Ask Alexandra – June 2007

Question #1:

Hi Alexandra!

I love your commitment to the environment and other important issues 🙂 Just wondering if you’re vegan or will make the leap to vegan any time soon? There are wonderful fair trade, organic vegan chocolates on the market…and better vegan cheeses than there have been in years (most are terrible, LOL!) Dairy was my weakness years ago too before I went from veggie to vegan. Just putting that out there. You are such a HUGE inspiration no matter what. 🙂


Dear Rachelle,

I am not vegan, although I admire anyone who is. I have no excuse except that food has always been my Achilles heel, so I have continued to have dairy in my diet. Having been bulimic from ages 16-28, I am always wary about restricting my food choices too much because it makes me hyperaware of food and that is never healthy for me. This doesn’t justify the fact that cows are suffering because of my dietary choice to continue to eat dairy: I am embarrassed that, in the face of what the torture they are going through I cannot get it together to cut out dairy completely. But those are my demons.

I appreciate you noodging me to be a vegan. It will help me make the transition at some point, I hope.

Keep up YOUR veganism, as it is an inspiration and an education for people who come in contact with you, especially if you have the same gentle positivity with them that you had in your letter to me (preaching is such a turnoff).



Question #2:

I’ve see the trailer of TRAPPED and dying for it. HERE TV is not available on Direct Tv here and I’ve tried the on line rentals so when will it be available on DVD. Please say soon or soonest.

Georgann Wampler

Dear Georgann,

Vietly, fearless webmaster, did a Google search and it looks like Trapped is already out on DVD. Here are a couple of websites that sell it:

It also goes by the title “Dangerous Isolation”, which might be the version
where I play the role a straight woman and not a lesbian, for the European market. I always thought that Europe was more advanced in their thinking, but I guess when it comes to their movies the straight-girl-in-trouble sells best. This was a fun movie to shoot, because not only did we film on a Caribbean island but I also had a girlfriend (gay version), and a boyfriend (straight version for Europe)- and I would shoot the same scene with each of them.

I hope you enjoy the movie.


Question #3:

Hi, my new hero

I watched “Who Killed the Electric Car?” last night, and I was so impressed by you and your act of “civil disobedience” that I decided I had to tell you so. Your conviction to your green beliefs is both admirable and inspiring. I found myself cheering out loud for you and Colette as the Burbank police officers crowded around you two “criminals” in your totally non-threatening electric car, bravely blocking the pointless slaughter of those last 78 EV1s. Bravo to you both! You are a true American hero, a real “patriot.” My faith in society is emboldened once again.

I don’t really have a burning question to ask you, I just rather wanted to pay my respects. But as this forum is called, “Ask Alexandra,” I will do just that. Who do you think will be elected the next president of the United States?


Heidi Hitt

Dear Heidi,

Thank you for your kind words about the vigil to save the EV1s. I appreciate you taking the time to write.

Who do I think will be the next President? I want Congressman Dennis Kucinich to be the next president and I am supporting him 100%. I expect a Democrat to win, although a lot can change in the next 18 months, so liberals cannot be complacent. If there is another attack on the United States, it wouldn’t surprise me if the country turned to the GOP again for “security” (even though the Republicans screwed up making us safer after 9-11, Americans seem to blindly think that the GOP is good when it comes to troubled foreign relations. I think they suck).

So far, I am not impressed with this new Democrat congress and if it weren’t for the choice of Dem Representative Dennis Kucinich I would be voting for a Green candidate. Kucinich is the only candidate really offering a new way to govern, and I hope anyone reading this will go to his site to learn more about his 30 year political track record.


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