetables. I never worry about it (I usually get enough to eat) but the host generally does.

In my 23 years of not eating meat or fish I have rarely had a problem getting something to eat. And my friends have never questioned my vegetarianism. Have a wonderful holiday and I hope my advice helps.


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