Ask Alexandra – February 2005

Question #1:

Alexandra – have you ever thought about performing on stage? I think you would be fantastic!

Mary Elizabeth

Dear Mary Elizabeth,

Since high school, I have only done one play. I have mused on perhaps doing a one woman show, but for now I am very happy doing film and television! Thank you for thinking I would be good onstage. I hope you can attend when I do hit the boards!

Thank you for writing,


Question #2:

Hello Alexandra,

I’d like first to thank you for your commitment to your website, taking time answering our questions. When you were on Baywatch and Melrose Place, did you and your fellow co-stars have any input on the scripts or the direction of the storylines?


Dear Tony,

I wasn’t on Melrose Place long enough to have any input into my character. On Baywatch, the producers were very respectful of opinions. I didn’t tell them how I wanted my story line to go, but they did let me develop my character (and I even chose the name Stephanie Holden). It was a time in my life that I wanted to play a woman that was less “good girl next door” and more of an assertive woman, and they let me do that. I was able to request a non-Caucasian boyfriend for an episode (Stephanie was lucky to have a lot of boyfriends, but my favorite was Mitch). When they had Stephanie in a scene at Marine World, I asked to be taken out of it because it hurts me to be around animals (or fish) in captivity. When I told the producers that I wanted to leave Baywatch, they discussed with me how Stephanie should leave the show. I wanted Stephanie to die (more dramatic, better montage), but they were at first reluctant because we had a large audience of young kids that watched Baywatch, and it had been upsetting for that demographic when a character in the first season was killed by a shark. I wanted her to die heroically (more dramatic, better montage) and they agreed that would be less violent than the shark attack, so in the end Stephanie died saving a little girl from a falling mast. I also helped pick a lot of the shots for the very moving funeral montage.

I am not a writer, so I do not interfere too much with the writing, because I expect the writer not to interfere with my acting!


Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,

I would like to know if you made any new year’s resolutions? Have you kept them so far?


Dear Alicia,

Ian and I write down our New Year’s Resolutions together. We have 8 categories (Love, Career, Money, Sports, Sex, Health, Family, Personal) and we write down our goals in each. This year, among others, I have pledged to speak to my brother Jonathan at least once a week, improve my Spanish, boost my immune system through acupuncture, put together a photo album of the photos my dad (who died in 2004) left behind, and do a 10 mile ocean swim. So far I have begun a Spanish class, chatted with Jonathan several times, and started arranging my dad’s photos. I have found the acupuncturist but not yet made an appointment, and I havent yet started to train for the 10 mile swim because I have to find the race first!

I hope that your 2005 is wonderful and that you find little ways to make your life more fulfilling also. Alexandra

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