Ask Alexandra – February 2009

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

I am a Dutch girl and a big fan of you. When I was a teenager I saw the movie Getting Physical on tv. That movie made a big change in my life. Now I am trying to find a copy of that movie, but I can’t find it. No one in the Netherlands knows where to find the movie on VHS or perhaps on DVD.

Do you know if the movie is still available to buy somewhere?

Warm Regards,

Barbara de Bakker


The Netherlands

Dear Barbara,

I am so glad that Getting Physical was an inspiration for you! Unfortunately, the only copies I have found are on amazon and they are very expensive. I only have an old copy recorded from the television! Coincidentally, I responded to a similar question 2 years ago. That tv movie must have made quite an impression on many women. Working out regularly, and with weights, was a relatively phenomenon back in 1985. You can find a clip of me from that movie at Disclaimer: that is not I in the long shots, only the closeups, as I am not a dancer.

I hope you are still maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. I myself just got back from the gym, as I still lift weights. It is interesting, because when my first season on Baywatch I was not lifting, and then in my 3rd season I started again, and I can really see a difference, an improvement, in my body, because even though I always did at least an hour of cardio a day, the addition of weights seems to have sculpted and leaned me out better.



Question #2:

Hi Alexandra!!

How are you? My name is Helene, I am French. I have nothing special to say apart that I have seen almost all of your films that are on television in France. They are all great, just like you…I personally like the way you live by protecting the environment, the animals, by being vegetarian… I have written to your brother as well…

I have a twin, Marie, I am the “older”. And you? Is it you or Caroline?

Forgot to say, you speak very good french and where did you live in Paris? I am so curious…

I will be soooooooooooooooooo happy to hear from you…

Au revoir!!


Chere Helene,

Thank you for writing to my brother in prison. I am very appreciative, and I know he is also.

How wonderful that you are a twin! Having Caroline as my twin has been the most defining thing in my life in terms of who I am as a person. She has been a terrific influence and inspiration to me, as well as my younger brother, Jonathan. I am two minutes older than she. In fact, since we were born in 1963 when there was no ultrasound, no one knew my mother was having twins until I was already out and the doctor said, “Mrs Paul, there is another one in there”. We went nameless for several days – Baby A and Baby B – until my parents decided to name us Caroline and Alexandra.

I lived in Paris when I was 8 and 9 years old. We lived in the 16th arrondissement, at the end of a dead end street, at 30 Villa Dupont. It was a crazy house with velvet walls and statues in the yard. I went to a French Catholic school (even though I was not Catholic) called La Providence, and that is how I learned to speak French – necessity, since no one spoke to me in English! But it was a blessing, as I retain much of it today, even though I don’t speak it often.

Thank you for writing,


Question #3:

Hello alexandra!

How are you? My mother and I wish at you and your familly a happy new year 2009! How was celebrating christmas 2008? We celebrated simply with my mother, my brother and my grand- mother. Big kisses to everyone! Best regards!

Your friend and great fan,

marie-line marra


Dear Marie- line,

We had a lovely Christmas: Ian and I shared the holiday at our family home up north with my mother, Ian’s mother and her beau, my sister, her girlfriend Wendy and our friend Jason . My mother is an excellent cook, so she did all the cooking and I helped shop for food and cleaned up after each meal. We played games like “Dictionary” in front of a fire and walked on the beach, even in the rain. It was wonderful and I feel blessed to have such a close family and great friends.

Happy New Year to you also!


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