Ask Alexandra – December 2010

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra! I´m hope you´re doing fine! My name is Katie Rebekah and I´m living in Sweden (sorry if my english is not perfect) I have been reading so much at this website, your website.

I will send you a message! Because I´m looking up to you because you have survived you eating disorder. I have anorexia nervosa and I have been dieing two times. I have been at the hospital for four years now and last year I was at the hospital all days and all nights and I had a feeding tube. I know that I was dieing. My family was with me. BUT! The doctor and the nurse saved my life and today I´m eating and have a normal weight! I survived against all odds!!! And I´m so glad for that!

I have been thinking about you so much and I have been thinking “Alexandra made it than I can do it too” Today I´m glad that I survived. I was ready to die. Everybody said my life was over now and I was´nt scared anymore.

But like I said, I survived against all odds!!! <33 And you made me strong! I will thank you so much because you are you!!! Have you been to Sweden or Europe at some day/point?

Lots of Love,
Katie Rebekah

Dear Katie, I am so glad that you survived your anorexia and that you are now at a healthy weight. That took alot of courage and strength and I am proud of you. Life is so much better when we are not obsessed with food and dieting. When I stopped throwing up, my weight actually went down.

I know for me it is a lifelong challenge to keep a healthy attitude about food, and I hope that if you slide back into anorexia you will immediately ask for help. I have not thrown up for 19 years, but I always say “I am a million miles away from being bulimic again, but it would take me only one second to get there”. We must be vigilant! I have been with my nutritionist, Cathy Sassin for a long time because she keeps me eating healthily, and I check in with her by phone weekly because I know I cannot do it alone.

I see you have Overeaters Anonymous meetings there in Sweden and I hope if there is a meeting near where you live that you will consider attending it. The 12 step program got me to stop my bulimia after 12 years of throwing up! And now I have been free of it for almost 20 years – a miracle to me.

I have been many places in Europe, as I have shot several films over there. I also lived in France as a child and modeled in Milan, Italy as a teenager. My mother is British, so I have relatives in England. But I have never been to Sweden. I know several people from there, though, and they are wonderful and smart and so proficient at English (like you!). One day I would like to go to Sweden.

Thank you for writing. Congratulations on your success overcoming anorexia. That is a big deal.

Best wishes,

Question #2:

hi alexandra:

i hope you are doing great.i adore you and u work..i been u fan since i been a everything i see so far.the paperboy,christine, baywatch,8 million ways to die,dragnet and i can go on and on……lately i saw u on mad men and i was really excited to see u in there.its any chance than now that big starts are doing great tv shows u come back with another show as a regular castmate? and also would u be in mad men again?

i also know that u are a really great athlete and i became a runner about a year ago.any secrets to avoid pain on the knees and which kind of shoes are good to run?

well i hope everything its going great with u and as a gay man also want to thank u for all you support in the community.

take care

Dear Tom,

I do support the gay community. My twin sister is gay, so I have a special affinity. I believe I am half gay because she is my identical twin! I am so happy she is a lesbian, as she has enriched the life of our family by introducing us to her lovely girlfriends.

I do not think I will be back on Mad Men, because I am Duck’s ex-wife. I wish I could come back, maybe harass him for alimony :). It was wonderful to be on that show, though – such a fun experience. Everything was very authentic – my entire wardrobe was vintage 1960s, even the undergarments!

It is wonderful you are now a runner. I recommend the magazine Runner’s World for general information on the sport. I also recommend you read the book
Born to Run, by Christopher MacDonald. I know several friends who could not run due to knee pain until they read that book and started running barefoot, or in
Vibram Five Fingers. I, who have not run since knee surgery 6 years ago, started running in them and noticed that I was able to run without knee stress for up to half an hour. Amazing!! It is a terrific read.

Before my surgery, when I was running, I got orthotics specially made to put in my running shoes. I was training for a marathon at the time and experiencing knee pain. Wore the orthotics: knee pain gone. I still put them in every footwear I wear now. Born to Run probably doesnt recommend orthotics, but they work for me in my everyday life.

I hope this helps! Keep up the running – in fact, run a few miles for me this month!

Happy Holidays,

Question #3:

Hi Alexandra,

Have you made any sort of workout video to date?

i would like to see your training routines & add to my collection such a great athlete that you have been.

Best Regards

Hi Lester,

I have not done any workout videos, but my husband, Ian Murray, is a triathlon coach and he sells fantastic dvds on swimming, biking and running, which include training routines you can download. The dvds are terrific and Ian is such a great coach. He is going to write a workout program for me in 2011 because I want to do a 12.5 mile swim race in June.

Best of luck with your training!


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