Ask Alexandra – June 2001

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

I’m really interested in your upcoming film Facing the Enemy. Can you tell me a little about it? Will it be a theatrical release, a TV movie, or a direct-to-video? When will it be released/air?



Dear Bob,

Facing the Enemy (originally entitled Dead Wrong) is an independent film I shot in November, 2000 here in Los Angeles. It was the reason we had to postpone our honeymoon, since it conflicted! The film stars Linden Ashby (a very nice man whom I have known for a while. He has done alot of television series and stars in many independent films) and Maxwell Caulfield (whom you might know from Grease II in the 80’s, but who also starred in television’s The Colbys and has Broadway and alot of musicals). I really enjoyed working with them both. I play Linden’s wife and we are struggling in our relationship because our son shot himself with Linden’s gun (Linden is a cop) the year before. Maxwell plays the bad guy who is out to avenge his wife’s death, and he believes Linden is the murderer.

Unfortunately, in the last week of filming I got very sick from a parasite and, although I still went to work, I just felt terrible (luckily it was during all the action sequences, so I didnt have to speak much). A doctor came in every night to give me an intravenous drip. I was very gaunt, but I dont know if it shows up on film, as I have not seen it yet.

I dont know where or when it will appear! On cable, probably, and overseas, definitely (the actors in it all have high foreign quotients). I am so sorry not to have any more info, but if you keep an eye on this website it will have the information soon (my webmaster always knows these things before even I do!)

Thank you for writing – Alexandra

Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

Thank you for the opportunity to ask questions. I am curious to know who your role models are in life–in the acting business and your activism. I’ve followed up on your career since your days in the Perry Mason movies, and I’m quite impressed as to how you’ve managed to keep your integrity and moral values intacted. Please never change!

Joshua L.

Dear Joshua,

Thank you very much for your kind words. I am glad that I have an opportunity to answer your questions (a big thank you to the webmaster, Vietly, who works so hard on this site, and without whom there would be no, as I am an internet neophyte and never considered having a website for myself).

My role models in life are my mother, who taught me about being an environmentalist; Jane Fonda, who inspired me to be an activist; my friend Chuck Levin, who has been registering voters one by one for the last 33 years and who thereby taught me that one person can make a difference; my twin sister Caroline who taught me what strength and honor are; my brother Jonathan who taught me, through his animal rights activism, that it is important to live your causes, not just talk about them; animal rights activist Chris DeRose who showed me what passion is by his unceasing commitment to the cause; my science teacher Mr Zink who loved the earth and my math teacher Mr Holden (whom my character on Baywatch, Stephanie Holden is named after) who showed me what discipline was; my friend Jerry Rubin, whom I met on the Great Peace March in 1986 and continue to be inspired by his relentless dedication to making this world a better place; and my husband Ian Murray who showed me what being loving is.

I am also reading Gloria Steinem’s biography, and I admire her very much.

As for acting role models, I am very grateful to my first acting teacher, David Mann, who was very strict and demanded alot from his students.

Take care,


Question #3:

Hi alexandra,

I am 17years old and hard of hearing and deaf too. I really like the past of baywatch show where the star Mary Lou Retton and the young special girl, character Sammy have a very hard time, and you were there to help her. What does it feel like helping special kids and other people, including saving lives? I was born in Califorina. Thanks alexandra! You’re the greatest!


Dear Lindsey,

That was one of my favorite episodes also! Mary Lou Retton is a wonderful person (she is a motivational speaker these days and you can really see how good she must be at it – she is very positive and has a light coming from within). I also really enjoyed working with the folks in the Special Olympics scenes – there were hugs all the time on the set, and I had never spent any time with people with Downs Syndrome before. Every time I see the scene with the man carrying the torch my eyes well up because he has such a joyful look on his face. I think shooting that episode was special for everyone, cast and crew.

I have only saved one life – when I was 18, my boyfriend at the time, Lawrence, was choking on some meat and I did the Heimlich Maneuver on him and the meat came out (I had learned that from my Red Cross CPR course. I recommend the course for everyone – it only takes a few hours). Lawrence swears I saved his life!

Take care and thank you for writing.

Best wishes,


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