Ask Alexandra – March 2002

Question #1:

Hello Alexandra

I have been watching you in movies and TV for a long time now. I think you are an exceptional and very beautiful actress.

My question is this: I was wondering if a script for Dragnet 2 came across your desk, would you be interested in doing the movie? I hope it would also star the same actors: Tom Hanks & Dan Akroyd. Is there plans on a Dragnet 2 movie?

David Smith

Shirley, Massachusetts

Dear David,

I had a wonderful time filming Dragnet, and I would jump at the opportunity to work with Dan Aykroyd and Tom Hanks again. They are both very nice, professional actors, and of course Tom has become a huge star since 1986, when we shot Dragnet. No one has ever mentioned a sequel, even though the film was #1 at the box office for a moment the summer of 1987. Dan did an incredible job as Joe Frank – it was not easy doing all those lines in that fast deadpan style.

My understanding was that I was the last actress auditioned for the role of the Virgin Connie Swail, as I had been in Vancouver shooting a “Hitchhiker” episode with John Shea. The producers had already decided on another actress, but I guess changed their mind with my reading. Ironic, considering I had never seen the television show upon which the movie was based, so I really didnt get the script at all. That worked for the character though, as Connie Swail didnt really get what was going on around her either.

Thank you for your interest. I hope there is a sequel someday!


Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

A few years ago when we were shopping for a new vehicle, we looked into buying an electric car (this was before we had a computer). We called around town and checked with several of the biggest dealerships, we were basically, laughed at by each and every one of them. Needless to say, we purchased a typical vehicle that runs on gas. A minivan, and with three daughters it has suited our needs quite well.

However, now with the ever growing gas prices, we are even more interested in an electric car then we ever have been. The Problem? I, yet again, called several local dealerships, and was (just as before) laughed at. I checked the internet and found many web sites that speak of electric cars and show pictures, but none offer pricing. Some do list local dealerships that supposedly are the dealers for electric cars, but when called, none had any. I don’t know what the pricing runs on a new electric car, but brand new cars are generally not within our budget. I would like to know if you could tell me how much these type of cars run, where I can shop for them at and if it’s possible to buy used electric cars. Not only are my husband and I looking to purchase one, but our 16yr. old daughter worked two jobs all summer long and has saved $3000 to purchase her first car with. She hasn’t yet picked one out, but one of the web sites I came across on the net mentioned good used electric cars for around $2800. I saw you on a show once that showed many of the things you do for the environment and I thought I remembered that you had an electric car. Can you help, if so, I live in the midwest (Kansas). I’m willing to travel for the cars as far as Missouri or Oklahoma areas. Thank you ever so much.


Dear Tracy,

I think it is wonderful that you are even thinking about an electric car, and I am sorry that you have been poorly treated in your search for one. Even though electric cars have been available to the public (in only a few states, but definitely California) through GM, Honda, Toyota since 1996, people around here still find my electric car odd and often are surprised that EVs exist.

Unfortunately, the only company still making electric cars available is Toyota, with its RAV4 EV. Honda stopped making them and GM will not be renewing leases. This is because of the failure of the electric car to catch on with the American public, and it has become too costly for the companies to continue producing them. I heard that the RAV4 can be leased for $550/month. The state of California gives rebates to those leasing/purchasing electric cars, so with the rebates the monthly charge is about $264/month. I dont know if Kansas gives rebate, but it is worth checking out.

Your best bet is really the hybrid car. A hybrid is fueled by gas (so no range limitations like an electric car can have), but also has an electric motor that helps run the car. The gas mileage is the best out there (between 50- 75 mpg) and they burn ALOT more cleanly too. Honda makes a snazzy two seater and Toyota makes a 4 door sedan that my husband Ian has. The Prius lease is just over $300/month and a new Prius is about $20,000. There is often a waiting list for the Prius, but it isnt as long as they say it is! I dont know the numbers on the Honda Insight – that car hasnt been as successful as the Prius because it is less practical, being a 2 seater, but it actually gets better gas mileage. The two cars are both hybrids, but their systems are very different (the Prius is more efficient in the stop-and-go of the city, while the Insight gets better mileage on the highway.

I would call your local Honda and Toyota dealers for info on the hybrids and the RAV4. Or go to their websites.

Let me know what happens!


Question #3:

Hi Alexandra,

I have a question. I read that you would not be returning for the Baywatch Reunion movie. I also just read on another site that you are going to be on the show. Could you please clarify this? Secondly, if you are to be on the show, how would it work, because Stephanie was killed?

I hope you have a great New Year.

God Bless

Jessica Wakefield

Dear Jessica,

Ah, the Baywatch Reunion Movie. Here is the scoop as I know it:

In early 2001, the producers approached alot of the cast for a reunion movie to be made for Fox TV. It was a story of everyone reuniting for a memorial for lifeguards that died in the line of duty. I was to appear as the dead Stephanie Holden (since my character died in 1996), coming to my sister Caroline (Yasmine Bleeth) in her dreams or something. There was never a script, so I dont know the exact story line. Anyway, I decided not to do the role for many reasons, but the Baywatch publicity machine still kept saying that I was on board to do the reunion movie. That was irritating, to say the least. There were production delays and then in the fall the movie was scrapped because a) Fox was closing down its television movie division b) there was a plane crash in the movie, which wasnt going to work so soon after 9/11. There were probably other reasons I wasnt privy to, also.

A couple months ago, my agents were contacted because another Baywatch tv movie was in the works. This time, Pamela was supposedly attached. I had a conversation with the producer and he told me this time I wouldnt be playing a ghost, and that I would be David Hasselhoff’s love interest. I never read a script, and I need to read a script before I can decide anything!

I thanked the producer and we agreed to talk again once there was a script. Since then, I havent heard a peep about the project, so I am figuring that it isnt going anywhere.

I am wary of a reunion movie, but I am open to the idea. Certainly, the series was a wonderful experience for me, and to work with everyone again would be great, but sometimes you cant go back. Things will never be the same.

Thank you for writing!


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