Ask Alexandra – May 2013

1) are you going to be starring in any movies in the next to years or so? BTW you are really gorgeous excuse my spelling.

Hi Celyne,

Your spelling is terrific – you spelled “gorgeous” right so that is all that matters. 🙂

I am producing a couple movies, both which have parts for me in them. The first is based on the book Free the Animals by Ingrid Newkirk, and the script is being written by Mikko Alanne. It is the story of a young policewoman who brings the Animal Liberation Front to the United States, and starts liberating animals from labs: cop by day, criminal by night. It is a terrific story and Valerie, the lead role, is an amazing part. I will be playing one of the cell members.

The second movie is The B Team. It is a very funny action comedy that stars alot of my friends from Baywatch, and I am part of the ensemble. We will be raising money in Cannes this month. The script is written and is excellent. Fingers crossed!

It takes years to produce a movie, so I cannot say when these will appear in a theatre near you. But I hope when they do come out, my fans will go see them!

Thanks for writing in.


2) Thanks for the overpopulation piece in the Daly News.

I think kids deserve our best; and each kid can get more of our families’ best when our families each have less kids.

Furthermore, Why hurry to have many descendents all at once? Won’t spreading them out evenly and evenly over the coming centuries let them each be more comfortable?


Hi Brian,

Thank you for reading the article I wrote on overpopulation. You can see the accompanying short video too.

I believe that the human overpopulation is the more important issue we face today – it affects our environment, our quality of life, our economy, our food, relations between countries … virtually all global issues problems are exacerbated by overpopulation. The world has too many people in it already – over 7 billion today – and we are ADDING 1 billion each 12 years!

It is crazy that we have not done meaningful about this, but we have several very strong factors working against the issue:
– biology, which says that to survive as a species we must procreate
– capitalism, which needs more and more consumers so that it can grow and grow and grow…
– culture, which, heavily influenced by the Biology and Capitalism, continues to encourage more babies.

For those not convinced about the importance of lowering the number of people on the planet (to 2 billion, I believe), please watch my video, and this very excellent visual depiction of how fast population has grown in the last 150 years – faster than we have been able to adapt to the new reality it brings.



3) Hi Alexandra. l love the film Christine. Do you stay in contact with Keith and John at all?
Dianne Coyle

Hi Dianne,

Funny you should ask. I just signed a contract to appear at the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals with Keith and other cast members from Christine in July. This year is the movie’s 30th anniversary, and because it has become somewhat of a cult hit, there have been alot of requests for us to make appearances. I saw John a couple years ago when we were all at a horror show with John Carpenter, the director.

Keith is very busy directing and writing, but we exchange emails. He is the NICEST person in the world. I look forward to hanging out with him in Pennsylvania this summer.

I am having lunch next week with one of my oldest friends, Doug Warhit, who played Bemis in Christine. I made several very close friends on that movie, with whom I am still in touch today.

Thanks for being a Christine fan!


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  1. Carolyn & Todd says:

    Dear Alexandra Paul
    We enjoy watching all your movies you made,and you are the Biggest Star we like a lot.Now you know you have two more fans of you who enjoy watching you.
    Thank You
    Carolyn & Todd

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