Ask Alexandra – February 2013

1) I recently saw the movie “American Flyers” and I loved it. I was struck by the gorgeous face of a blonde woman who I later realized is called Alexandra Paul. thanks to the Internet I came to this site where I can leave this message. I just want to say that you are always a beautiful and determined girl and that there are people like me who admires you. good luck Alex! P.S. just a question: what do you suggest to swim better and longer? thanx a lot bye
Federico from Genoa (Italy)

Hi Federico,

I am so glad that American Flyers is available in Italy. Yes, I did have alot of blonde in my hair for that movie. We were planning to dye that chunk of hair purple, but in bleaching the hair before putting that color on, we decided we liked the blonde look and stopped there. We decided it would match all my wardrobe better!

To swim better and longer: take a couple swimming lessons from a good coach, to make sure you have not developed bad habits in your stroke. There are always things to improve! And then the second part is to swim, swim, swim! Vary your workouts so that you not only can swim for long periods at a steady pace without stopping, but also add in intervals of sprint work.

My husband Ian sells an excellent swim dvd that gives you instruction on technique and swim workouts. You can order here: They will mail to Italy!

Best of luck in your swimming and thank you for your letter.


2) You mentioned you lifted weights, and I see you’re competing in lots of athletic events. How strong were (or are) you in you prime, in terms of: a) maximum bench, b) military and c) leg press capabilities? How does that compare to today, and do you miss that? I’m guessing you’re probably stronger than most men your height including myself. My max is 170 bench press, and probably not enough double that on the leg press machine. I’m a weakling 🙂

Hi Jay,

I actually am not particularly strong. When I lift weights, I lift very light weights and do about 13 reps. I prefer this as I do not want to have larger muscles, and I can get larger quite easily. I lift weights mostly for bone strength and definition.

I also have shoulder and knee weaknesses, so I am very protective and keep the weights light so I do not exacerbate the injuries. I bench press only 50 lbs. I leg press 180 lbs. I do not do military presses. I hope I did not disappoint 🙂

In terms of my prime, I feel as good in my 50th year as I did in my 30th, but I do not know if I am weaker or stronger. I do have more limits: because of my shoulder and knee overuse, I can no longer swim with as much speed or run. But I have learned to work around that by doing other things: lots of stretching and long, slow swims. So lsoing in one area has allowed me to improve in others.

You don’t seem like a weakling to me!

3) Hi Alexandra,
Wow just come across your brothers story, he is a hero. Is he out of prison? What are the best ways to get involved with helping animals? My heart breaks over farm animals and there terrible treatment. Much love Elaine xx

Hi Elaine,

Jonathan is out of prison and working at a company in Oregon that deals with environmental forestry management. He is doing very well and I will tell him that you wrote. Thank you.

The best thing to do to help animals is to become vegan. To not wear, eat or use items that have exploited, tortured or killed animals is a powerful statement. Your buying habits of vegan products also send the strongest message possible to companies that they need to being offering more non animal wares.

Becoming vegan is one of the best things I have done for myself and for the planet. Join me.

Thank you so much for writing,

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Alexandra,

    I recently saw you in dragnet a film i absolutely love still and it hit me just how long you have been on top of your choosen profession. Is there any role in particular stands out that you are most proud of. And how would it compare to accomplishments in your other fields. I recently read you managed to do the ironman in under 14 hours which is just incredible.


    P.S. thanks for the ask Alexandra option. It is great getting to grill you 🙂

  2. Angelo says:

    Hiii Alexandra ¡¡

    Arrived Jaason the series Baywatch, the hit you immediately establishing a lasting and unbreakable friendship. My question is, how came you to connect well, as was the meeting and as enhanced their friendship in the series especially with you and not with Pam or Jasmine or other actors from the series. Thank you very much, tell Jaa I said hi, A hug

  3. Kelly Bailey says:

    hi Alexandra would you please that me know if you get this email from me & would you please email me back on the one talk to you later okay? from Kelly Bailey

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