Ask Alexandra – February 2000

Question #1:


I was watching a TV program on celebrity homes, at your home you showed a process that you take your shredded paper, put it into a container with some worms which eventually turned it into great fertilizer. What is this process and where can I get the necessary elements to start this?

Thanking you in advance,

Robert Ferretti

Dear Robert,

Ian and I vermicompost our leftover food. This means that instead of throwing it away, we give it to our worms and they eat it instead. Their excrement (or “castings”) makes excellent fertilizer, which we put on our flowers. This means less garbage in our landfills and a healthier garden!! For more information on vermicomposting, call Mary Appelhof at (616) 327-0108, or write to her at : 10332 Shaver Rd., Kalamazoo, MI 49024 – she has written a book called Worms Eat My Garbage, which is fun and easy to read. You can order worms and a worm bin, from Chris Wilson at Simply Worms, PO Box 5212, Playa del Rey, 90296 (310)398-1214. The worm bin is odor- free that you can keep the bin in the house. Good luck, and I would love to hear from anyone who decides to vermicompost!! Thank you for writing, Robert.

Best wishes,


Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

Such a wonderful website you have! I just want to thank you for being such a great role model for us younger kids. Your efforts towards the environment and other social causes are terrific. My question is: Did you always want to go into acting, or was it something that just sort of “happened”?

Thank you again,


p.s. I would love to see even more pictures of you on your website!

Dear Barbara,

Kudos for my website should be directed to the webmaster, Vietly, who does all the work and is the creative genius behind this segment and others on the site. I greatly appreciate all the work she puts into the website – often she knows about things going on with my career before I do! Thank you for your kind words about

I did fall into acting: In 1981, I took a year off after graduating from high school and before going to Stanford University (to major in environmental science). I was modeling in New York City with Wilhelmina and I was sent on an audition for a TV movie about models called “Paper Dolls”. The producers were looking for an unknown girl to play the lead opposite Darryl Hannah, so they were auditioning models as well as actresses. I got the part of the innocent 16 year old who becomes a top model, and in February of 1982 (yes, I have been acting for 18 years now) I was flown to Hollywood to begin shooting. “Paper Dolls” was one of the top 5 most watched TV movies of that year. Three weeks before my freshman year at Stanford University started, I told my parents I wanted to stay in LA and pursue acting instead of going to college. They were not thrilled but they were supportive (I am so lucky), and I have been so fortunate to be a working actress to this day.

As for the photos on the website, I am afraid I hate photo shoots so most of the new shots will be snapshots from my life that I send to the webmaster! I will send shots from my next movie (for which I am leaving February 6th) to the webmaster, as I will be bringing my camera to New Zealand!

Thank you for writing – Alexandra

Question #3:

Hello Alexandra,

I´m one of your biggest fans since you started acting at “Baywatch”. You are the greatest actress with the biggest personality I´ve ever seen and you have an immense influence on my life! For example, I turned out to be a vegetarian, too, and I´m aware of environmental protection and overpopulation. I just wonder, if you got my letter, I send you last year in January to your TV-studio (at ABC)? I wrote you about myself, a now 20-year old girl living in Bavaria (Germany), my hobbys surfing, joining my junior-lifeguard group and the pictures of you and Jaason Simmons. I hope you can remember!!

Here are my questions:
You told your fans, that Ian was a windsurfer. Have you ever tried to stand on a windsurfboard or riding a wave on a common surfboard? This might be an uncommon question, but as a fanatic surfer, windsurfer and enthusiastic swimmer I would really like to know that. My last question is: What is your favourite role you played on TV and why? Thank you for spending so much time for all your fans around the world. I´m very proud of you and your fantastic work!!

Best wishes,


P.S.: Please excuse my English, but I´m still practising to get better.

Dear Caroline,

Your english is excellent. I don’t speak a lick of German! Thank you for writing and I admire your expertise in the water. My fiance is an excellent windsurfer, and a very good surfer, but I am afraid I have only tried each of those sports once and I was terrible! Balance has never been my forte – I could never skateboard. I am planning to take a surfing course this summer, but first Ian and I want to be certified Scuba divers so we can dive on our honeymoon.

One of my favorite roles is in a movie that hasnt yet come out yet – “12 Bucks”. I play the wife of David Chokachi, and we are beer drinking, coke snorting, slobby trailer trash. Quite unlike our Baywatch characters! We dont have large parts in the film, but we do a very disturbing scene together. David and I are very comfortable with each other, so it was easier for us to let go and let it get ugly. Well, hopefully you will see the film one day!

I also really liked my character in “American Flyers” (you can rent that movie, and it is very enjoyable), because she was carefree and a little kooky. I did that movie in 1984, when I was 20!

I am so glad you are a vegetarian! It is so much better for the planet!

Take care – Alexandra

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