Ask Alexandra – March 2016

1) Hi Alexandra ,
My name is Jennifer , and I am a big fan of watching your tv show (baywatch) I have watched all episodes over and over and over. Do you ever miss working on tv and would you go back to filming tv?
Jennifer Graves

Hi Jennifer,

I love being on a television series, even more than I love shooting movies!

It is ironic, considering I do not own a tv now and have had television in my house a total of probably 6 months my entire adult life (so Ian could want the Tour de France each July, we would get cable for that time).  I made a conscious choice not to have television, because I felt I would have more experiences if I was not watching it every night like most Americans do.   I watched tv when I was on location in my hotel room and I would see it at the gym (although without sound), so I had an idea of what was on.

Now that I can watch pretty much anything on the internet, I was right: when I did not have access to tv, I did more things!

But I loved being a series regular, because I can play one character over a long period of time as she experiences different things, because roles for women in television are much better than in films, and because I love the routine of going to work for years with the same group of people.   I am busy with my health coaching business at the moment, but if I was cast in a series,  I would be excited to be part of it.

Thank you for being a Baywatch fan!


2) Dear Ms, Alexandra Paul,

I am writing to you because I share the same believe about reducing human overpopulation. If we all join forces and make our voices heard, we may have better chance to succeed. For example I can put stickers or what ever on programs, advertisements and websites I have influence to. I hope I will hear from you.

With appreciation:
Valentin Peytchinov

Hi Valentin,

The most effective way to educate people about the seriousness of the growing number of people on the planet (currently at 7.3 billion, projected by the UN to grow to 8.5 billion within  14 years) is to do it according to your talent.  Since you work with singers, maybe there are opportunities to have them sing about the issue!  That would spread the word and reach people who might be aware of this issue.  You could produce a song or an opera that deals with how fast we are multiplying and how that stresses the planet and how this will burden future generations.  The possibilities are endless, the most important thing is that you work on the issue using what you specifically can offer.   Since you are in the arts, you can be creative with how you get the message across.

And of course it is important you discuss  your concerns with your friends too.  They probably are not aware of the problem,  Send them my short TEDx talk on overopulation to give them an overview!

It is heartening to know I am not alone in my worries about the huge human overpopulation.

Best wishes,


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