Ask Alexandra – February 2003

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

My name is Pawel and I’m a running enthusiast from Warsaw.

I would like to thank you for what you did for my family. I have been running for 15 years and completed many marathons. However, my wife, who I love very much, did not share my hobby. I was thinking about competing in the Ironman Triathlon one day. When I shared the plan with my wife, she was skeptical, but when I told her that Alexandra Paul completed Ironman, Anna, my wife, not only accepted my dream about triathlon, but even started running with me. So now we spend more time together.

You probably not know how many people in Poland love you. As a runner I not only admire your acting, but also your athletic ability. Not many people here know that you are a serious athlete. So far, running is not very popular in my country, but a good promotion would make a miracle. I’m running a web page about running, and if you could say a few words about how great is to run in the sunny Sunday morning I would be more than happy.

With best regards


Dear Pawel,

I am so excited that you will be doing an Ironman! And I congratulate your wife for being supportive of you. Isnt it nice to run with someone you love – you get to spend quality time together.

I would be happy to say a few words about why I love running:

I love running for many reasons: Because we all know how to run – we did it alot as children – and when we start up again all it takes is a decent pair of running shoes. We can go at any pace, anywhere, and it is a chance to be with ourselves, doing something good for our body and our mind. I run because it relaxes me, because it makes me stronger, leaner, happier. I run because I know I dont play outside like I did when I was a kid, so my running is my playing outside now. I run slowly , because I have never been a fast athlete, and I run with a bit of an odd gait, but still when I am finished I feel beautiful and I feel a sense of accomplishment. When I run I feel at peace (it is very hard to jog and be angry) and when I am done I feel like I can take on anything. I like to run in the early morning, especially on Sundays when the streets are quieter here in Los Angeles. I love best to run on trails and be with the quiet and beauty of nature. So, my advice is, get out and run – it doesnt matter how far or how fast you go, it just matters that you run.

Thank you for writing, Pawel, and good luck with your running and your triathlon!!

And I am so glad you have a website about running!


Question #2:

With hollywood celebrities getting slammed right now for speaking out about the war I was curious in how you felt about it. I know you are very out spoken about this issue and I applaud you for it. You’re definitely showing everyone that you’ve got brains to go with your looks!


Peter Campbell

Dear Peter,

I feel it is more important for me to speak out about what I believe is important, rather than fear other peoples’ criticisms of my beliefs. I do not speak out on everything I believe (that could get tiresome..), and I make sure that I am educated on the subject before I do, although there have been times when I have agreed to lend my name to an issue and regretted it later as I was not fully informed.

I guess for me, Environment and Peace &Justice are the issues I have focused on most of my life. For a long time, I didnt pay my telephone taxes because supposedly they went straight to the Defense Dept. I attended my first peace rally at 16 years old, went on the Great Peace March for 5 weeks at 23, and have been protesting at the Nevada Test Site (where nuclear weapons are tested) for 15 years (with almost as many arrests there for civil disobedience). In 2001, I protested war in Afghanistan, and I can now be found every Friday night outside the Westwood Federal Building protesting any war against Iraq. I guess I am not afraid of repercussions because I feel the issue is soooo important and also … what is the worst that can happen? They throw me in jail? I have already been in jail for protesting, so I am not afraid of that. My career is ruined? Better people than I have had careers ruined for standing up to what they felt is right- all those writers like Dalton Trumbo who were blacklisted in the McCarthy era (come to think of it, 2003 kind of feels like the McCarthy era) .

I ADMIRE THEM for putting Truth ahead of Fear. I guess I have always felt that Honor and Integrity are signs of good character, and that means standing up to what one thinks is wrong. “All it takes for the triumph of Evil is for good people to do nothing”.

To me, doing nothing is the worst thing.

Thank you for your support of my anti war sentiments. See you out on the streets …


Question #3:

Hey Alexandra! I’ve been a huge fan of yourself and baywatch since i was 8. I was wondering about the up-comming movie Baywatch: Hawaiian Wedding, I undersatnd that you play a role in the movie, but how is this possible if Stephanie got hit in the head in a shipwreck on the show itself? Thanks for your time, I know many of us appreciate it. Have a good year! And goodluck in the future!

Ashley Toulch

Dear Ashley,

Yes, my Baywatch character, Stephanie Holden, did die (heroically of course, saving a young girl), but I still am in the reunion movie, Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, which is great for me as I had suuuuuuuch a great time working on it and seeing so many cast members again. I am afraid that I cant let the cat out of the bag and tell you how I can appear on the show when my character died, but I can tell you that I a) have a big part b) get to kiss David Hasselhoff c) swim in the ocean. All of which was so fun. I am not, however (like a previous reunion movie script) a ghost, or anyone’s twin sister (although I , Alexandra, am my twin sister’s twin sister…).

Hmmm … I know I am not being helpful … all you in the United States shall have to tune into Fox on February 28th at 8pm and find out the truth!!!

Thank you for your letter, and thank you for being a fan!


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