Ask Alexandra – December 2006

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

Yesterday i watched a taped episode of Baywatch, the one that Stephanie and Tom are making plans for their wedding (episode Bachelor of the Month). I don’t know if you remember but their is a part where you and Yasmine are walking on the beach and in the middle of the scene you pick up an plastic bottle. Caroline says “are you listening” and then Stephanie says “yes i’m listening I’m just picking up this..” and then Caroline starts talking again. Since I learned that you recycle (which I think is very good!) I thought maybe you improvised this part in the scene. (If so, you and Yasmine complement each other very well!). My question is, did you have to improvised sometimes because something went wrong? or because someone forgot his/her line or something like that?

Thanks for answering and thanks to vietly for making this site available.

Much love,

Melissa from Holland

p.s. I really loved your scenes with Yasmine, you two were great sisters!

Dear Melissa,

I loved having Yasmine as a sister, also. She is smart, funny and gutsy. Her character is
named after my real twin sister, Caroline!

As for that scene, you are very observant. It wasn’t completely improvised, but that picking-up-the-bottle thing was something I asked to be added just before we shot because, as I remember it (I haven’t seen that episode in 10 years, so I am relying on memory here…), it was a long walk-and-talk scene and I wanted to have something do to other than just walking and talking! And it was an opportunity to remind folks that picking up trash is a good thing!

The dialogue was improvised there but I don’t remember doing any other improvising in the show. The truth is, the actors pretty much always knew their lines, and shooting moved quickly. We used to joke that if it was in focus, they would print the take and move on, because we usually didn’t do more than 2 takes each shot, which is very fast.

And I thank Vietly also starting this website and continuing to design and run it. Thanks,
V! I NEVER would have done it without you!!!!!

Happy Holidays in Holland! I was in Amsterdam for a few days to shoot a film with
Pierce Brosnan, and I loved it.


Question #2:

Hi Alexandra,

I don’t really have a question but wanted to say how impressed I was with your performance in ‘Who Killed the Electric Car?”. Beauty, brains, morals, and conviction all in one person is rare and wonderful. Thanks and keep up the good work.


Dear Tim,

I am so glad you saw the documentary. Now that it is out on dvd, everyone has an opportunity to watch it – hooray! Thank you for your kind words, although none of that was a performance – it was 100% me! I am most proud of being among the small group of committed people who maintained a round the clock, 28 day outdoor vigil to protect the EV1. Not easy during the wettest winter LA had had in 100 years. Cold, wet nights and days standing outside the GM building. But it was worth it, because even if we didn’t save the EV1 from being crushed, the world – which hitherto had hardly known about the cars – did take notice.

I appreciate your support.


Question #3:

I’m Christina from Connecticut. Like many, I am a huge fan of yours. I have just a simple question really. How do you like to relieve stress from work, home, or just a bad day?

Looking forward to your next projects!


Dear Christina,

I am Alexandra from Connecticut! West Cornwall, Connecticut, to be exact – a picturesque village of 1200 residents (20 years later, it still has only 1,489 residents) that boasts a covered bridge over the Housatonic River, rolling hills and farmland, and beautiful autumn leaves come fall.

Since I don’t handle stress very well (it stresses me out!), I try to deflect situations that can cause it by not overbooking my days and by saying No right away to things that don’t ring right to me. I no longer am the “people pleaser” I once was, so my life is much less stressful that it was in my 20’s, when I thought I had to say “yes” to everything or I would be disappointing people. I have learned that the world doesn’t fall apart when I say “No” and people get along just fine without me!

But every life has its pressures, so I deal with them by working out every day. First thing in the morning, I am either at the gym or in the pool for at least an hour of cardio exercise. After doing that for myself, no matter what comes at me during the day, I can handle it! At night, just being with Ian feels like a safe haven for me, and I always feel happy and relaxed with him. I am very lucky to have a beloved who makes me feel like everything is going to be OK no matter what is going on in the big, bad world.

I always miss Connecticut this time of year, because it is wonderful to be in snow during the holidays! Thank you for writing.


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