Ask Alexandra – June 2009

Question #1:

The movie gospel of deceit 2006: i have never seen a copy for sale and despite extensive inquires i have reached a dead end. Has it ever been release on dvd? Any advice would be greatly appreciated


john from australia

Hi John,

I know that Gospel of Deceit has aired often on television here in the United States, but a google search on where to purchase a copy rendered dubious results. There is a website in Australia that has it listed for purchase, so try there. It can be rented in the United States here.

Other titles I have done with the same production company have been released on dvd eventually, so if you cannot purchase it at the moment, I am optimistic that soon you shall be able to.

Thank you for inquiring about Gospel of Deceit – I had a wonderful time shooting the film. Both my costars, JC Mackenzie and Cory Sevier were terrific to work with and it was fun playing the dutiful wife who loses herself with a 21 year old ne’er do well!

Best, Alexandra

Question #2:


I love that when it comes to clothes and makeup, don’t wear leather, wool, silk or products tested on animals. Can you share with us some of your favorite eco-beauty products?

Thank you for thinking of the animals,

Eileen Cooper

Hi Eileen,

OK I came upstairs to my bathroom to list some off to you. The most important requisite for my lotions & potions is that they not be tested on animals. Secondly, they have to work! Thirdly, as few chemicals as possible. I have a list from the Coalition on Consumer Information on Cosmetics of the companies that “DO NOT test finished products, ingredients or formulations on animals”. I keep it in my purse and refer to it when I am shopping for a beauty product. My moisturizers come from Dermalogica, (Intensive Moisture Balance, Sheer Tint Moisture spf 15). My eye pencils (in charcoal and chocolate brown) and foundation (Dual Powder Foundation) come from Gabriel Cosmetics. I also use ZuZu mascara, which is the same company as Gabriel. All Gabriel products are lead free and found in many health food stores here in the United States .

I dont wear alot of mascara, as I dye my lashes and have been using Latisse, a product that has made my eyelashes grow soooo long! People think I am wearing mascara, but I am not! Latisse is only tested on humans, according to their packaging. For eye cream, I use an Epicuren product called Collagen III (which doesnt list collagen as an ingredient, oddly but happily). Since I wasnt sure, I called them and they told me they don’t test on animals. Always call if you are unsure! Plus it reminds the companies that this is an issue about which consumers care.

For my hair, I generally use Giovanni shampoo, conditioner and hair spray. They found in alot of different stores.  For deodorant, I use the natural mineral salt deodorant. My toothpaste is by Weleda.

There you have it, all my toiletries, described! Thank you so much for your email.


Question #3:

There is this notion that a gay kissing scene must be the worst Hollywood job that an actor (particularly male actors) could face, including playing murderers, junkies and rapists. Sadly, it’s just another example of how homophobia is still running rampant. As a straight actress who has played gay characters, do you feel offended when actors get asked if kissing the person of the opposite sex is “difficult”?

Kristy Stewart

Dear Kristy,

Playing a gay woman getting to kiss another woman is fun for me! I have enjoyed all the love scenes I have done with my costars, whether they are men or women. I am not one of those actors who says how difficult they are, no siree! Bring ’em on…

I was working with an actress who didn’t want to do a scripted lesbian kiss . She said she didnt want her kids to see her doing that. I pointed out that she was OK having her kids see her play murderers and characters that act disreputably, and she let them see her kiss a man onscreen, so why not a woman. She got flustered and said that she had alot of gay friends, but it was not the right time in her career. This double standard disturbed me alot. She was thinking she was not prejudiced because she had “alot of gay friends” but she treating kissing a girl so much differently than kissing a man. It is crazy that some people think that kissing someone of the same sex in an acting role is somehow worse for one’s reputation than shooting and killing onscreen.

I will always admire Michael Ontkean and Harry Hamlin for their love scene together in the 1982 movie Making Love. It was, to my knowledge, the first mainstream American film to have a love scene between 2 gay men, and Michael and Harry were brave back then to star in the movie. To see the clip, go here. An ex-boyfriend of mine, Barry Tubb, starred in the 1985 tv movie Consenting Adult, where he played a gay teenager coming out to his parents, and that was a big step for a straight male actor back then. Kudos to Barry too.

I will continue to play lesbians, and hope to have love scenes when I do!



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