Ask Alexandra July 2014

1) Hi Alexandra,
I really like all your activism, to mention one: simple living. It’s not of every celebrity (or not) to be involved in such activities or even believing in them. Do you still train for triathlons? What will be your next athletic challenges ?

Cheers, Rafi (from Milan- Italy)

Hi Rafi,
I went to Milan for a month to model when I was 17 and I really liked the city.

Simple living – you Europeans do it so much better than we Americans!

I no longer race triathlons because I had knee surgery in 2004. I cannot run or I will re-injure myself. But I do a long swim every couple years to keep some athletic challenges in my life. In 2012, I participated in the Swim Around Key West (12.5 miles/ 20.1 km). This November, I am planning to swim the Reto Acapulco, 13.6 miles (22 km) in Acapulco Bay. It starts at 3am and I am scared of swimming in the dark, but this makes me want to do it all the more!

Grazie for writing.

2) Hi Alexandra,

I was first made aware of your activism last year after coming across an article about you on the web, and since then through visiting your website I’ve found that you seem very wise in the way you go about sharing your ideas. I am in the midst of setting up a non-profit organization as well as an informative website on women’s self-empowerment, although I also have many other areas in which I care deeply about and have plans to work with as time goes on. I am in my twenties and although I have been studying and working with these issues for awhile and am thus very well educated in regards to my cause, this will be my first attempt at actually branching out and sharing what I’ve learned with others and leading my own mission. As a person who is obviously much more experienced with bringing an important message to people than me, do you have any advice on techniques I can use to help people heed what I have to say and increase the chances of them actually implementing changes in their own lives?


Hi Jacinta,

The best way to reach people is to start from a personal place. Why are you involved in this particular issue? What was the catalyst in your life that made you care so deeply about women empowering themselves? Since your audience is women, you can talk from a very honest, personal point of view – we females love that! I suggest you share your story on your site and also have a place on the site where other women can share too.

Never preach. Just put your thoughts and your help out there as a gift, and see what comes back.

Be positive! Always come from Love.

Be specific. I do not know if you are working for legislative change so that women have more opportunities, or encouraging women to find strength within themselves to lead the lives they want, but be clear on your mission and clear on your solutions. Inspiration, education, action – there are many ways an organization effects change.

Awesome you are doing this! Thank you for working to make the world a better place.

3) I just love your movies! never watched Baywatch,never knew you played on the show.I love your LMW, you are so versatile.There is a small group of you who can play a variety of roles as good guy,bad guy or woman and spouse.I am an RN and Sunday movies on lifetime are my relaxer.

Best of luck to you.I am also an animal lover.
Di Klingler

Hi Di,

Thank you for being one of my Lifetime Movie Network fans! I have starred in 14 Lifetime movies and hope to do more. I love shooting them for the same reason you like watching them: diverse roles with a lot of relationship storyline and challenging situations the character has to get out of!

Wonderful that you are an animal lover. Are you a vegetarian or vegan? I hope you will consider taking animal products out of your life, as wearing and eating animals only causes them tremendous suffering. I can suggest ways to make the transition if you are serious about transforming your life into one of compassion and true non violence. The benefits are extraordinary!

Best wishes,

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  1. Ben Paschall says:

    Hi Alexandra,
    I have to admit that I am pretty nervous writing you when I have known of you since I was about 15. I have followed your activism and on-screen characters since about the mid-90’s. I loved Baywatch, you were actually truly my favorite, that’s where I first saw you. I used to record them on VHS tapes, haha…try not to laugh too hard at me! 😉 I was in high school and I guess the only question that comes to mind is just wondering what keeps you going when things are rough and not looking so well ahead? I do my best to be optimistic, but I know everyone has their down days. I admire greatly all you’ve done to make this world a better place and I give you the best of luck in all you do. And thank you, for being such a down to earth person who seems to love to laugh, which I say is the best thing ever to do in life.
    Sincerely yours,
    Ben Paschall

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