Ask Alexandra – May 2011

Question #1:

Hello Alexandra,

I’m French and my English is very bad, so, I present you my apologize for your understanding. I saw that you are on the set for a new movie: No One To Blame. What is the story?What is your role?

I hope you have a great character. And I’m a fan of Joe Penny. So, could I to ask you how he is like actor and man? Do you have some scenes with him?

So, I would like not to disturb you but we have so less news about Joe Penny that his fans are sad but now very happy to knew that he is on a set and specially with you. I wish you a great movie, you deserve it.

I wish you the best,


Hi Marie Ange,

No One to Blame is the story of a 16 year old who dies after a video of her having sex with the most popular boy in school is released on the internet. I play her mom. My son is then arrested for killing the high school boy, so I have to find out what really happened to save my son. Joe Penny plays the father of the most popular girl in the school. I had only one scene with him, but he was very professional and kind. He was courteous to everyone on the set and he had a good sense of humour. I liked him very much.

Thanks for your good wishes,


Question #2:

Hey Alexandra,

I came across the Baywatch Soundtrack and I noticed you had a song on there called; Let A Few Go By. It is a really good song! It was a while ago, but you should think about doing some more songs!


Hi Dale,

That song was certainly not one of my career highlights! I am not a singer, never have aspired to be a singer, but the producers so desperately wanted a female Baywatch cast member to participate on the album that they called daily asking me to sing on it, they would give me singing lessons, I could pick the song etc etc, that finally I said what the heck, give me a country song and I will give it a try. David Hasselhoff, GregAlan Williams and Jeremy Jackson are on there too, but they all sing professionally, and they sound great, but oh dear my voice is horrible. My dad had said before I began, “Dont worry, Alexandra, they will push a few buttons and you will sound terrific” – Ha! They had to double my voice and then add a back up singer and a whole chorus behind me to make the song palatable! In the end, the country song I chose sounds more like disco they had to fiddle with it so much. If I had aspirations to be a singer it might have hurt my ego, but since I had told the producers how bad my voice was, I can laugh about it. It was fun being a singer for a day!

Thanks for the support, but that was one my one and only singing attempt. It was an interesting experience, but not one I plan to repeat, thank goodness.


Question #3:

If Baywatch was ever to go back into filming, would Stephanie Holden be a part of it? Do you still keep in contact with the cast of “Baywatch”

rizwan mohammed

Hi Rizwan,

I loved filming the series Baywatch, but I cannot imagine going back to it. You know how something is perfect in that moment, but you can never recapture it? That’s how I feel about being Stephanie Holden. It was a blast to be on Baywatch, but it is in the past. I did spoof my character when I was hired to do some scenes for the movie Borat, but the producers decided to go with another ending so my scenes were cut. A couple appear in the dvd extras of the movie, though, and I actually think that ending was funnier than what they ended up going with as an ending.

If the Ivan Reitman Baywatch movie ever gets released, it would be fun to be in it as a cameo.

Yes, I do keep in contact with much of the cast of Baywatch. See The B Team to learn more about that! Seven of us plan on working together again…


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