Ask Alexandra – June 2008

Question #1:

Hello Alexandra,

I was and I m a very very great fan from Baywatch and I liked your role very much. And it was great to see you so long in your role by baywatch. And you was always the person by baywatch who was always trying to keep good relationships with the other fantastic baywatch members as J.C, Caroline, Mitch, Mad, Logan and so on. And always when I see Baywatch on the DVD’s i have a special family feeling by baywatch.

And I liked very much that you and the others were always trying to help other people and to see a lot of dramatic social situations in a lot of episodes by baywatch.

And I m convinced that baywatch and you as stephanie holden has changed the life for a lot of people and it helps to dream from a better world.

And do you perhaps know where I can get the fantastic original red baywatch jackets which where wearing you? I can not find it anywhere I would be very happy to have it once a time.

This would be fantastic if you know where I can get them.

I wish you all the best and best wishes


Dear Anton,

I wish I knew where to get one of the Baywatch lifeguard jackets – I don’t even have one! The only thing I kept from the show was the yellow sports watch Stephanie Holden wore every episode, and a dress from the Beach Boys episode. When we shot the Baywatch reunion movie, Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, there was a strict policy that the actors could not have any of the wardrobe, it was to remain with Fox Television Studios. By then, the producers realized how valuable anything worn on Baywatch could be, I guess.

Thank you for your support of the show. I am glad you are able to watch the dvds. I hope more episodes for seasons 4, 5 & 6 are released at some point also!


Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

People love the movie ‘Hidalgo’; but won’t stand up for your brother?! What happened to all the movie stars too whom love and have horses?!

They should be standing up too! See if we can get Viggo Mortensen too do a benefit, -poetry reading since he loves horses too! To help out your brother and bring consciousness back to the world! As the world either comes to peace or it will be shook! Have you ever read The Hopi Survival kit? As I live in southern Oregon and I have met your brother and he’s a great guy and a hero too! If it was the persons own horse I think they’d agree too! I’m asking God to help out and do more now!


Dena from Oregon

Dear Dena,

I haven’t read the Hopi Survival Kit, but it looks like an interesting book.

Thank you so much for your support of Jonathan, who is a wonderful man as you know. The best way to support him at the moment is to send him letters. Prison can be a lonely place and being cut off from the outside world is very difficult. Any letter helps maintain an inmate maintain contact and retain a sense of self. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t know you, or if you just prattle on about your day – the important thing is that you thought about him enough to write, and that means the world to a prisoner. A letter is like gold.

Jonathan Paul
FCI Phoenix
37910 North 45th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85086

Thank you for writing,


Question #3:

Recently, I saw the documentary “Who Killed the Electric Car,” and while I thought it was very informative and well done, I could only wonder if only we could have more electric vehicles.

My questions are… do you think electric vehicles will return to the marketplace? And what can we do to make their return possible? With astronomical gas prices, it seems like now would be perfect time for electric vehicles to return to the marketplace. I think maybe the electric vehicle might have been too soon for many people (as stupid as it comes). The electric vehicle is needed more than ever.


Hi Rashaad,

I agree with you, electric cars are needed now more than ever. With high gas prices (some analysts believe they will go up to $15 gallon in the next 10 years, and I believe them) and war over oil, and the environmental problems that come with burning gasoline in our cars, there is no better time to make the switch to electric vehicles. The US grid is 49% coal, which is too dirty, but even if an EV was powered by 100% coal, it is still cleaner (not by much, if it 100% coal) than a gas car. We need to move towards wind and solar power (not nuclear, which has a HUGE hazardous waste danger and uses uranium, also a finite resource). All these factors mean that electric cars will return to the marketplace. Already Shai Agassi is working to put more electric cars in Israel (; many companies are planning to introduce electric cars or plug in hybrids in 2010 (; you can order an EBox ( ). a Tesla (; a Phoenix truck ( ) and receive them next year. There are other companies that have some money behind them, but about which I am less confident they can produce an EV: Aptera (; Miles Automotive ( ). Go to to find out about the EV being sold in Europe right now.

Go to to find out what you can do to encourage the automakers to sell electric cars (as you can see from above, none of the large car companies offer electric vehicles). We have telephone numbers to call and petitions to sign. DON’T buy a new car until you can get one with a plug in it!

Electric cars will come back, I have no doubt – it is just a matter of time. If gas prices continue to rise, they will be available sooner. For that reason, I hope that oil prices go up and up and up. It seems to me to be the only way to get off our addiction to gasoline.

Thanks for your letter, Rashaad.


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