Ask Alexandra – December 2009

Question #1:

Dear Ms. Paul

I am writing from Denver, CO. I was watching the Documentary Channel and viewed a trailer for “Who killed the electric car”. In light of gas prices which are currently $3.50 per gallon, this peaked my curiosity.I viewed the entire documentary online, and I was stunned and what I learned, especially about the hype about hydrogen, which costs 4 times the amount per gallon to produce. What I would like to know, is did this documentary or your involvement bring about any sort of significant change in GM’s policy or California legislature? I have driven Honda’s since I was 16, and am now 40, because of fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. I was under the impression Honda was on the cutting edge of alternative fuel vehicles, until I saw this documentary. I am a loyal Honda, owner but the EV1 could have swayed me to buy a GM product. I am extremely disappointed in General Motors conduct and their refusal to sell these cars to private owners. I wonder in whose reality this decision made sense. I am looking into the purchase of an alternative fuel vehicle, I am saddened that a product like the EV1 will not be an option for me. After what I’ve learned about GM’s involvement in this, I will never purchase or lease a GM product. America had an opportunity to really make a global impact, and we blew it, I am sure the powers that be in the middle ! east, just laugh and shake there heads at our stupidity. Thank you for helping to bring light to this situation, it is much appreciated. I truly hope that as Americans we are on the cusp of change and are ready to make demands of our Automobile Companies.


Vic Leon

Hi Vic,

I am so glad you saw Who Killed the Electric Car? and were moved by it. Yes, that documentary has done so much to educate people on electric vehicles, and thus influence positively automobile companies and government legislation. If the people lead, the corporation and municipalities will follow! Kudos to Chris Paine for conceiving of and directing that great movie.

My favorite gas car was a 1996 Honda Civic, so I too was a fan of Honda. However, I have been disappointed with its lack of commitment to electric drive. As of now, Honda has no plans to introduce an electric vehicle to the marketplace; they have put their eggs in the hydrogen basket. As for GM, I am not angry at GM. I actually ADMIRE the company for having built the EV1 in the first place, It was the only from-the-ground-up highway capable electric vehicle built by the big manufacturers in the 1990s. When California mandated the top 6 auto companies had to have a certain percentage of zero emission vehicles on the road there, Honda, Toyota, Chevy, Ford and Nissan simply converted existing models (I drive a Toyota RAV 4 EV at the moment and I love it, but my heart remains with the EV1). Remember also that ALL the car companies crushed their electric cars (of the 5,000 built, 4,000 were dismantled) – Chris focused on GM and the EV1 because he was an EV1 driver and because the EV1 was the most magnificent EV of the lot.

Another reason I hold no grudge against GM is that they were the first of the big car companies to get back on the EV horse (to mix a metaphor) after the crushing debacle and begin building the Chevy Volt, a plug in hybrid. I havent driven it, but it is a beautiful car, with 40 mile all- electric range before the gas tank kicks in to recharge the batteries. That kind of technology is even more complicated than a pure battery electric vehicle like the EV1, and GM was once again at the forefront. I would encourage anyone to purchase a Volt or any GM battery electric they produce.

GM chairman Bob Lutz has admitted that crushing the EV1 was a mistake, and he seems to me to be committed to producing and selling the Volt. I remain a teeny bit skeptical, only because I am wary of the big automakers when it comes to being “green”. I will really believe it when I see the cars in showrooms with a robust marketing campaign supporting them. But as it stands, I am willing to forgive GM for crushing the EV1 and actively working against the introduction of electric cars from 1997 to 2006.

I hope you will consider a GM product (provided it has batteries!) in the future and I urge you to contact Honda and encourage them to make a electric vehicle. I would be so happy to be able to drive an emission free Honda.

Please encourage your friends to watch Who Killed the Electric Car? and consider doing your part by joining Plug In America. We have an excellent list of the battery electrics coming out. (note what it says about Honda)

I appreciate your passion.


Question #2:

Alexandra, you have the greatest resemblance of Teri Hatcher on Desperate Housewvies and Sela Ward. If you were offered to do Desperate Housewives , C.S.I or Shark. would you do it You do look and act like C.S.I. material and D.A. material in Shark. Housewife material in Desperate Housewife.

Bobby Chavala

Hi Bobby,

I would love to do another series, as I really enjoy the pace of television and the opportunity to develop one character over time. And I am good DA material! I can play a housewife too, I have certainly played my share already. So yes, I would be very open to joining the cast of a series already on the air. Put some good vibes out there for me and hopefully there will be a series regular role in my future!

Thank you for your support, Bobby.


Question #3:

Hello Alexandra.

I just want to say that you are amazing. I Love u as a actress, and i think you as a person are really kind. Im from sweden, therefor this bad English. I hope you understand what im writing.

My question to you is:

Do you recognize any swedish artists? Or have you ever been in Sweden/Stockholm?

You are best,

Milton <3

Hi Milton,

I have never been to Sweden, but I have met lots of Swedes.and have always been impressed with how well they speak English – almost without an accent! Since there are so many beautiful Swedish women, there were alot when I was modeling in New York. There is also an animal rights group, Forenadedjur which has been supportive of my brother Jonathan so I am very appreciative of that.

I know of several Swedish actors, and I admire them very much: Stellan Skarsgård, Peter Stormar, Ingrid Bergman,Max von Sydow, Lena Olin . I saw Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca last night actually, and there was just a hint of an accent, which had a very beautiful effect. A couple years ago, I saw Lena Olin at a Starbucks in Venice and she was ravishing. Then there are the directors, Ingmar Bergman and Lasse Halstrom (who is married to Lena Olin) I LOVED Halstrom’s Cider House Rules and What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. He also directed alot of ABBA videos, a music group I listened to alot in my childhood.

Your country produces alot of talented and beautiful people! I hope to go there one day, maybe in the summer, when the days are really long – hopefully to work on a film!

Thank you for writing, Milton.


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