Ask Alexandra – February 2016

1) In December 2001 my wife and I honeymooned in Tahiti, Bora Bora and Morrea. That is when we met you while snorkling. Do you remember mooning a glass bottom boat full of tourists? You were so funny and fun to hang out with. Were you there on vacation or…? Congratulations on your new business, it sounds great! My wife does NET, and is a Reiki master.


Hi Dan,

Ian and I love Tahiti! We were there on a belated honeymoon, as we had gotten married the year before but I had to film a movie right after our wedding. I do not remember mooning a boat full of tourists, but we probably did!

Ian and I hope to get back to Tahiti, as my favorite place in the world is the island of Rangiroa.

Thank you for your well wishes for my new wellness coaching business. And I hope that you and your wife are as happily married as Ian and I are.


2) Hi Alexandra – I’ve been listening to old episodes of LoveLine and have recently heard a couple of your appearances and I just wanted to tell you what a great guest you were! I would love to hear you on Adam Carolla’s new podcast sometime soon : )


Hi Matt,

I started being a guest on Loveline around 1987, when Dr Drew was a resident and total unknown and was doing the show with a DJ called Poorman. It was in some tiny, makeshift studio and I would go on as a member of Young Artists United, a non profit Daniel Sladek and I founded. Then Riki Rachtman co-hosted the show with Drew and then yes, Adam Corolla. Adam blackballed me for a while because I had turned down a request to go on the show in 1997. It taped until midnight and I, who was training for the Ironman at the time, had some big training the next morning. Apparently he had a wonderful time excoriating me for having to go to bed early, although we had a laugh about it a while later when I next went on.

Adam is a very smart man and I always enjoyed doing the show with him. He has a car show now, I think, and it would be great to go on and talk about electric cars!

I did not realize we could hear old shows, that is fun. I do not like revisiting my interviews or my movies, so I probably will not listen again, but it’s nice to know others can 🙂

Thank you for writing.


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