Ask Alexandra – January 2002

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

I’ve seen your movie, “In Between,” on the Sci-Fi Channel and I was really impressed with it. This looked liked a really obscure project, but it was extremely creative. Why did you choose to do this movie and did you like how it turned out?


Dear Michael,

I shot “In Between” in 1991. It was a 4 character story shot entirely in one house. We shot it in FIVE days, and it is a full length movie!!!!!!!! Robert Forster, Wings Hauser and Robin Mattson were the other actors, and I was really nervous because there was a ton of dialogue and each of us had a couple long monologues, all of which we had less than a week to learn (typical of low budget movies, we had been cast less than a week before the start date). Wings, Robin and, I think, Robert had all been on soaps where there can be 50 pages to learn each night, so they were unfazed. We were on such a tight schedule (read: low budget) that some scenes were shot with the camera swooshing from actor closeup to actor closeup as they spoke, and we had to delay just a bit before we began our dialogue so they could refocus. True guerrilla filmmaking, and alot of fun, I thought. I am glad you liked it! I looooove being a part of experimental films like that! I didnt know “In Between” was playing anywhere, so thank you for giving me the heads up that it has appeared on the Sci Fi channel. I depend on you folks out there to tell me when my work is airing!

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year,


Question #2:

Dear Alex,

What was it like working on baywatch? I watched the show regulary when you were on and and I was impressed with your skills in the water. how long did it take you to master all the different lifesaving techneques?

love lynsey

Dear Lynsey,

I loved being a part of Baywatch. Going to the beach for work every day is my idea of heaven, and the cast and crew were so wonderful. I know everyone jokes about how bad the writing was, but I, frankly, didnt care about that. I was happy to bring my character to life and to be in an acting situation where I could have developing relationships with the other characters on the show. And the water work was sooooo fun!!!! We would shoot one episode in 5 days, minus the rescues, and then every 3 weeks or so we would go out on a big fishing boat for the day and shoot rescues for several shows. It was hard keeping track of what rescue went with what storyline and what were our characters doing right before and after each rescue (to match the emotion of the situation and the hair/ makeup/ bathing suit).

I felt very comfortable in the water as I had been a jr lifeguard as a teenager, so I knew the lifesaving techniques, but none of the actors had body doubles for the rescues. We all got into that cold, dirty water without complaint!! The nervewracking thing for me was doing those dives off the moving scarab boat if my hair had to start off dry, because then I got only one chance!

I also had been CPR certified since I was 16, and when I was 26 I became certified as an Emergency Medical Technician, and there were always several real lifeguards on the set to advise us.

Thank you for your support! Happy New Year!


Question #3:

Hi Alexandra,

You are without a doubt one of the most beautiful actresses there is. My question however is about your sister Caroline.I’ve been a volunteer firefighter for all of 7 months and was given Caroline’s book Fighting Fire as a gift from a friend. I found it very inspiring. Is there any chance that the book will be made into a movie? Since the book was written back in 1998 I was just wondering how Caroline is currently doing and does she have any plans to write another book?

Tammy Kroeger

Dear Tammy,

I am so glad that you liked Caroline’s book Fighting Fire. As a firefighter, you must find it especially relevant, but for the layperson it is also very interesting because it ultimately is a story about people, ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. I think it is a great book for young women to show them that their career options are limitless.

Caroline is writing another book, but she wont show it to me yet! She had started a novel that I thought was genius, but she decided to stop that and moved on to this one. I am looking forward to reading it, as she is an excellent writer. I still beg her to finish the one I loved so much, and I think she will go back to that at one point.

There was talk of Francis Ford Coppola’s company optioning “Fighting Fire”, but the project was never made. Since 9/11, firefighters are even more loved than before, so I think it is a timely story for 2002. Another company has expressed interest in developing it. We will see.

Thank you for your volunteer firefighting work! My brother, Jonathan is a lieutenant in his town’s volunteer fire department and I admire him so much for it. Jonathan’s girlfriend, Tami, is also a volunteer firefighter there.

Stay safe in 2002,


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