Ask Alexandra – January 2013

1) Hello Alexandra,
You inspired me!!!

I was watching Stars in Danger and saw you…… I have NO IDEA WHY “YOU” yes YOU were the alternate for the ladies…. frankly the other ladies (minus Bethany) cannot hold a candle to you.

Anyway, the reason for my email is I think you look terrific as you always have. I am inspired by your mindset and dedication to overcoming fears and your tenacity in physical activity. I did my first marathon in Edmonton, Canada last year and it is only the beginning for me. I am heading to the pool shortly and considering training for a triathlon.

Thank you Alexandra for inspiring me and no doubt many others 🙂


Hi Raemonde,

Thank you for your supportive email. I am glad you saw Fox TV’s Stars in Danger and that you enjoyed it. Sounds like you are going to do well in your triathlons, if yiou have done a marathon and are training in the pool too. The great thing about a triathlon is you are doing 3 sports instead of one, and this in a way is easier on your body than just doing one sport, because you are crosstraining. The swimming and biking mean less pounding than just running every day, and the swimming means upper body work you dont get when you are training for a marathon.

One trap common for triathletes is to train in the 2 sports they feel most comfortable with and ignore their “limiter”, the sport they are least good at. Because they are still training hard, it is easy to avoid the third sport. Beware! My husband, Ian Murray, who coaches triathletes encourages his clients to train the most at the sport at which they are least proficient (which is usually the one they usually want to avoid).

Good luck with whatever sports you do. The most important thing is to keep moving (I am on my treadmill desk right now, answering your email :).

And thank you for watching the show!

Best wishes,

2) I just saw your TED Talk about overpopulation, and I was blown away. I’ve been making the same noise for years and all I get is the stink eye from my friends with 3, 4, 5 kids. It was so refreshing to watch your video, and see that someone else not only feels the same way, but can couch the argument so eloquently. Well done.
Scott Keck

Hi Scott,

I appreciate your kind words about my TEDx talk. Thank you so much for watching it!

My theory about talking about human overpopulation is that folks who have already had kids are not the ones with whom to discuss the issue, unless they are planning to have more. They understandably get defensive, and we sound like we hate their children, even though of course we are simply very concerned about the world in which they are going to grow up. So my message is intended for those who have not yet have children. That group can save the world!!!

I am thrilled to hear you are talking about the issue – bravo! That is exactly what we must do. My favorite video showing how fast population grows is here. When I talk in classrooms, I start it at 1:31 and turn it off at 5:45, so it is a very powerful 4 minutes. Just show it to your friends and you really dont have to say much after that. If they want to argue further, you can show them my video. 🙂

Thank you for courageously spreading the word about overpopulation. Keep it up!!!!


3) Hi Alexandra,

You have an extremely inspiring lifestyle. In particular, I notice you are vegan and, therefore, an animal lover. Do you have any animals and if so, what kind?

Hi Lynn,

Ian and I have the honour of sharing our lives with our cat Hallie. We went to the West LA animal shelter after our white cat JaJa passed away. Hallie meowed loudly and purred contentedly in Ian’s arms, so that was that, we adopted her. .

We named her Hallie after Halle Berry who was coming out in the movie Catwoman that week and was a black girl cat too My friend Jodie’s daughter also suggested it was short for Halloween, which is true too!

She is incredibly loving. When Ian and I are home, she follows us around the house, just wanting to be in the same room with us. When our alarm goes off in the early morning, she immediately jumps on the bed if she is not there already, as she knows this is 5 Minute Cuddle Time. She loves to sleep in the crook of our arms or right on our chests (luckily she is light enough to do that). During the day, she trots outside and hangs out with our neighbors cat, Tigre. Sometimes they just sit and stare at each other, other times when I call her they will both come ambling towards me, like a couple.

She is not happy having other cats in the house, so we have decided (reluctantly, on my part) not to adopt another cat while she is still with us, out of respect for her happiness.

There are two photos of her on this page, smack in the middle, one on Caroline and one up in a tree.

Thank you, Lynn, for letting me ramble on about my lovely cat!


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  1. celyne says:

    Alexandra u r my fave actress besides jamie lee curtis r u friends with her I <3 u in demons from her past ur biggest fan celyne

  2. Kelly Bailey says:

    hi Alexndra Paul how are you & your family doing? me & my family are doing fine i have a new kindle fire & i got pitures of you & your family on it to & i do look at them all the time i do have you & your family pitures on my gameboy to talk to you later okay? from Kelly Bailey

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