Ask Alexandra – March 2001

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

My name is Uli and I am 17. My family is a great sporting-family and now I also want to become a runner. But it is very difficult for me because of school and all that. Can you, please give me some advises to become a great sportwoman? Thank you!


Dear Uli,

It is hard to find the time to stay healthy. Believe me, once you are out of school it wont get any easier! The most important thing is to make sports a priority in your life. That means making time to work out. For me, working out in the morning is best, because not much happens at 7am to interfere with my plans to work out (except more sleep!). When people work out after school or work, things like dinners with friends, movie dates and extra work can tempt us to chuck out workout plans. I recommend also that people watch less TV (or none) – you would be amazed how much time you now have! Uli, you dont live in the US (where Americans watch an average of 4 hours a day), so that might be an issue for you, but you do live in Europe (your name sounds Scandanavian or German) so you probably stay out quite late: Dont!!!! I find it easier to work out in the morning when I get 8 hours of sleep or more.

Enjoying keeping fit is very important. Look to join a running club in your area, or find a friend to run with. I swim in the ocean with a group at 7am on Sunday mornings, and it really gets me out of bed (when I dont want to leave) when I know that other athletes are going to be there. My husband, Ian, cycles in regular group rides often and we both have many friends whom we have met in these group athletics.

I was unclear if you wanted to be an expert runner or just a consistent one, but, either way, running with other people will be very helpful to getting you to work out regularly and to improve your running.

I hope this helps! Thank you for writing and good luck!

PS And the most important
rule of being healthy: DONT SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!

Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

You were my favorite character on Baywatch and I really admire you. I have three questions for you. One is if you miss working on Baywatch after so many years of being there. Two is who do you miss most from the cast, and Three is was there anyone on the cast at any point that you didn’t get along with? Thank’s Alexandra!

Chris Redfield

Dear Chris,

Ahhh. You want some dirt! I am sorry to disappoint you, but there was never any cast member that I didnt get along with! During my tenure on the show, there was never any bad things between anyone. Even David Charvet and Pamela Anderson, who dated for the first two years they were on the show and then were broken up by their third year, were very nice to each other on the set at all times (which impressed me, I must say).

I dont miss Baywatch (it has been 6 years since I have worked on the show) but I do look back very fondly on my 5 seasons there. They were grrrrrrreat!

As for who do I miss the most… well, since Jaason Simmons is one of my closest friends I dont have to miss him, as we see each other often! I havent seen David Hasselhoff for a while now, and I do miss him, as well as David Chokachi, whom I was also close to.

The show was canceled last month after 11 years. It had an amazing run, and I am proud to have been associated with it.

Thanks for your letter.

Question #3:

Dear Alexandra,

A few years ago, I remember reading that you were considered the lead role of a new Wonder Woman television series. Is that true? Would you ever consider starring as a lead role in a television show again, or perhaps even having your own talk show of some sort?

Keep up the awesome work!


Dear Carol,

I dont ever want my own talk show. I do host a series on skiing and cycling on the Outdoor Life Network and hosted 2 other programs last year, so I do enjoy hosting, but that is really just about reading off a monitor and does not at all interfere with my acting career. To have a talk show would be too time consuming and I would no longer be able to act!

As for the Wonder Woman thing, that is an interesting story. There was a piece in (a very powerful website about with reviews and news on the TV and film industry) mentioning that they had heard that I had auditioned for the Wonder Woman pilot and that I would be great as Wonder Woman. The next thing I know the media is saying that I am a going to be Wonder Woman!!!!! My sister heard it on the radio in San Francisco and my publicist got calls from Australia and Europe about it. I was floored, because I had just gone in and auditioned, end of story. Anyway, the producers mother then got very ill so they put the show on hold and I never heard boo about it again. I am probably too old now even if it was resurrected. (But maybe if someone writes in to we can start some other rumor!)

Thank you.

Best wishes,


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