Ask Alexandra – June 2010

Question #1:

Hi Alexandra,

How do you feel about what is going on recently with the auto industry, especially with the Toyota recall of the Prius a few months ago? I know you are a passionate advocate of hybrid and electric vehicles, so I am curious of what you think.

Thank you,


Dear Carol,

Although I dont dislike hybrid cars, I think they are much inferior to plug in cars. I am not too impressed with 51 miles per gallon in this day and age. Hybrids also rely on gasoline, with just a little electric motor as an accessory, so that is a step backwards technology-wise, in my opinion.

My concern was that drivers would associate the hybrid problems with battery electrics and plug-in hybrids, and this would scare them from purchasing plug-in cars when they come on the market later this year. In reality, an all-electric car is so much more simple than a gas car or a hybrid! The electric motor has only one moviing part, an EV has no transmission and no spark plugs. Less moving parts, less chance of problems!

As far as car companies go, I am a fan of their cars. An early 1993 Toyota Corolla was the last gas car I owned. I drive a Toyota RAV 4 EV today. Toyota introduced the Prius to the world, and its success helped pave the way for electric cars. I am sorry that the troubles they are in now.


Question #2:

Hi Alexandra, Is your brother Johnathan still in jail. Wow what a HERO!!!!!!!!! I would love to send him a letter of support. Thanks, Lori Tkach

Hi Lori,

To learn more about my brother’s situation, read my essay here. Also my Huffington Post piece here.

It would be wonderful if you wrote to him! Jonathan was sentenced to 4.3 years for his part in burning down a horse slaughterhouse. He is supposed to get released in January, 2011. He will then serve the remainder of his time at a halfway house, which will put him home in June, 2011. Letters are so precious to every prisoner, so I know he would love to hear from you. You can reach him at:

Jonathan Paul


FCI Phoenix

37910 North 45th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85086

Here are some guidelines:

  • Write on both sides of the paper, since the number of pages he can have may be limited. It is also totally acceptable to type your letters. More will fit on a page.
  • Write your address inside your letter/card if you think he does not have it, but DO NOT put an address label anywhere inside or on the letter/card. Address labels are ONLY OK to go on your envelope.
  • Do NOT send him stamps, envelopes (self-addressed or otherwise), blank paper or notecards. He will not be able to receive them and he will be denied your letter.
  • Do NOT send him any form of currency, whether cash, check or money order.
  • Do NOT send photographs larger than 4×6. Do not send polaroids and make sure the content is appropriate.
  • Do NOT include any paperclips, staples or any extra things in your letter.
  • Do NOT send a card that has glitter or any 3-D objects in or on it.
  • Do NOT send cards with paper inserts glued in them.
  • Do NOT tape your envelope shut.
  • Do NOT ever write “legal mail” or anything implying that you are an attorney unless you are
  • Please use your common sense; don’t write about anything that is likely to get a prisoner in trouble in any way.

Thank you so much for thinking of Jonathan. I appreciate it so much,.


Question #3:

You probably are so bored by all the American Flyers questions! I find the movie and music video so inspiring, and one of my favorite characters, along with the fat kid. Do you find it ironic, that your character leaves her granola eating friends for a Big Mac, given your activism now? Also, what was the deal with that hairdoo? Best wishes for your career and your brother.


Hi Scott,

Glad you like American Flyers and no, I dont get tired of answering questions about this movie. I had a ton of fun filming it! American Flyers’ 25 anniversary is this year, which is fun.

I was already vegetarian and didnt use makeup tested animals when I shot the movie, so I made sure I didn’t eat any of the hamburger – eeeeuw! I think the bigger irony for me was that I knew nothing about cycling back then, but then became quite involved with it when I did the Ironman in 1997. My husband and so many of his friends are huge cyclists and love that movie, so it is neat to have been involved with it.

My hair…sigh. For photos of those luscious locks; click here Well, it was the 1980s then, so purple hair was coming in with the punk scene. We decided Becky would have a purple stripe in her hair, but when we bleached the section before putting the dye on, we decided to leave it bleached since it would match with any outfit and show up well on film! The rest of my hair is just a mess because of a grown out perm (also popular at that time), which fits with Becky’s character. My next movie was 8 Million Ways to Die, where my hair was darker and sleeker since I was a call girl instead of a hippie. Hair can say alot about a person!



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