Ask Alexandra – July 2012

Question #1:
No question really. I just happened to read the article about your brother. I know that it’s a little late… I was watching an old movie of yours “Demons from her past” and I got this nagging feeling. Where have I seen this actress before? I am usually a die hard trivia buff-always the one with useless bits of information. Ha Ha. You actually had me stumped. Anyway I googled and arrived here. I admire all that your family have done in furthering the animal rights cause. Your brother certainly paid the most. While I don’t agree with arson, I do agree that the senseless slaughter of horses is outrageous. Anyway not to ramble on as I just wanted to thank you for your political activism on behalf of antiwar and animal rights. I am also against this senseless war in Afghanistan. And is Iraq any better now after so many lives lost? Probably not. Congrats on having your brother back again. And you truly are amazing. You are older than me and still participating in triathlons. OK one question. I read somewhere that you hold a Canadian work permit. Just curious why? I am Canadian (originally from Newfoundland but now live in Toronto). Best wishes to you and your brother.

Hi Janet,

Glad to hear you found me! Did you figure out where you have seen me before?

Yes, my brother is amazing and I am visiting him next week, which will be fun. What do I think of arson? I don’t like it, but I feel what is happening to animals behind closed doors is inhumane, unconscionable. I love what Ed Begley said, “Why do we give prison sentences to those who burn houses, but not those who burn trees?” I am paraphrasing, but basically he was saying when we destroy Nature we are not penalized, but when we destroy man-made property (no matter how awful it is) we go to jail for years. It just shows you where our Society’s priorities lie.

The thing about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and they are wars, even if the US government doesnt like to admit it) is that we could have accomplished the very same thing without bombing bombing bombing those countries, killing people and ruining their infrastructure. You know the chaos when the electricity goes out for 2 hours in a city – no streetlights work, elevators stuck, traffic jams, communication issues- well in a war that is magnified a millionfold and the effects continue for decades. I believe the best way to effect change is to make jobs and give people opportunities, not try to crush everyone with guns and threats and rules. Now so much of the world hates us, which is going to cause more wars, more deaths…. I could go on and on… needless to say, I believe the trillions spent on those wars would have been MUCH better spent on campaigns of education and jobs, both in the Middle East and here at home.

I am a Canadian residency for 2 reasons: I work alot in Canada. Demons from her Past was shot there, and about 10 other movies I have starred in. Also, I would love to be a dual resident of both Canada and the United States. I think Canada is a wonderful, beautiful country.

Thanks for your well wishes to my family,


Question #2:
Hi Alexandra,

I watch TV (BAYWATCH)! There you were so great and amazing! What are your favorite sports?

Hi Lucka,

I dont have any hand-eye coordination, because I have a lazy eye and thus don’t have depth perception. I do love to swim! Last month I swam 12.5 miles around the island of Key West, Florida. And this morning I walked 7 miles (about 12 kilometers) with some friends, so I really enjoy hiking and walking, although I dont know if those are sports…

I don’t enjoy watching team sports, although I do watch some of the Olympics. I like the skating and the swimming and the gymnastics the most.

So glad you enjoyed Baywatch.


Question #3:
I have always been a massive fan of the Christine movie and I wondered how exciting it was to be on the set?

Thanks, James.

Hi James,

Christine was only my 3rd acting job. Since I never watched horror movies (they scared me too much), I was too naive to know I was in the company of greatness with John Carpenter and Stephen King. I was just thrilled to have a job!

I was 19 years old and I didn’t have a sense of how important John Carpenter was as a filmmaker, and I certainly didn’t expect it to become the cult hit it has! I did know Stephen King was a bestselling writer, but I hadn’t read any of his books until I was cast in Christine. Then I read the book and realized what a terrific writer he is (his book of novellas, Different Seasons, is one of my favorite reads). Since then, I have read a bunch of his books. I especially like his short stories because they are not as scary, but he is a wonderful writer so I recommend them to anyone who wants a good read.

The special effects on the movie were amazing (it wasnt trick photography that made the car put herself back together, but inflatable car parts) and it is a movie that still holds up today. I am still friends with my costars in that movie, Keith Gordon, John Stockwell and William Ostrander and I saw John Carpenter a couple years ago.

So glad you like the movie. I can send you an autographed still from the movie if you send a SASE to PO Box 1544, Pacific Palisades, CA 90272-1544.



3 Responses to Ask Alexandra – July 2012

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi Stephanie :))
    I guess you know by now why I call you that 😉 I heart Baywatch and you have always been my favorite girl lifeguard. I liked how you swim. I see you’ve changed since then but I really liked your hair short, like not right after cut more like when ‘Cody Maddison’ joined the cast 😉 Wondering if you ever have hairdo like that again. And I gotta tell you I cried so much when you ‘died’ 🙁 I live in Poland and now we got all the Baywatch re-runs so I’m watching it all over again 😀 I also tweeted you a few times but I guess you’re not on Twitter much but it would be nice to get a tweet or a follow from you some day 😉 I even tweeted a pic of you 😛 and I got a pic of you on my facebook profile ( in ‘my favorite people’ album 😀

    Sending you a lot of love and *hugs*

  2. Cláudia says:

    Hi, my name is Cláudia and i live in Portugal!
    I saw you for the first time on Baywatch, i liked very much your paper as Lt. Stephanie Holden and since then you got to be one of my favourite actresses.
    In your page i could see that you realy like to do sport, i like too! 🙂
    Since age or from what time you started to like sports?
    Have you ever had the curiosity or even have the curiosity to participate in the Olympic Games?
    One day i would like very much to meet you, and this is one of my dreams! 🙂
    For me you’re my idol of the sport.

    Thanks, Cláudia

  3. gary jr cormier says:

    i love your movies i seen some you did in canada and hope you do one in mocton new brunswick sometimes and wouldlove to have a autograph from my favoryte actress im glad you in animal rights you must of heard the 100 slaying of huskys in vancouver and no one could do anything about it once ive heard about it i went and got me one if theres anything i can do to help in animals rights please let me know
    hope you do more films in canada
    ive seen lots of your films and acctualy im watching saving emely very good movie
    you must be a very good actress because you did lots more films than any other stars
    i always love your movies
    your a very beautiful actress
    glad your a canadien
    cant wayt to see more of your films

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