Ask Alexandra – November 2000

Question #1:


I just wanted to let you know I admire your acting, activism, and especially your athletic ability. I have ran marathons in the past and am now planning on competing in a Ironman Triathlon. My question is what kind of training program did you use for the weeks up to the Ironman, and do you have a schedule of your training program to assist in my training? Thank you


Dear Darren,

I am sorry to say that although I had planned to keep my training schedule for the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon (so I could remind myself ” wow, I did that?”), I cant find it! I looked for it last year, and for the life of me I cant figure out where I put it.

The best way to train for a long event that you havent done before is to get a coach, because triathletes tend to spend more time in the sport they are good at, and to avoid the sport they actually need to work on! A coach will make sure you dont do that. A coach will push you if you need that, and stop you from overtraining (my tendency) if you are apt to do that.

If you are on a tighter budget, then definitely subscribe to Triathlete Magazine, go to triathlon websites where you might be able to download a training outline, adn join a triathlon club in your area. Perhaps you could find a training partner who has some Ironman experience to set up a schedule for you.

Good luck! I hope you have a wonderful experience training and racing! I look forward to hearing how you do!


Question #2:

miss paul:

i been a big fan of yours since i saw you in christine. i growin up with some of your movies and i also read the article about your sister in readers digest. i also admire the social work that you do.the only thing i want to ask you is that we can hope to see you soon in a big budget film and if that happpend when?.im really looking to see you in a big screen again oh and with a starring role. thank you very much

your big fan


Dear Tomas,

I am so glad you enjoyed “Christine”. Yes, I was very fortunate to do several big budget movies earlier in my career (“American Flyers”, “Dragnet”, “8 Million Ways to Die”). Later on I did a small part in Christian Slater’s “Kuffs” and Leslie Neilsen’s “SpyHard”, but in the last decade I have definitely done a slew of television movies and independent films. In this last twelve months alone, I have done 5 independent movies. I dont think that I will be in a studio feature any time soon, frankly, since I am now considered a “television actress” because of my Baywatch work. Independent films love that, since they need to sell to a foreign market to make money, and my name has value all over the world – but to studios it is not a match. At first I was disappointed to be cut out of the big-budget-film loop, but now I am very happy doing what I am doing – I enjoy the smaller films a lot and I am very aware of the power of television (especially syndicated tv, which is very “looked down on” here in Hollywood. I , however, would love to do another syndicated series because it would be shown all over the world! I think the key to my longevity as an actress will be my name value in foreign markets more than in the United States).

I hope that my work gets to you wherever you live! Thank you for your letter and your support! Alexandra

Question #3:

Hi Alexandra! Nice to find this website.

I, like you drive an EV-1 and I am wondering if you upgraded to the NiMH battery model when the cars became available? (I can’t imagine that you didn’t.)

If you have been following the current – or undercurrent of anti-battery powered vehicles bias in the press, in particular the most recent inaccurate article in Atlantic monthly, have you personally responded to what is seemingly a concerted effort to convince the general public to abandon the idea of zero- emission vehicles?

I am assuming of course that you love your car as much as I love mine. The range is outstanding and as you know the night after George Bush appeared on Letterman stating that there was no way one could drive an electric car from LA to New York, Greg Hanssen had his photo taken with his EV-1 in front of the Ed Sullivan Theatre.

So much for political expertice!

We’d love to have you chime in on the EV-1 reflector when time permits.

Best of luck in your new marriage. May it last forever.

Gar Harris

Dear Gar,

Yes, I do have the nickel-metal-hydride batteries in my current electric car and they are so wonderful! I was happy with my 70 mile range on my first generation EV-1, so having the ability to go 130 miles per charge is just heaven!

I am disappointed that so many people just love to dismiss electric cars as impractical. I think it is impractical to drive a car that is noisy, pollutes like crazy, uses a fuel that is costly to the pocketbook and to the planet!!!!! I drive in the most expansive, car dependent city in the world and I do just fine with an EV. Most Los Angelenos drive 37 miles a day – perfect for an electric car.

I didnt see Bush on Letterman, but I do think that it is crazy for him to talk about tapping into the Alaska Oil Reserves – those sources will not last very long anyway (and will be extremely environmentally damaging), so we might as well get off our addiction to gasoline as soon as we can, as the transition will take time. Let’s start really committing to clean alternatives!

Thank you for spreading the EV-1 word! Alexandra

p.s. What is the EV reflector?

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