Ask Alexandra – May 2000

Question #1:

Dear Alexandra,

What a wonderful site you have! I have always admired and respected your work for the environment. Keep up the good work. My question is about your fiance, Ian: I would love to know more about him (I noticed you briefly talked about him in an earlier question). What are his interests, and also, what movies has he been in–so that us fans can rent them! I saw E!’s “Wild on the Beach” awhile ago and thought you two were so cute! Best wishes to the both of you and and congratulations on your engagement.

Sarah Smith

Dear Sarah,

Thank you for writing and thank you for asking about Ian. I would rather talk about him than any other subject. Ian is a few years younger than I but he has lived a full life, one loaded with wonderful experiences and travels. He grew up in Aspen, Colorado and started a skiing career at an early age. He actually skied professionally for a decade before moving to Los Angeles where we met. Skiing is behind him now and he has split his time between acting and triathlon. He coaches several triathletes and races some too when not working as an actor. Ian has had a great deal of success in commercials for Crest, the E-Bike (electronic bicycle), Powerbar, Mobil, Sprite, Visa, and many more. Currently he has two spots running, one for Twin Lab vitamins and one for Netpliance, an internet access only computer. Ian has worked on several features including “Just Add Love” and “Aspen Extreme”. He has also stared in several short films like “Divine Inspiration”, “Compatibility”, and the award winning “Blue Spring”. We have been lucky enough to have worked together on two projects: a TV Movie of the Week for ABC called “Echo” and a film that is just now in it’s finish process of editing called “Brandon’s Bet” (now called “10 Attitudes & A Date”). I could go on and on about him but let me conclude by saying the most important part about him. He shares the same values as I and that is what makes everyday with him such a pleasure. We have people tell us all the time what a great match we are and I feel so lucky to have found him.

Question #2:

Dear Alexandra,

I think you look good, and your skin is so beauitful, could you please information me about your beauty secret, what skin care and cosmetics do you using? I look forward to hearing from you soon.

From your fan sandra.

Dear Sandra,

Thank you for your compliments on my skin! I actually struggled with acne in my 20’s – so badly that on “American Flyers” the producers brought in a dermatologist for me. In “The Paperboy” you can also see some skin problems in some scenes. I used stuff with benzoyl peroxide and RetinA topically and that helped a lot. Now I get facials every 3 weeks from Rita in Dr. Ava Shamban’s office in Santa Monica, Ca. and my skin rarely breaks out (I never believed in facials before I went to her). I don’t pick my skin (Rita always knows and chastises me) and I moisturize in the morning and at night (I like to use Aveda’s moisturizer with SPF 15). I use Murad’s grainy cleanser with alpha hydroxy on my face in the morning. And I put a sun block on when I am working out. I wish I hadn’t gone in the sun so much as a teen, because then I would have less wrinkles now at 36!

Thank you for complimenting me on something I was so insecure about
when I was younger!

Question #3:


I first noticed you in the movie, “Eight Million Ways to Die” which I liked alot (then again, I’m a big fan of Jeff Bridges). Your portrayal of Sunny really spoke to me and made me empathize with her. Not to offend the scores of Baywatch fans out there, but I hope you intend to portray darker characters in your upcoming roles. I can’t wait to see “12 Bucks” and I also saw your risque performance in “Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher”. You really go far to drive home your point. Is it safe to say you have a dark and wild side?

Lisa Matthews

Dear Lisa,

Ah yes, I do have a dark and wild side but not in the drugs/alcohol/stay-out-all-night kind of way. More like the refuse-to-eat-meat/make-love-not-war/protest-nuclear-weapons kind of way. I would love to play darker roles but, alas, my reputation precedes me (“she’s a Good Girl”) and casting directors dont think of me when they cast the wilder characters. I really loved playing the cocaine addict in “12 Bucks” and the prostitute Sunny in “8 Million Ways to Die” (who also snorted cocaine. As I have never done any drugs, I practiced for the role by putting vitamin B6 powder up my nose), and I really would like to play more of those characters!

I had a less constructive “dark side” once. It came out when I was in my teens, not through drugs or skipping school etc., but through food. I was anorexic and then bulimic from ages 16 to 28, an addiction as powerful as alcohol or drugs. I am grateful that with the support of my friends and my family, years of therapy and the 12 Step Program Overeaters Anonymous I have now been healthy for 9 years. For anyone who has found that their “dark side” runs (and thus ruins) their life, know that there is help out there if you ask for it. If I could conquer my demons, then you can too.

Thank you for writing.

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