Ask Alexandra – November 1999

Question #1:

Hello alexandra,

I’m a big fan of baywatch and you!!!!!!’ Question: What is your funniest blooper of baywatch?????

mutch loves,

melissa netherlant

Dear Melissa,

Thank you for being a Baywatch fan! The funniest blooper is in a shot of David Charvet’s. It was taken from (I think) his third or so episode (about him becoming a lifeguard at Baywatch). In that shot you can see him running along the beach (that same shot was used for his opening credit but I don’t think the blooper is in that) and if you look closely, you will see someone mooning the camera in the distance. Baywatch connoisseurs, please correct me if I am wrong on this, but it did make headlines in the English press. Thank you for writing.

Love, Alexandra

Question #2:

Hello Alexandra,

First of all, you are such a wonderful person and role model for young kids. I applaud you in everything that you stand up for.

I recently saw your home and your gorgeous boyfriend (now fiance) on Celebrity Homes. I couldn’t believe what I saw. When I think of celebrity homes, it’s usually a big mansion with lots of expensive junk, crowding the whole house. But your home was so simple and yet absolutely beautiful–and more importantly, environmental friendly. Here is my question: How do you ever manage to have the time to work as an actress, yet keep up with your daily chores, activism, interactions with your fans through the website (which we all really appreciate!), etc., and still able to keep yourself looking so beautiful?



Dear Mandi,

I am so glad you liked our home! Ian and I were amazed that E! was covering our house when they could show all these mansions! We are very happy in our cozy home (have you ever heard that country song “Love Grows Strong in Little Houses”? It talks about how, in the narrow corridor, if you passed each other you could not help but touch and how that makes love stay strong.)

I hear a lot about how people don’t have time to do things they want to do. And I understand!! Especially if you have kids or are working long hours! People often want to volunteer or work out and they don’t feel they have the time. Here are some things that have helped me keep balance in my life:
a) Get up a little earlier. This may mean going to bed a little earlier (see next suggestion for help on that!), but I find I am most productive if I get things done before in the morning. This can be the best time to work out for many of us.
b) Watch less TV (or, like in our home, don’t have one at all). I find folks saying they don’t have enough time to do what they really want and then I find out they are watching several hours a night of TV!!! This is when you can be at the gym or taking walks with your loved one (walks are great Quality Time together) etc etc.
c) Prioritize. When I was in my 20’s, I said “yes” to every event someone wanted me to go to and to every lunch date someone suggested, because I was worried they wouldn’t like me if I said “no”. Now I say “no” all the time and I have more time for what is really important to me. I don’t spend time with acquaintances, only good friends, my family and Ian. I choose to have less friends, but the ones I do have are dynamite! And when I say “no”, I learned that people don’t dislike me – and they actually respect me more!!

Take care. Love, Alexandra

Question #3:


Hey you are the best actress in the whole world!!!!!!You are my all time favorite actress and and I was just wondering what your next project was??????I would really enjoy seeing you on a t.v show or anything!!!!!!I can’t wait to see you in your next appearance!!!You are my insperation to be an actress thanks for being a great role model!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks your fan,


Dear Elyse,

My next project that will be on TV is the film I did in Australia this summer, but unfortunately I don’t know yet when or where that will be!!! It is tentatively called GreenSails. But the webmaster always knows what is going on with my projects before anyone else does (often before even I know!), so keep checking this site for updates!

The next project to be out will be “Redemption of the Ghost”, a family film. Whether that will be in the theatres or on TV, I don’t know yet (sorry I don’t have any concrete answers here…. but that is show biz!). I do know that I am continuing to host a show on the Outdoor Life Network called “Wild Waters” (Monday nights 8pm-11pm), and I am still looking for funding for my next educational film on the environment (this one is about how much stuff we in America buy and waste : does all this Stuff make us happy?). I am hoping to do another series, and those begin casting in February, so send good thoughts my way! Thank you for writing.

Love, Alexandra

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