Ask Alexandra June 2014

1) I love you, Alexandra. Thank you for using your fame in such a wonderful way throughout your lifetime to raise animal rights awareness. Your karma must be insanely beautiful. If there is a teen in your life who is wearing leather, carrying leather bags, and eating animals, give him The Wakers by Susan North. It lays out what we’re doing to animals and how we’re using and abusing them through a lovely fantasy storyline; and ties humanity’s karma to its treatment of animals.

Susan Goldsholl

Hi Susan,

Books like this can be so influential. My ethics were formed when I was 12 – 15 years old, and I am so grateful to Frances Moore Lappe and her book Diet for a Small Planet which I read when I was 14 and inspired me to become vegetarian. A year later I read Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation and that opened me up to the torture animals endure at the hands of humans. There were no novels or YA books on animal rights in the 70s, and I am so glad to see there are some available now.

Thank you for letting me know about this book.


2) Hi Alexandra!
You are one of my absolute favorite Lifetime movie actresses! I especially love “A Lovers Revenge,” “A Sisters Secret,” and “Love Thy Neighbor.” Are you still making LT movies today?

Hi Kristen,

I have not made a Lifetime movie in a couple years, even though the last one i starred in, Betrayed at 17, was one of the top movies on the network that year. I have been told I am overexposed on their channel (I have starred in fourteen of Lifetime’s movies), and that they want to get a new image. Ah well, I really enjoyed shooting all of them, and am so grateful to have been able to star with so many terrific actors.

I did just finish a movie in Bulgaria, Firequake, in which I play a mother trying to set things right and getting chased by the bad guys in the process, so it is sort of like a Lifetime movie, except with more special effects! I love shooting these cable movies, and I hope to do more soon.

I am so glad you enjoy my movies. I appreciate you writing to let me know.

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