Ask Alexandra – March 2010

Question #1:

Hi Alexandra,

Lately, I have found myself simultaneous fed up with the status quo in our country but also insufferably apathetic. There was a time that I would argue politics with anyone at any time. Now it seems as though there is no use because each side creates their own realities by distorting the facts. and politicians of all stripes are corrupt.

I know that you have been politically active for many years and have a solid track record for standing up for those issues that you. Any advice on how I may be able to channel my apathy and regain my activist stride? Thanks very much and keep up the good work!



P.S. ‘Dragnet’ is one of my favorite movies!

Dear Roman,

I gave up trying to convince people of what I think is right long ago. Best to just “BE the change you want in the world” rather than trying to get other people to change. Being an activist doesnt mean you have to be “against” something or argue with other points of view- think of it as being a way to channel what you are for.

You began your letter saying you are fed up with the status quo – “status quo” means “the existing state of affairs”, and that is pretty general. What bothers you the most about what is going on in the world? When you answer that, you know what to go to work on! And how to answer that? Open your heart and feel what moves you, what issues sadden you, what heroics inspire you. Dont consult your logical mind, look inside your heart to find how you want to make a difference in the world!

You dont need to be on one side or another, just work for the ideals you believe in. Walk what you have been talking by volunteering your time with a non profit that has the same aims you do. Or just do things on your own that bring the world closer to being the place you want it to be. Dont waste your time trying to change other people’s minds – they believe they are on the side of right as you believe you are. That is what diversity and democracy are all about, so celebrate it and move on.

Some thoughts: Dont you think people are more open-minded, more tolerant than the generations that came before? I do and I believe Humanity will keep getting better! As for politicians, Rep Dennis Kucinich of Ohio has more integrity than most anyone I know. I dont believe politicians here in the United States are any more corrupt than the average American – they are in a world that is push me-pull you and they have to compromise and make deals constantly. I dont think I could do any better, frankly. The ones I have met (and there have been quite a few) have impressed me as passionate and well intentioned.

Roman, dont give up. My therapist used to say that if someone was apathetic, it was because they werent involved. The key wasnt to wait until passion suddenly bubbled up, but to get involved and the passion would follow!

Let me know what wondrous endeavor you decide to channel your spirit to make the world a better place,

ps so glad you like Dragnet!

Question #2:


Saw your Huffington Post article and wanted to commend you on voicing your opinion on overpopulation. I’ve been married for over 15 years and chose not to have children for the very same reason. The topic of overpopulation seems to be the big fat elephant in the room that many people simply refuse to acknowledge. Hats off to you!

Pamela E. Thompson

Dear Pamela,

Thank you for reading my essay in the Huffington Post.

I shall be writing more for them, so keep an eye out!



Question #3:

I loved you on Baywatch. What inspired you to play Stephanie Holden on Baywatch?


Dear Anne,

At first I was not at all sure I wanted to do the show, not because it was Baywatch per se, but because it was a television show and I was reluctant to commit to years on a series. My friend John Allen Nelson had been on the show as John Cort the first year, when it was on NBC, and he encouraged me. My manager at the time, Jodie Cooper, knew it did well overseas and she thought that would be beneficial for my independent movie career, as alot of financing came from Germany, among other countries, in the early 1990s. I watched several episodes with my dad and I thought it looked like a ton of fun, so I said yes. I am so glad I did, as those 4 years were so much fun.

My twin sister was a big role model for me when I started forming the character of Stephanie Holden. Stephanie had to be strong emotionally and physically as a Lieutenant life guard, and Caroline was a firefighter at the time. Using her as the foundation of my character was helpful so I didnt make choices that were too sweet, which was easy for me to fall into back then. Originally I suggested both Caroline and Stephanie as names for my character; the producers picked Stephanie – and later used Caroline for my onscreen sister’s name. The last name Holden came from a hardass math teacher I had in high school, John Holden, whom I greatly admired for his passion in everything he did. But he was a hardass and I was a bit intimidated by him! (Mr Holden is now assistant principal at St Andrew’s Episcopal School in Richmond Virginia.)

I was already an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and I had been a junior lifeguard in high school, so I felt pretty prepared for the technical part of being a lifeguard, although Mike Newman taught me how to dive off a moving boat and how to run into the water untying the lifesaving can as you go. Since we couldnt do a second take because the hair had to be dry before going into the water, it was important to get those dives and runs on the first try!

I am glad you enjoyed the series. Thank you for writing.


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