Ask Alexandra – March 2006

Question #1:

Not really a question but a comment. I am a native of Tylertown, MS now living on the MS Gulf Coast and thought it really neat that a person that I had admired over the years cared enough to go to my hometown and help with animal rescue. I always felt you were probably a special person, and this goes to prove it. Best wishes and a long and prosperous life. Hope to see more of your work in the future.


Dear Larry,

Thank you for your email, but I feel like I got more back than I gave when I volunteered for the Best Friends rescue operation in Tylertown. It is beautiful country there, and I had an amazing experience volunteering.. I heard on the radio yesterday that hurricane season is just 3 months away, and I am hoping that your area of the country stays safe and during that time. I fervently hope that when there is another large scale urban disaster, owners will be allowed to evacuate with their pets, and more animal rescuers would be able to enter the area immediately. Thousands of animals could have been saved in New Orleans if this policy had been in place. The need for temporary shelters like Best friends in Tylertown would still be inevitable, but fewer animals would be trapped in homes or wandering hungry and thirsty in the streets.

It was very nice to hear from you.



Question #2:

Hello Alexandra

My name is Caitlyn and I am a huge fan of yours! The first time I saw you was when you played the role of Liz Manners. What is the name of that movie? Anyway my question to you is: What is your favorite part about acting? Do you enjoy acting for your fans? Well I guess that is about it! You are great and I just found out about this website and about your corner! So I just wanted to ask some questions. Thank you for your time! Hope to talk to you again!


Dear Caitlyn,

I played Liz Manners in the Lifetime movie “Lover’s Revenge”. I love acting – it is like playing! When I film, I don’t think about how the end product is going to be because I have so little control over that. I just really dig the moment of acting. I like the preparation beforehand, figuring out a character’s history and how she feels about the characters around her and the situation she is in. Her motivations and her emotions. It gives me a chance to be someone I am not, although there are parts of me in every role I play. I also have met wonderful people on movie sets, and have traveled to places I might never have gone otherwise. I feel very fortunate to make my living in a manner that I so enjoy.

I am glad you found this site, Keep coming back, because Vietly (the webmaster) and I keep it updated regularly.

Best wishes,


Question #3:

Dear Alexandra:

First off, I’ve been a fan for a long time, I thought your Acting ability has only been outweighed by your beauty and your charm. That is why i’m having trouble understanding your activism sometimes. I will tell you that i don’t always agree with you RE: the war, but I have always supported your views on ecology and saving this mother ship earth.

I would like to know your views on wind power, and the new hydrogen cell. I live on cape cod you see, and they are trying to put up windmills in cape cod sound. I feel, that given the problems of increased fuel costs its more important than ever for us to explore these devices which would take advantage of the winds that constantly blow out here on the cape. The biggest objection that i can see is that people would not like to have seven or eight windmills in their view of the sound. There has been other ramblings about certain bird species not being able to avoid the swinging blades, not to mention that some fishermen feel it would be a menace to navigation. Personally I work as an airline pilot and with the GPS technology out there i feel that this is just not a viable reason.

Myself, not having been around the west coast, and knowing that there have been quite a few wind generators put up in your neck of the woods, I was wondering what difficulties and or objections were against the installation of those generators when they were installed there.

Also and with regard to the hydrogen fuel cell, that technology seems to be the best alternative to gasoline i’ve seen in many years. but I would really value your view on the subject. Most everything i’ve read seems to indicate that this is just too good to be true.

Well I hope all is well with you and your family. Differences aside you are still one of my favorite actresses. And i still support your fight for the planet. God bless. and if i didn’t say so before, Thank you


Dear Paul,

Firstly, let me thank you for being able to disagree with me but not to write me off completely. I greatly admire your open-mindedness.

I support windpower and government subsidies that will install wind machines. I have read Robert Kennedy Jr.’s New York Times Op-Ed ( criticizing the plan to put up turbines in Nantucket Sound. Although I admire his environmental work very much, I do not agree with his points here. I agree with you that the objections seem to be mostly about interference with birds and tarnished views from historic sites by the wind machines, but I feel that clean power trumps those arguments. I support funding for any alternative energies that will get us off our dependence on oil.

I am not totally against hydrogen, but I agree with you that for the foreseeable future it is not viable. I support some government funding for fuel cell hydrogen cars, but not to the exclusion of other alternatives like plug in hybrids. Plug in hybrid technology is here NOW, while hydrogen cars still are incredibly inefficient and car companies are predicting they won’t be on the road in any kind of numbers for at least 15 years. The technology is not ready: we will need a new infrastructure (hydrogen stations) and currently it still takes 4 times the energy to split the hydrogen to run the car than the actual hydrogen produces to propel the car forward. Plus, remember that we are using some type of fuel to split the hydrogen. A plug in hybrid is a car that will go 40 miles on pure electricity and then switch to a fuel (gasoline, compressed natural gas, biodiesel etc) when the battery runs out. Most Americans drive less than 40 miles per day, so most vehicles would never tap into their fuel tanks, since drivers would be charging every night at home, out of a regular outlet. THE TECHNOLOGY FOR PLUG IN HYBRIDS IS HERE, AND SHOULD BE USED NOW AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE UNTIL A CLEANER ALTERNATIVE IS FOUND. We don’t have time (scientists studying global warming have told us this) to wait 15 years to get our transportation off oil. Although electric cars do use energy from a power plant (electric cars are emission free, but they are not pollution free), plug in hybrids will emit 45% less greenhouse gases than a gas car. EV’s are cleaner than a gas car EVEN taking into account that 57% of our electricity is generated from coal . The batteries are 98% recyclable. Go to for more information on the PHEV (Plug in Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

In short, I support exploring all technologies that may lead us to a cleaner world and take us off our dependence on an almost depleted resource, oil. However, car companies have admitted that efficient hydrogen vehicles are at least 15 years away, so I believe that more money should be put into creating plug in hybrids, a technology that exists using an established infrastructure.

Thank you for your email and your thoughtful questions.


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