Ask Alexandra – July 1999

Question #1:

Hi Alexandra,
my question is– all these stars who do fitness videos couldn’t compete with you because they workout to look good. But noboby seems willing to do anything challenging– which puts you in a class by yourself. You’re a role model, and I would love to see an alexandra paul stretch video to see your secret of how you keep so limber and healthy looking. I believe people like to see fitness videos from honest and sincere people who believe in what they are doing and you fit that to a tee. Fitness is what you are about and believe in so please consider a fitness video because there is no actress in hollywood more dedicated than you and deserving. Thank you. Continued success on a brilliant career!


lori kezmer

Dear Lori,

Thank you for your kind words. The closest thing that I have done to a fitness video is an infomercial for a piece of home exercise equipment called the PowerTrain. Last year I was the spokesperson for the Bally Total Fitness gym chain. I take yoga twice per week but I am not very limber! My agents and I have decided that a fitness video wouldn’t be a wise endeavor because actually celebrity fitness videos are not as popular now. I hope to be a good role model for women and fitness by just being a regular exerciser and competing once and a while. Thank you for writing.


Question #2:

Alexandra – I have always been impressed with your concern for animal welfare issues. I work in Washington DC and am currently working on several animal welfare issues. One is to create a national sanctuary where chimpanzees can be retired once the Federal government has completed testing on them. I would prefer to end testing, but this is the first step and will ensure a safe retirement for our most amazing relatives. I am also trying to end the sale of bear parts (gall bladders) to Asian countries so they don’t destroy our bear population like they did their own.

Do you have any advice on raising awareness on these issues including money and media attention? If the public was only aware of the unethical things being done chimpanzees we may be able to improve the conditions for other animals. Chimps have such an impact on the public because of their similarities and ties to humans.

Thanks! Keep up the great work.

Chris Heyde

Dear Chris,

Firstly, congratulations on your work to save animals. It is a terrible thing to test on animals. (In our house we don’t buy any products that have been tested on animals. For those of you who want more information, go on the web and look for a group called Beauty without Cruelty, PETA, or Last Chance For Animals in Los Angeles. They may list companies that test on animals.) To raise money and media awareness, I have always thought that it is a good idea to align oneself with an organization that is doing the same work. You could also send a press release to the writer of your choice at the local papers and follow up with phone calls. It is always a good human interest story to tell of older chimps that are discarded by the government. Because these chimps come from government labs, definitely contact your local representative (see special phone book section for listings). In terms of the sale of Bear Parts over seas, I urge you to volunteer with a group that focuses on a) Bears, b) Illegal exporting of animals. My general preference in volunteering is joining smaller organizations rather than larger ones. Less red tape – also you will meet like minded others whom are very inspiring.

Thank you for caring about the animals,


Question #3:

Did you and your twin sister ever trade places–and have her do your role on Baywatch? If so what ep? I hope you get another TV role soon, cause you are an awesome actress, and my fav too! Bye!

Sporty Girl

Actually the reason Lt. Stephanie Holden’s sister was named Caroline was because the producers of Baywatch originally wanted my real sister (Caroline Paul) to play the part! She was in China at the time so they cast Yasmine Bleeth. In 1982 I shot a film called “Christine”. One night, since my sister was visiting me, we dressed her up in my character’s wardrobe and she walked onto the set to shoot a scene. Nobody on the set (save my costar) knew I had a twin and she shot the scene. Which was actually a shot of my foot stepping on the accelerator. Then I walked onto the set and said to the director, “Have you fired me?”. Every one was fooled!

Too many people now know that I have a twin, so I cannot do that anymore.

In July I start a TV movie call Green Sails in Australia, I hope you enjoy it when it comes out.

All the best,


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