Ask Alexandra May 2014

1) Hello Alexandra. You are one of my very favorite actresses! I was just wondering, are you planning to make another movie similar to “Love Thy Neighbor” and “A Lover’s Revenge”? They are two of my favorite movies and your acting is superb.


Hi Juana,
I enjoyed making Love Thy Neighbor and A Lover’s Revenge and I am glad you enjoyed watching them. I have just finished shooting a movie called FireQuake which is similar in that I play a protective mother fighting to stop disaster from happening. it is getting more difficult to get those roles as I get older – the movies you cited were filmed over 10 years ago. I had a producer tell me when I was 48 that I was “too old to play a mother and too young to play a grandmother”, which is ridiculous but that is Hollywood for you! Luckily not all producers agree, and in FireQuake my daughter is 16.

I enjoy playing those roles very much and I hope to continue to do so. Even though I am in my 50s, I plan on continuing to play lead roles for years to come – mothers, grandmothers, lawyers – whatever!

Thank you for writing in. Supporters like you are what have kept my career going for over 30 years.


2) Let me start with complements first. I’ve been a fan of yours since you have been in your career. You are strong,fearless,amazingly beautiful women and you look just as good with!out make-up.I’ve watched some videos of your speeches and your mind is just as beautifully amazing! I could go on and on. Your man is a fortunate man. Question- Overpopulation education and government actually doing something about this serious ongoing dilemma – Do you really see any government besides China being proactive and stabilizing the unending growth? Quite frankly, not one person or group or speeches will work til the powers that be (and we know who they are) agree to make changes too. I am not involved or as connected as you but I believe in numbers and the power of the truth. My name is George Aybar. I hope to hear from you. Peace..
george aybar

Hi George,

No, I do not think that any government is going to adequately address the human overpopulation issue until it is too late. After there are enough water shortages and famines, climate refugees and wars over resources perhaps politicians will get truly serious about truly incentivizing one child families and transforming humans’ obsolete mindset to procreate without thought to the future. Certainly at the moment it is considered heresy to suggest that having 3 kids is too many (especially that 2 kids is too many, which is what I believe), so politicians are not going to risk their careers with a message like that, even though it will save the lives of our children and grandchildren.

If we are going to have meaningful change – population stabilization at under 10 billion people- governments are going to have to get involved.

However, since governments, especially the United States government, depend on continued economic growth as defined by the capitalist system, to suggest that we need to lower our population by having fewer children – thus having fewer consumers to ensure economic “success” – is too radical a message. There is no doubt that when a country has fewer people, there will be a period when its economic engine will stall, but I think that is far better than running out of water and food and topsoil and having a lower quality of life from pollution, overcrowded schools, endless traffic and an inability to keep up with expanding infrastructure for the growing populace. What we are doing now – insisting we must keep having babies so we can keep our capitalist economic system going, cannot last forever! When we really finally realize this, it will be too late.

I am not optimistic that we will pull ourselves out of this one. The world population continues to grown and is not projected to stop until at least 10 billion people are on the planet, at which time we will have to wrestle with feeding, educating and housing them all! The UN projects we will have to DOUBLE the amount of food we grow in the next 35 years to feed everyone (this huge leap is because billions more people are eating more meat, which uses so much more land and grain than simply eating an animal free diet).

Even though it is possible Humanity will solve its overpopulation problem in a humane manner, through birth control and couples choosing to have only one child, I sadly predict pandemics, famine and war decimating people instead. However, I am still going to try my hardest to get people to understand the crisis and to act now.

Do not think that because you are “connected” you cannot effect change. It will take everyone talking about this issue to move us in the right direction, so do not be silent.

Best wishes,

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  1. Rony says:

    Hello alexandra, i am from colombia and you are my favorite actress, i have seen all your tv shows and films, my favorites are baywatch, dragnet, facing the enemy and demons from her past, i liked to see you as a damsel in distress. was too hard make that scenes bound and gagged.

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