Ask Alexandra – January 2011

Question #1:

I enjoy everything your in life Alexandra, and you set a great example for the way someone should live their life – full and meaningful!!! I am an animal lover to my soul (unbridled compassion for all gods creatures). I would like to know if you are a vegetarian and where do you get the list of companies that test on animals?

John R. Retta

Hi John,

I love that you have “unbridled compassion for all god’s creatures”. I am going to use that phrase, I hope you dont mind!

I am now a vegan. When I was 14, I became a vegetarian; in my twenties I gave up wool, leather and silk and products tested on animals, and last year I gave up dairy and honey. So I am now a vegan and it feels soooo good to have my diet completely aligned with my values. I am surprised it took me so long, as it has not been difficult at all.

If you google “companies that test on animals” you will come up with several lists, but I use the one
PETA puts out. Print it out and keep it with you so that you can check it when you go shopping!

This page lists ingredients we might not recognize as coming from animals, and it is very eye-opening. So much comes from the suffering of living beings!

Thank you for your caring heart,

Question #2:
Dear Alexandra,

I hope that everything is alright with you, Ian and your family!

I was searching on Youtube and I saw a video of Stephanie and Caroline, which is made by a fan. From the very first episode that Yasmine came on the show as Caroline, the both of you portrayed the sister relationship very realistic, like you were real sisters!

Wasn’t it hard to portray that relationship the first episodes that you worked together? Because then you barely know eachother and onscreen you’ve a history together. I was wondering that when I watched the video!

I thought you might want to see the video it brings up good memories! I liked the way you and Yasmine worked together and I loved the scenes with you, Yasmine and David Chokachi since the three of you were my favorites!

Thanks for answering and I wish you all the best,


Dear Melissa,

Wow, this video definitely brought up great memories – I was smiling the entire time I was watching! Alot of the scenes I could not remember, which surprised me, because although it was over 15 years ago, they were such good times I thought I would never forget the scenes I shot.

It was never hard to pretend to be close to Yasmine. It was easy to be her older sister, full of love but also exasperation, because she was so good at being my younger sister. She is funny and lovely and very, very smart. I loved how she portrayed Caroline (which is my real sister’s name, by the way) as feisty and sometimes petulant, just like a baby sister often is!

I loved doing scenes with Yasmine and with David Chokachi. I think you can probably see that we were close onscreen as well as offscreen. I just got an email from David today, actually, and I spoke to Yasmine on the phone just a few months ago. She is very happy living in Arizona with her husband, Paul.

A big thank you to you for sending this video so I could watch it, and to the fan who edited it together. Great job!


Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,

You seem to have lived an extraordinary life so far, with not only becoming a celebrity and an actress to entertain the world but also through your work supporting the greater good. I just wanted to comment and wish you and your immediate surroundings a very pleasant and support for what you are currently doing.

Who knows where we will be in a 100 or 200 years or so, I think the collective mind needs to be changed dramatically if we even shall stand a chance to live on, as I see it isnt a pessimistic view its more realistic. Not only are we using up the earths resources but we are clearly letting the collective mind of struggling with each other by power, greed and and false sense of ego.

I am not from the States, but at the moment we live in a state where the US sneezes the rest of the world gets the cold, but times are shifting and at some stage there might be a power shift, and I dont know if that is going to be a better option, I say keep doing what you are doing and I will try my best at my side.

Take care,

Dear Seb,

I frankly dont think the human race will make it to the next 100 years if the world population keeps growing as it is. In 2011, there will be over 7 billion people on earth, which is more than TWICE as much as when I was born! In 40 years, there will be at least 9 billion people on earth. And I don’t think I am being pessimistic either – just realistic, like you!

You are right that not only are we using up the earth’s resources (through population growth, for one), but we are continuing to chase power and act through our ego. Greed is just one symptom. But that is not new! I think humans have always done that. I believe that people are getting better! We are more open-minded, more tolerant of differences between people, more educated about nature and more willing to look at animals with respect and love. Mankind still has a long way to go, and each of us must practice what we preach: if we rail against the corruption of politicians, we must look at our own lives to make sure we are in no way corrupt. If we complain about war, we must examine where we ourselves are negative, combative or quarrelsome. It sounds like you are focusing on bettering yourself and spreading positivity and love, and I commend you for that. Your letter reminds me that I must constantly be vigilant to do the same.

By doing what you are doing, you inspire me to do it also. Thank you.


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