Ask Alexandra – January 2015

1) Hi Alexandra!!
My name is Elizabeth!! I am 31 years old!! I have a couple of questions for you!! Do people ever think you are younger then you are?? People think this about me all the time!! It is pretty funny to see their reaction when I tell them my actual age!! Do you have any new movies coming out or tv shows?? My favorite tv show of yours is BAYWAYTCH and my favorite movie is CHRISTINE!! That movie was made in the year I was born I believe!! It was 1982, right?? Anyways, Well I hope you are having a great!! You are one of my favorite actresses!! Wish I could meet you one day!! That would make my day!!

Lots of Love,

Hi Elizabeth,

We filmed Christine in the spring of 1983, and it was released that October. But I am sure it was in pre-production in 1982! I am glad you like the movie – it seems to have held up well over time.

People can find out my age so easily on the internet, so I am sure most of them know that I am 51 or thereabouts. I do not even bother trying to lie, or to hide it. I look at my friends and I think we are all still in our 20s and 30s, though… even my mom said she looks in the mirror and is surprised to see her 78 year old self looking back, as she imagines herself in her 50s.

Age is just a number 🙂

Thank you for writing,

2) Hello, how are you? all is well i hope, my question to you is how do you stay in such amazing shape? I have seen you throughout the yrs. In i swear “you look exactly the same”. im 5″8 in 138pds i w/out 70/90 mins a dy 5-6 dy awk cardio, weights, pilates, yoga, kick-boxing, jogging. Is their some secret im not aware off? im not trying to compare myself too you but i wouldnt mind ur figure 🙂 i surely appreicate any feed back. Sincerely ann

Hi Ann,

Sounds like you have the exercise part of health and fitness down – you are consistent and your workouts are varied (much more varied than mine, by the way, as I only do yoga, walk, swim and ride the stationary bike – I need to add some upper body weights in to keep my bones strong!).

I am wondering how your diet is. Diet is 80% of weight maintenance, so if you want to lower your body fat, concentrate on eating as clean as possible.

Here are some tips that I follow:
I am vegan
I keep my protein around 100 g per day (a hemp and pea based protein powder helps here)
I keep my fat to 77 grams per day
I get my fiber in
I keep my calories around 2,000 per day
I eat many mini- meals each day, instead of just 3 large ones
I write down my food each day so I know if I am following those parameters. It helps me stay accountable!

Here are some tips I would like to do consistently but it is a challenge:
Do not eat too much at night
Cut out anything white (flour, sugar, rice)

Let me know how you do! Good luck!

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  1. marie-line MARRA says:

    Alexandra is beautiful stunning and genius, i wishes her happy success,love so much all their telefilms and series.big kisses from france

  2. marie-line MARRA says:

    happy new year 2015 for Alexandra and her familly, also joyful and hapiness

  3. KELLY BAILEY says:


  4. Ian Murray says:

    Hi Love, it’s your partner. It’s a pretty typical morning: Hallie and I are still in bed and she’s purring like mad. You slipped out very early to walk with your friends and will be picking up food shortly donated to feed the homeless as part of Food Not Bombs. I just wanted to let you know that I saw your “Ask Alexandra” link on FB (anything you’re attached to is click bait for me) and I read through. I so respect you for taking the time and I want you to know that I learn stuff (and am reminded of things) from your answers. Today it was that diet is 80% of weight maintenance. Thank you for this and all you do. You are amazing and I love you. Ian

  5. Biff O'Brien says:

    Hi, Alexandra, When I worked with Caroline, in the SFFD, she had very good workouts each watch and got me back on a workout routine that helped me out a lot in doing our job. I know that you two have the same fitness and health ethic and it shows, not to mention some very good genes from your mother. Keep up the good work. Biff.

  6. Susie O'Keeffe says:

    Hello Alexandra, I just watched your Ted Talk on population…I am wondering why you do not mention adoption as part of the solution in addition to one child per couple? Thank you for your work on this issue…absolutely essential.

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