Ask Alexandra – June 2002

Question #1:

hello, alexandra. i am a fan of CHRISTINE and have always been a classic car enthusiast, and have liked chrysler corp. 50’s cars but became obsessed with the 1958 fury due to the film. you were great in the film and you’re very attractive. i didn’t know much about your other acting credits. baywatch was great for you.

my question is this- did you like playing leigh cabot? did you like the car? (i don’t think so from the film!) do you still talk to keith gordon? he’s a director now. i just found out. wow! i know your married but did you ever date keith? i didn’t know you were from new england! i grew up in mass. and live just outside boston. 3 miles from harvard. i’m happy to post this message. you’re a great actress and very pretty. thanks!



Dear Steve,

I am so glad that you like “Christine”! I really enjoyed shooting that movie. I liked working with Keith Gordon, he is a very nice man, but I didnt date him in real life. I actually fell madly in love with William Ostrander, who played the bad guy in the film. Years later, I also dated seriously Barry Tubb, who had a small part as one of the high school football players. From "Christine", I also met one of my oldest friends, Doug Warhit (he played a teenager who ogles Leigh, my character), who later became my acting teacher and who is a wonderful person. So several very important relationships in my life came from doing “Christine”, but I havent kept in touch with Keith Gordon. Keith is also a very talented director and I have seen all the movies he has directed. I highly recommend them. John Stockwell, who also starred in the movie, has also directed and mostly recently wrote the terrific film “Rock Star”.

As for the cars, I am not a “car person”, but I was fascinated by the Furies that the production procured for the film. There were something like 21 ’57 Plymouth Furies bought from around the country (someone had a friend in the DMV) to use in “Christine”, all in differing states of repair – the ones that ran became the cars that were actually driven in the film ( e.g.”Muscle Christine #1″, “Muscle Christine #2”), the really beat up ones were used earlier in the movie etc. Turns out they wrecked all but two! I think Richard Kobritz, the producer, bought one, and the other one may have been auctioned off, but dont quote me on either of those tidbits as it was a long time ago!

I have alot of good memories, but my favorite time on “Christine” was when my twin, Caroline, came on the set dressed as Leigh, and did a scene without anyone guessing that it wasnt me! It was very funny when I appeared, looking identical, and asked the director, John Carpenter, if he had replaced me. Everyone was very confused for a moment and we all had a great laugh.

Well, you got me to reveal a bit of my personal life, and to reminisce about a wonderful experience from 19 years ago!

Thank you for writing.


Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

First off, your website is awesome…the best official site I’ve seen. My question: Was there ever a time on Baywatch where you couldn’t hold your laughs or keep a serious face when filming? Especially with David Hasselhoff (I’ve heard he’s a big teaser), or other fellow cast members that you got along with. I’ve seen a few talk shows that you’ve been on, and you seem like such a personable and down to earth person. Your smile and laughs are so contagious!

Stay beautiful,

Brad Taylor

Dear Brad,

First off … thank you for the compliment on the website. All kudos go the webmaster, Vietly.
She is awesome, and if anyone needs to fill a top job in website design, then I highly recommend her. She is bright, hardworking, very professional and very, very nice.

There was a lot of laughter on Baywatch. I do remember a scene where Jaason Simmons and David Chokachi were roundly chastised for not being able to stop laughing – it was in the paintball episode and all the guards are gathered around on the headquarters porch to get assigned into teams.

David was always very funny on the set between takes, but as he was able to get into character without missing a beat, it made it easier for the rest of us.

I did have a laugh attack on the set of Dragnet, and it was very embarrassing. Harry Morgan, who played the Captain in both the series and the movie, was pretty old in 1986, when Dragnet the movie was shot. There was a scene outside a restaurant with Harry, Tom Hanks, Dan Aykroyd, the actress who was playing his mother, and I, where Harry had to say something and he forgot it every time. The take had to be done over and over. Then I started to laugh! It was terrible because he was old and it wasnt his fault, but I just got the giggles. I apologized profusely, but it wasnt very mature of me, although in my defense I just couldnt help myself!

Best wishes,


Question #3:

Dear Alexandra: Think your web site is great! I have been a fan of your for a long time. My question to you is this: If you could change one thing about the world what would it be?


Dear Dave,

To answer your question, if there is one thing I would change about the world it would be the human overpopulation problem. There are over 6 billion people on the planet, double from when I was born 38 years ago. If we are to really solve any of our environmental problems, I firmly believe that the human population must stop growing (alot of scientists feel that if the whole world wanted to live with the lifestyle of the United States, the population could only be 2 billion for that to be possible, since Americans use so many resources and pollute so much due to our high standard of living. .The earth cant handle many people living as wastefully as Americans do).

To accomplish a stable population, couples would have 2 children or fewer – if they wanted more, they would adopt. For that to occur, women around the world would need to be educated (for each year of high school that a girl gets, the number of children she bears goes down substantially. Probably because she then has other dreams to achieve than only to have children). Men would have to realize the advantages of small families (in alot of cultures, the more children you have, the more virile you are). Governments would need to encourage fewer children ( where medical care is not good, people have more children, as they expect some of them will die anyway; in countries where there is no social security system, parents need as many children as possible to take care of them in old age. Governments need to provide prenatal care and some kind of social security).

It wont be easy, but as they say on Sesame Street, “It all begins with me”.

Thank you for asking such a though-provoking question, David.

Best wishes,


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