Ask Alexandra – May 2010

Question #1:

Your sister Caroline is known for her work as a firefighter as well as her two books ” Firefighter ” as well as ” East Wind, Rain “. Given that ” Firefighter ” is an autobiograpy, and you are an actress by trade, as well as Carolines’ identical twin sister, has it ever interested you to have her autobiography adapted as a film, and you using your acting skills backing your obvious resemblance to her to play your sister in this movie?


Hi Todd,

I would have loved to play my sister in a film adaptation of her autobiography! Fighting Fire was optioned by a production company, but – as often happens – it hasnt made it to the screen (yet). By now I am too old to play her, as she was in her 20s when she applied to the SFFD. I think it would have been cool to be the narrator for the book on cd, but alas the publisher put it out without consulting Caroline so someone else was hired, I would have done it for free! Perhaps her next book. Check out her site to learn more about my amazing twin:

Thanks for writing.


Question #2:

The lovely Alexandra,

You are so motivated and a true role model in my eyes. Being vegan , earth friendly and working out is awesome. I have a friend, who works out. She rows and runs about 5-10 miles a day. My question is do you ever find it hard not to get up and run or swim and do you ever want meat.

Take care and all the best life has to offer!!!!!!!!!


Dear Natasha,

Thank you for your kind words. I never have a desire to eat meat – it was very easy to give up when I was 14. I do, however, struggle with keeping dairy out of my diet, so I dont call myself a vegan. It was not very hard for me to forego leather, wool, silk, meat and fish, but dairy remains a huge challenge for me. I consider it a serious weakness in me that I still eat food containing milk and eggs, because there is so much animal suffering associated with dairy. I admire very much anyone who is vegan, and I aspire to live a life truly cruelty-free one day.

As for working out, I often find it hard to work out, but I do it anyway, because I know I will feel far better if I do it than if I skip it. I also know dreaded cardio will end after one hour, so it won’t be endless – and 60 minutes isn’t very long considering how great I will feel for the next 14 hours!

I work out in the morning, as I am a morning person (I am happiest waking up at 5:30am), and there are fewer ways to get out of working out at that hour. In the evening, there is more that can crop up to get in the way of a workout. I also always plan the night before when I will go to the gym, that way I am already more motivated when I wake up. But believe me, it is not always easy! Sometimes I have to play games with myself, “Well, just go to the gym Alexandra and see when you get there how you feel”, but of course when I am there I end up getting up on the stepmill. Then I say “You can always put it at a lower resistance if it is too hard, Alexandra”, and by then I have finished the first 7 minutes, which are the hardest. Then I to start to sweat and the endorphins start flowing. So that is how I deal with those days when I just dont feel like working out: step by step, coaxing myself minute by minute. Tomorrow morning, I am flying to see my brother in Arizona, so I will be getting up at 4:30am to get a workout in before I go to the airport. It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it! I feel like I can take on whatever Life throws at me when I have started the day off right like that.



Question #3:

Non question: I watch frequently, “American flyers” while riding wind trainer. saw it when it first came out.. got a t shirt “res firma mitescere nescit. ( part of a quilt of old t shirts) just thought You might not appreciate it but that move ruined my life!!! I have been caught in cycling world for over 24 years all cuz of that movie !! hee hee and i still love cycling!/racing mtn bikes.. but thought you d like to know you remain one of those women I think spectacular as actress and thanks for “ruining” me

Tim Watkin

Dear Tim,

I am honoured to have ruined you! And I am so glad you are inspired by American Flyers. It is a movie that has really held up over 25 years, and I am proud to be in it. I havent cycled for a while, but Ian just made a bike for me and I plan to start riding again. Maybe I should re-watch the movie to help get me out there!

By the way, Ian and I have several t-shirt quilts also, made up of shirts from triathlons and marathons, and we love them.


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