Ask Alexandra – July 2003

Question #1:

Hello Alexandra!

I’m a girl from Estonia and i´m very curious what countrys and citys have you visited?

Best regards,


Dear Elin,

I have been to alot of places, but never to Estonia! I lived in France when I was a kid, so we traveled around Europe a bit then. My mother is British so I have been to England many times. I have had the honor of shooting films in France, England, Greece, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Croatia, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Austria, Holland, Ireland and Canada. I have traveled to Germany, Israel, Scotland, Nicaragua, Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and the islands of Bermuda, Antigua, Tahiti, Hawaii, Grand Cayman.

My favorite island is Tahiti’s Rangiroa, and Ian and I loved Scotland for its rolling beauty. My favorite place to run is in Desolation Wilderness around Lake Tahoe, Nevada, USA. If I werent so happy here in California, I would love to live in Australia or New Zealand. I hope to visit India and China (mostly because I am interested in how they deal with their huge populations) and more of the Middle East, as I would like to understand their cultures more. I would also like to visit the area where you live.

Ian and I like to vacation on quiet, warm beaches, and I feel I havent seen enough of the United States, so I dont think I will be traveling internationally too much in the near future. There is so much to see here! And I enjoy being home in Malibu, California!

Thank you for your email. Have a great summer.


Question #2:

Hi Alexandra

I have been a big fan of yours since Baywatch and i think it is the greatest series in the world. A few years ago i was watching baywatch reruns and the episode when Stephanie dies was on the air. I remenber reading that you found Baywatch both the blessing and the curse of your career. I think the blessing is pretty obvious but i would like to know why do you find it also a curse. Another point is that i want to be a vegetarian, but my parents don`t let me. I`ve already tried to talk to them , but as in Portugal we don`t have much of a vegetarian culture they insist that i should carried on eating fish and meat, apart from my willing to change that.What should i do??



Dear Catarina,

Baywatch will always be one hundred times more a blessing than a curse, but it is sometimes hard having been so closely associate with a television show because people have a hard time seeing you any other way. Since Baywatch was so popular around the world, my recognition from the show is huge, and that is good! But it was also a show that was not respected because it was a beach show that was more known for its curvaceous women than anything else, so it can be hard to move into more serious fare once you have been a Baywatch actor. Still, I am lucky that I acted in great projects for ten years – alot of great films and television movies – before I was cast on Baywatch, so it has been easier for me to make the transition after Baywatch. And I am soooooo happy that I was able to be on Baywatch as I had so much fun working on the show, and it gave me me worldwide recognition as an actor. What more can I ask for?

You didnt say how old you are, but if your parents force you to eat meat, there isnt much you can do if you still live at home. However, you can educate them on the health and environmental benefits of being a vegetarian (the internet has alot of information)., and you can maybe cut out meat and continue to eat fish – perhaps your parents will be willing to compromise there. If the reason you want to be a vegetarian is to help animals, then you can stop buying and wearing leather, and you can only use makeups that are not tested on animals. When you are older and have moved out of your parents house, you can become a full vegetarian.

I would highly recommend that you gather solid information on the benefits of being a vegetarian, as I bet you will always be challenged often by your friends, family and acquaintances on your vegetarianism in Portugal and it will be helpful to be able to explain your choices backed by facts.

Good luck to you! Dont give up on your quest to become a vegetarian!


Question #3:

Hi Alexandra!

I was just wondering, if you could play any part, in any film/TV series, past or present, what would it be and why?

A bit of a weird question I know, but… !



Dear Smish,

I like weird questions! Hmmm… let’s see.. I think being one of the women in the film Thelma and Louise would have been great fun. Tim Hutton’s character in Ordinary People was a role I really related to when I was a teenager. And I would have loved to be in the television series Sex and the City, as either Samantha (Kim Catrall’s part) or Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker). Alot of people think I would be perfect for Law and Order, and although I agree (and it is Ian’s favorite tv show), those women dont have alot of personal relationships to deal with or character quirks and humor to play with and that is what I think is the most fun about being an actor!

I really like being a regular on a television series, as it is like shooting a mini-movie each week!

Thank you for writing!


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