Ask Alexandra – June 2016

1) Hello Alexandra! I just adore you so much and all that you stand for. I love how you stand up for your beliefs. I know you’re very active in the LGBT community and have been involved in some films from power-up before. Back in 2001 you attended the power-up gala with other celebrities. At that event another favorite actress of mine was there in Claire Stansfield. Do you recall meeting her? She is also in LA and I would love to see you two in a film together one day or just standing next to each other for a photo. Do you think that could ever happen? Thanks and keep up the great work. You’re amazing


Hi Dawn,

I starred Breaking Up Really Sucks, a short film about the relationship of two lesbians, for Power Up a non profit that promotes the integration of gay women into the entertainment industry. It is a wonderful organization with talented women at the helm and an important mission. There is already a dearth of women behind the camera and being gay makes it even harder, so it is good to have organizations like Power Up supporting lesbians and women in Hollywood.

I do not recall meeting Claire Stansfield. I do not think she is acting anymore, but if I ever run into her I will let her know she has a big fan in you!

Thank you for writing and for all the kind things you had to say.


2) Hi Alexandra,

I’m a big fan of Baywatch and I think your portrayal of Stephanie was great. I’ve seen you in other films, but to me you’ll always be Stephanie.
What do you think of the new upcoming Baywatch film next year? I personally think it would be great to reboot a classic, but it can’t hold a candle to the original show.


Hi Daniel,

I read a final draft of the script and I thought it was funny. I am so glad Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron are cast as Mitch and Brody. I also am very happy that Lt Stephanie Holden is in this movie and I think the casting of Ilfenesh Hadera is terrific. The Baywatch movie is very much an action comedy, whereas our series was an action drama, so liberties were taken and pretty much the only resemblance to the tv show are the characters and the beach. Even the bathing suits are different!

Still, it is wonderful that the Baywatch concept will be revived for a new audience. Bringing the 1990s tv series back as a movie is a way of paying homage to an iconic part of television history. I won’t be watching it looking for similarities, but will be sitting back and enjoying the movie as it is.

Best wishes,


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